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   The pretty Red-crowned Amazon is one of the most agreeable of the Amazon Parrots!
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Melanie - 2021-11-08
Our Rudy, the Green-Cheeked Amazon/Mexican Red-Headed Amazon parrot,with whom we shared our home with, had flown away. Rudy was fully clipped, but wasn’t tethered on my shoulder that day, the week before Labor Day, 1991. I held my hand and fingers over his talons. Rudy backed out from my grip when our “bald” neighbor man walked out his back door, slamming the door behind him. He was heard but not seen in the medium tall tree on the terrace in front of and two doors down fron our house. We lived in Milwaukee, just southwest of Bluemound Rd. and 92nd St. at rhat time just before Labor Day 1991.
After many fliers with offer of a reward, were posted in Milwaukee all the way south into Hales Corners, and after many weeks, we had to stop looking. Cold weather had set in, sowe felt that he would’ve flown onto someone’s arm (I taught him that), and hoped that someone rehomed Rudy.
I miss Rudy, wholeheartedly to this day. Rudy would have aged to 37-39 years old. If you think that you still have our Rudy, please love him and cuddle with him that much more for me. Give Rudy a kiss on his cheek for me.

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Jennifer D Camarena - 2018-04-03
I'm interested in a baby red crown amazon please contact me at (949)231-2385

Anonymous - 2015-03-13
the birds are cool but the bite alot and it poops on me

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  • sajd - 2016-08-06
    Potty train it by timing the times he poops. For larger birds its like 10 to 20 minutes
Sikander Abbasi - 2015-10-13
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david huang - 2015-06-30
I have a 3-year old boy red head and green amazon. I think it is time for him to find a girl friend. The problem is I have no information as to where to find her. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot. David Huang

Chet Bacon - 2013-04-10
We've had ours for over 40 years now - some parrots like to be placed next to a window so it keeps them looking at things and quiet. Others like to be covered, not ours. After 40 years we are beginning to wonder who will outlive who! We give him people food, steak and potatoes, green peas are a favorite, nuts in the shell, his home has very course abrasive paper on it to keep his nails and beak trimmed. He is quite the bird! So keep yours amused and not bored they should quiet down. We'd love to have another one but they are hard to find. We got ours cage and all for $100 back in 1971!

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  • N. Smith - 2015-06-01
    Ihave a green cheek male who is 27 years old. Cage by window. watches everything and growls when someone drives up, and hollows hello when phone rings. A good talker. Tells me,lights out, night night darling and leaving for work or to shop, bye, bye, I be right back, ok? I bought the egg for $450.oo and hatched him out with help of pet store in Houston, Tx. I keep Band aid in business, he does Bite, liks people food
Principessa Elieth Azucena Bracamonte - 2015-02-10
Hello... I have a green-cheeked amazon too😊. My mom got him for me when i was 18. He was just a baby. Very adorable and very sweet. We named him 'Jack' after jack dawlson from the titanic.  He's such a talker. He speaks english and spanish. When i come home from school he always greats me really happy saying 'Hi'.  He's a very free bird. He's  always out his cage day and night. My mom and i dont believe in keeping him locked in a cage. We think its cruel. He's part of the family. Eats tortillas and fruit everytime we sit down for a meal. We always make sure his wings are clipped so he doesnt fly away when we take him outside. One day my mom knew his wings were a little long and it was time for a triming, but she took him out anyway. Jack flew up into a tree of our appartments. We couldnt get him down. He kept flying everywhere experiencing the outside like the free bird that he was. It was four in the afternoon on a hot summer day. We lost him out of sight his green feathers blended in too much. We called his name and nothing. Very devistated and looking until late that evening we decided to contimue the search in the morning. Mom woke me up at 5am to continue looking. We brought his cage out into a big clearing. I made fliers with his picture and a high reward. Looked all day and still nothing. A lot of people saw him and heard him in the appartments next to ours. We followed his trail.... There was a day care that said the little kids saw him in a tree while they were playing outside. They called animal control but what was to be done? How can you catch a bird? 24 hrs had passed and i was exausted of lookimg and walking far and wide. I was too depressed, too sad, too heartbroken to continue. Im ashamed to say that i gave up. Around 5pm that same day mom came home from work  and contined the search alone. I couldnt go anymore.... She called his name where they last saw him... And then i got a phone call... He recognized moms voice and started flying around looking for her as well... I immediatly went with my aunt, uncle, amd little cousin to help her.   She saw him he was on top of a tree next to the railroad tracks all the way on the other side of the apppartments next to ours. He was hard to see but there he was very high up. I ran to a chineese restaurant on the other side of the tracks and ordered white rise and five plates...ran back to mom and sat down pretending to have dinner in the middle of the tracks. Speaking to jack telling him to come down and telling him how yummy the food was... He flew straight down into my arms and i held him tightly. His beak was green from eating leafs. I thanked god and my mom for having strenght and not giving up. I took him to the vet the next day emergency visit. I told her what had happened and she couldnt believe we got him back. Its very rare get a bird back once they leave. His health was good. No enjuries thank god. My mom learned her lesson and made sure jack always has his wings clipped. Hes doing great now. Last labor day of 2014 we tooking him camping with us for the first time. We went  from indianapolis where we live up Erie. Then the last day we dicided to make the trip to niagara falls... No worries jack didnt fly away his wings were clipped... He was and never has been in a carrier always on my shoulder or my hand... He was everyones attaction..lots of people wanted to take pictures with him... And he was such a talker... Saying hi to everyone and even playing peek-a-boo with three little kids. Im so blessed to have such a great companion. I love him so much. He will be 7 on April 23 of this year.  Thanks for reading about us... I will keep you guys updated on how hes's doing and what other crazy adventurous trips we take next! 

