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   The Lilac-crowned Amazon is a smaller amazon, but makes up in energy what it lacks in size!
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India - 2019-05-07
Lilac crown amazon for sale. In need of a loving home. Extremely talkative. Loves to be around people. Needs a home experienced with birds that understand birds need lots of attention. Comes with big cage. I can deliver bird and cage if within necessary distance (San Diego, CA). No breeders. May ask to see new home for bird to make sure.

Margaret Plourde - 2018-09-19
I have a female lilac crowned amazon and I am looking for a new home for her. I have had her for eight years, her entire life. I have dna papers on her to prove sex. She has been chipped also. She is healthy and beautiful and has always been fed quality food. She loves to interact and enjoys watching what’s going on around her. If interested please tell me about the home you can offer her.

Jonah - 2018-01-19
need a female lilac crown amazon. can be an adult

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  • Margaret Plourde - 2018-07-12

    Are you still wanting a female lilac crowned amazon? I have one I am looking to rehome. 8yrs old.
Judy Jacques - 2018-02-09
Looking for female lilac crown any age if you have more than one for sale would be interested.

mullins - 2017-09-11
i have been transferred but cant go with my adorable lilac parrot friend pet, please someone should adopt my pet. the package will be delivered with full medical records, care and housing. email me for purchase

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  • Jackie - 2017-10-02
    Are you still looking for a hom for your lilac crown amazon?
Susan Rinehart - 2010-08-21
I adopted "Cody" from Tucson Avian Rescue Assn. (TARA) in August 2009. He had been through two owners previously. The first owners were apparently drug dealers, who one day tossed the poor bird between themselves, like playing with a ball! As a result, his left wing is permanently damaged, and he will never fly. Her other owner was a truck driver, who used to take the parrot on cross country trips. His home was in Phoenix. Somehow, Cody made his way to Tucson, and into the rescue. Once I saw him, I fell in love with him. We guesstimate his age to be around 8 years old. We brought him home, and he adapted very quickly to our routine. He is a one-person bird. I am his mate, and if my husband tries to interact with him, Cody lunges at him. This bird is my very best friend. He loves to get his head scratched and massaged before he goes to birdy bed. He rides on my shoulder, and loves to sit on a perch in the computer room with me. He just loves being with me, and I would recommend a LCA to anyone who loves a sweet companion, and a true friend for life. Cody can be noisy, especially if he wants to get on my shoulder if I am busy, or when he is waiting for his favorite meal of fresh peas. But that is a small price to pay when I consider what a pleasure he is to share life with, and I can be happy knowing he is in a much better environment than he was before.

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  • Pam Shaffer-Leonard - 2015-10-23
    I am so very sorry for your loss. Birds are remarkable creatures that have feelings and emotions. I just love them.
  • Pam Groba - 2015-10-09
    I had a lca that I bought from a terrible situation. My Lila loved me and followed
    Me wherever I went around the house. Lila loved to sit on my shoulder and groom my eyebrows and lashes with an unbelievable gentleness. The only word Lila ever said was "out".
    She was telling the dumb people that had her to let her out!
    One day about four years ago we noticed Lila was quiet and looked ill.
    I took her to an avian vet but she did not survive. The vet said her chronic
    Sinus problem from a slit that did not close properly became an acute
    infection. . The vet tried everything. We don't know how old Lila was.
    I miss "her" very much and would love to have another Lca.
    We have a caique who is 12 and acts like a puppy with feathers, but I miss my sweet
Raquel - 2015-07-09
We adopted Cranberry last year and we have him/her for 6 months.. He/she was mistreated by the previous owner and our friend rescued him/her. Some people say that it's a male because he loves me more than my husband.. We don't know Cranberry's gender or age. He is very friendly and funny.. He whistles, make jungle noises and says hello.. He loves my dog.. Such a joy to have him/her in our house..

Anonymous - 2014-02-03
I have had my lilac for 14 years and he/she has been such a joy to have. Mine is very quiet unless he/she feels it's time to change food or water. When I first rescued my friend from an abusive owner there was no handling. I tried the glove approach boy was that a mistake! So I moved forward with a wooden perch to teach my lilac the step up routine. Still to this day I cannot just reach in the cage and and ask my bird to step up, he/she runs from me but if I stick the perch in there it isn't an issue, he/she steps right on it. I don't know if the previous owner scared my friend for life and now my feathered friend will always have trust issues. I am able to hold my bird if he/she is not near the cage. My feathered friend is very protective of me and will attack if he/she feels I'm being hurt. My husband and I were play fighting and my bird flew off the cage and attacked him and still to this day protects momma. I have my lilac in a very large cage with a double yellow nape and they are very good friends. With a little love and a lot of time you can train your feathered friend/friends but you have to be commited or a bird lover.

gg - 2012-11-28
I have a LHA and he is a biter. I have had him for 7 months now. I have only recently tried to handle him. I have to wear gloves which he does not like but after being bitten a few times I am leary. He seems to like when I pet him with the gloves on but it is a stuggle. He hates change. He does like to be out of the cage and seems content. He pulls at his beak with his foot I was wondering if that is a frustration or a normal behavior? Can anyone give me some pointers?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-28
    Looking like he is pulling his beak with his toe is normal or putting their toe in a nostril (which looks totally silly) - actually just playing with their feet is normal.  In my experience birds are terrified of hats and gloves almost all the time.  I would take the gloves off and try making friends without gloves instead.  Try feeding her treats with your hand.  Treats can be cheerios, peanut, sunflower kernel - most amazons love things like pizza or a piece of chicken also.  Talk to her, be around her, let her be out of her cage.  Learn her body language and what makes her happy, sad or mad.  Let her watch cartoons on TV or watch TV with you.  Tell her what you are doing like 'I am making supper or I am feeding you or hello'    Couple of questions if you feel like answering them.  Do you know how old she is?  Has she been handled before?  Why wait 7 months = cuz she had not been handled?  Gloves would be very frightening to her.
Matt Robertson - 2005-12-25
Fido moved in with me 22 years ago and is still just as energetic as s/he was as an infant. This bird never bites, and exhibits a remarkably even-tempered, companionable disposition. S/he seems happiest when perched on my shoulder, snuggling into my cheek, or exploring around the home (preferring to walk rather than fly). If you put in the time to be this bird's friend you will be richly rewarded. However, LCA's have a bellowing screech that belies their small size, which Fido reserves for when s/he decides that less-intrusive bids for attention are not achieving the desired result.