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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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imran - 2018-03-15
hi, can any one please guide me about my Amazon, he is little wild & shout to be come on my hands, what to do ???? and his eyes has ring of black and inside Red experts please guide me on my number. whatsapp +923453107554

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  • Amber - 2018-07-30
    Howdy.I own 3 Orange Winged Amazon's & all have been abused either sexually & physically. These birds do have a black ring around the outside of their eye & the inner part of their eye is red. Their very demanding birds & require A LOT of attention especially from you. If your watching TV, take your bird into that room w/you & allow them to just be close & be w/in eyeshot of you as they crave us! Remember these birds are either from Mexico or Africa (it depends on their size & what their leg bands says as a lot of these guys were taken from their Mom just as they hatched from the egg & they remember the abuse they endured from their kidnappers as they treat them horrible so it's not asking much to keep your FeatherBaby in the same room as you) & your all they got. This is also why he's screaming to do stepup as he wants to be w/you so if your doing laundry, I take my birds even in the laundry room & talk & sing to them & get my laundry done & even take them into the kitchen to cook as they eat the food as I'm preparing (fruits/veggies) & they eat breakfast/lunch/dinner when I do as that's a very special bonding moment between us. If your bird wants to take a bite off your plate & it's something safe for them eat, allow it. Your building trust & bonding!!
Shir - 2018-06-06
I have a orange wing. He is over 40 years old. He is amazing. I have had him since he was a baby. He is very demanding. Loves the attention.tells me when to feed him. When to go to bed. He loves people food and baths. I feed him special blend of seeds and people food. They do live a long time.they are a lot of work. Mine plays all day long ringing his cow bell and singing. He does not talk much but mimics sounds. Love to bark like my dogs.just letting people know they are work and live a very long time.

Lorraine Clarke - 2017-05-12
2 Year old female Orange Winged Amazon. Stunning bird with a wonderful character and a huge sense of humor. Being hand-reared and loves to be hand-fed breakfast. enjoys a crowd and will join in on the odd laugh. Welcomes home the family with a huge ' Hello Ma!' Very intelligent and learns fast...(Watch the wording!) Loves attention Bird with Cage ( Cage size is L= .900 x B = .750 x H = 1.9 ) R 4 000.00 for both bird and cage Unable to keep - son has allergies Contact Lorraine Cell : 845 - 5298123

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  • Anwaar Cassim - 2017-06-01
    Good day i am very interested please contact me with your contact number asap as the number you have posted does not seem to be correct very urgent thanks anwaar 0827659222 0319024226
Maria Reyneke - 2017-03-13
I have 2 Amazons very awesome. I want to know when does the female start to lay eggs? My female bird is already 6 years old ...the male is younger about 2 years. I have the right box and Febe the female went in and out the box but no egg....Is there certain times during the year that they bread? Thank you...Maria

Chris Garcia - 2016-04-11
Hi there, my cousin cannot take care of the orange winged parrot and was just wondering about allergies before I take over. I have allergies of cats. I have dogs and have dander allergies.. Do they have allergies that I need to worry about? Help!

Parm - 2012-10-13
Hi all, I have a two OWA's first one we have is 12 and is bonded to me the new one is only 3 years old but the older one seems to be just blanking the new one and if i let them out together the older one will go for the new baby. anything help would be great. Thanks

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-13
    Sounds like a bit of jealousy there:) It can take a lot of time and patience to get an existing bird to accept a newcomer, especially since your older bird is so closely bonded to you. Don't rush them, I would probably just keep being a good friend to the older bird, but give equal attention to the newcomer, and see how it goes. A rule of thumb is it takes a new bird about a month to get situated in a new environment, but becoming friends may take even longer.
  • Parm - 2012-10-14
    Thank You, We have a very busy house so I have moved both cages to the quiet side I managed to let them both out yesterday and the older one went for the new baby, but after I stopped them they sat and watched each other for a good ten minutes before they started feeling comfortable enough to take food from my hands, and the cage move today they are a lot quieter and seem more relaxed.
  • Marie - 2013-02-05
    Hi there.I am extremely happy for the parrots that find wonderful homes after being misstreated. I myself have an Orange wing Amazon named Marley ( 19 years old). His first owner gave him nothing but nuts and sunflower seeds. He smoked like a chimney and found it funny to blow the smoke right in my poor Marley's face. The second owner was someone from the man's family. He once again ate the same diet, left to be chased by the family dog. No toys, and just a sad looking perch inside the cage. The owner was completly terrified of him and poked and beat him with a stick for a year. Marley was completly terrified of humans and wouldnt come out of his cage. He was all plucked, and beak curling. He now has stopped screaming, has a WONDERFUL diet and has went to see a good vet. He ABSOLUTLY loves me and i wouldnt imagine my life without him. He is afraid of others and im trying really hard to work on that. So once again, congrads on all of you who take the time for these wonderful creatures.
sarah phillips - 2014-01-31
we had an amazon fly into our property 8 months ago she will have nothing to do with anyone but me i handle her but she loves the grand kids to play with her but will not get on their hand she cries like a baby when they leave she is 45 years old according to the band on her leg and knows several wordswe really love her

Bau5 - 2013-10-30
I have a 6month old orange winged Amazon and he already talks, knows his name and responds to you. I feed him sunflower seeds, guava, apple slices etc. I read online that they can't chocolate so I keep it away from him

Sam Chapman - 2006-01-05
My orange wing amazon called Billy is 24 years old! However I'm only 11! He squauks very loudly when he sees my family eating! He flew away 18 years ago; but we got him back - thanks to next doors dog! He eats everything we eat as well as cat food, if you give him something like a chocolate digestive biscuit he will scrape off all the chocolate then throw away the biscuit!

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  • Daniela Korpela - 2013-08-08
    Chocolate and avocado are not suitable for parrots. (kidneys do not last) I have personally seen how the yellow neck Amazon died in one year. The owner did not believe me. I tried to get him to understand, but he did not believe. Sadly, the bird would have been able to live for 50 years.
ruth - 2012-04-18
Can anybody tell me why my mums parrots eyes keep changing colour?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-18
    The eyes aren't really changing color - the pupils are dilating (getting bigger and smaller)
    and it is frequently called pinning. The pupils expand so the eyes look darker or the pupils contract and the eyes take on a brighter color often times looking like there are actual rings of a different color (usually an orange) on the outside. It is a language - a body language. By watching the eyes and trying to determine the mood you can frequently tell when your parrot is haopy, sad, relaxed and or mad. If you see those pupils get real small and a fixed stare often in conjunction with a growl - leave him alone. If you see regular sized pupils and that relaxed furry look - it is gee I sure would like some attention. Any body language is different based on personality of the bird but it is another way a parrot does express himself. It is quite obvious in amazons.
  • Daniela Korpela - 2013-08-08
    OW eyes turn bright red when it is angry or fighting back. You might notice if you try to touch his tail.