-Elieth Azucena Bracamonte

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-14
    What a great story! I love your method of catching your run-away Jack with rice, even if it was in the middle of a railroad track. I get called to help rescue birds that have gotten loose on occasion, and I'm going to keep that idea in mind! Very clever! And so glad you are all still having such great adventures.
  • Principessa Elieth Azucena Bracamonte - 2015-02-15
    Thanks, glad you liked it. Yeah jack is very crazy he likes to be way tomfree... Today when i came home i foumd him on the floor walking around in my room... I picked him up and tried to put him on his perch but he woundnt let go of my finger its like he was telling me he missed me and didnt want to be alone... Intried going to the kitchen to put groceries away and he flew to me... He just missed me i guess...either way i felt so much love when he did that! He brings such happiness to my life. I love him like a child that ive never had! :)
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-15
    Well kudo's to you both! What a great friend you have:)
Bre - 2014-04-23
My mother owns a mexican red head amazon parrot and he is an amazing bird. He never stops talking and when you give him a shower he screams ow and stop. He loves popcorn and bread. He is not just a bird, he is family.

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  • Gail Goode - 2014-08-13
    My first Amazon Parrot was given to me by a boyfriend 37 years ago when he was two years old. So that makes him approx 40 yrs. I had many Amazon's , but he was the best of all. Super social , went to everyone and a fair talker. I just recently read that the Bird was on the endangered list !! Just trying to confirm!
Elizabeth Mosley - 2014-01-02
I have had mine for almost 35 years 'Paco' He was confiscated at the boarder then put in quarantine and then sold, so he is sort of a rescue bird. He has a beautiful large cage that is near a nice large window with a mirror and also likes to sit in my master bath, as I have a perch there for him too. I just love him. He is also in full flight as I feel that is the one thing they have going for them is to fly, so I did not want to take that away from him. He has 3 perches he lands on and is quite good. I only let him out of his “5 level condo” when I am home by myself. In the past two or three years he is getting yellow feathers scattered around his neck area and I do not know what that means. This past year even more. Does anyone else have issues like this and is it just age, like grey hair? :) I give him seeds ( a mixture I create myself), apples, grapes, carrots, celery and on occasion cheese and cooked eggs. He loves walnuts and gets one every other day too. And an almond about 3 times a week. I was just talking with a friend who has a small bird and she think it might be his liver??? I pray Paco is okay. I just thought he was getting more handsome. Thanks!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-04
    Nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes in parrots. Also a derangement of the metabolism or a disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed can cause color change and can also affect the quality of feathers. With a corrected diet, it will molt back to its original coloration.

    Although Amazon parrots eat many seeds in the wild, in captivity a seed-based diet is not recommended because this allows the pet bird to select an imbalanced diet. A better solutions is a formulated diets (pellets or crumbles) making up about 75% of its food, because this type of diet provides a more complete, balanced nutrition. Dark leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits can make up about 20-25% of the diet. Treats should be limited to about 5%.

    Discolored feathers can also be due to a malnutition or liver disease. Cockatiels for example, have been known to develop bright yellow feathers with a severe liver disease, caused by fatty liver syndrome (hepatic lipidosis). Certain viruses can also cause abnormal feathers; however, this is not a common occurrence.