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Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are excellent talkers and frequently sing very well too!
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linda cordry - 2010-10-11
I recently inherited a female doubleheaded amazon named hailee I have known her all her life. After first owner died she plucked all her feathers we got her over that now I have had her a month but she continues to pluck feathers in the same spot. She was doing good till this past weekend when I could not be here all day. She starts twitching and some shaking then plucks feathers she seem very agitated when this happens. I have to work so she is alone but with freedom and music. I don't know what to do for her.

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  • Estry Hiltz - 2010-10-19
    What is her diet? Mine is on Harrisons Organic food. I thought I had her on good food before but after a plucking issue I changed it this is better. Also does she have regular showers? Change her cage around every day and give her foraging toys so she has to work for her food. Sounds to me she is bored when you are gone. Lots of toys especially foraging toys work well. Just google foraging toys they are easily made it may take a while before she uses them but it worked for my little plucked chicken cost me lots of $$ to figure this out hope it works for you!
  • Lisa - 2011-09-06
    My Goffins cockatoo loves to chew.If you let him he will take big chunks out of your wood window trim or your wood mantle as he did mine. I buy him a box of popcicle stix --you can get them at any craft store like A.C. Moore or Michaels.I also buy wood shapes sold in the bird catalogs like Foster and Smith (make your own toys) parts and put them all in abig bowl in his cage, he drops some and chews some and I put them in the bowl again. He makes match stix size wood or chunks out of the pop stix and the good on the bottom of the cage get put back into the bowl again. A box of stix cost about $4 for a thousand I think--lasts about 2-3 months.
johnsolobird - 2011-07-06
My Amazon Casey used to be the best pet in the world. He would sit on you for hours watching tv with his head tucked under your ear and then one day he just attacked me. It was like overnight he hates humans. I have tried on several occasions to let him out but as soon as I do he will fly at me or anyone else and viciously attack them. He will keep taking huge hunks out of you until you get him back in the cage. I really miss the way he was. Does anybody else have any idea why ?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-07
    Sometimes amazons or any bird can get way too hormonal and it's like Jekyll and Hyde. I had Merlin and he was a lover (macaw). 2 years old and breeding season and overnight he has no (none) feathers and is the creature from below. Can't get near him. Couple months go by and Merlin says from his play top "love you". It was like the dawning of a new bird. I suspect that is what is going on with yours. He is hormonal. He is also getting new feathers (time of year) and probably going into puberty (hey a teenager). That's a lot.
    Second guess (as they are just guesses) he needs a firm hand. Actual bird trainer told me if bird attacks put the bird in the bath tub (no water), yell "jail" and turn off the light and leave the bathroom count to 60. First time zip. Second time bird goes on attack mode I yell "JAIL" and put the bird in the tub. Third time I yelled "jail" the little guy shook and just stopped. Whenever he (hawkhead) went to attack, I would "yell" jail and he would just revert to his cuddly self. Weird. Laughed. It worked.
    After a couple of weeks, I didn't have to yell "jail" anymore and it never happened again. It sounds laughable but true.
  • Isabelle - 2011-08-24
    How old is your bird??? It might be that it has reached sexual maturity!! Mine is a male and just recently went thru all that but he didnt get mean, he got depressed and chewed off a toe!!! We are still dealing with a totaly different bird. I dont know If he will ever be the same!
Ahmed Mohamed Hassan - 2011-05-19
I want to buy 2 chicks for double yellow headed amazon.
I want to know if you sell and for how much does it cost including a cage and the shipment?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-19
    I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean you want to purchase two baby double yellow head amazons? That is probably easy enough, however, where do you live? Most breeders do not sell cages so you would be on your own their and shipping two birds would be based on where you are shipping them from and to.
kaba - 2010-06-27
I have a double yellow headed amazon parrot, we do not know if it a female or male. But when ever my brother comes in the room, she starts acting all crazy. She starts biting and attacking me and my brother no one else. I think she is jealous. I do not know. We had her for about 3 years and she just started acting aggressive.

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  • Pat Kingery - 2010-07-16
    I took mine to a vet they took blood from her claw but I kinda knew she was before 4, she was backing up to her bed and had butt up in the air making funny noises I knew that chicken did that for males on the farm so I suspected that from the way she acted it fell true that she was a hen. When the test came back I was right she was a Samantha instead of Sam.
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-29
    Females choose the leader of the flock and they crouch down, flap their wings, and look at up to you while making funny noises you. While males rub their tails on the perch also, while making some sort like happy noises. Males become aggressive toward the chosen mate and others that come near, while the female only toward the intruder, in their eyes. Hope this help.
  • Jerry - 2010-12-14
    Hi, Jerry here in Santa Cruz CA. speaking of aggresion my white fronted amazon (buddy) will attack when a female any female of our kind is present. Maybe the machismo is coming out when they are present. I'm still looking for the reason. Stay in touch if you find any answers.

  • sheila - 2011-01-31
    In having one of these birds myself and from experience, the yellow nape is a loving caring and vocal bird. Mine sings opera, all on his own. However with these types of birds with aggression toward its owner when someone comes around, is their way of telling you that they simply just do not like the person, therefore, without the person leaving the room and you still there he/she will get ugly.
    Just keep the bird and the person away from each other, as with any animal they sense whether someone is good or not, toward all living creatures, and this is generally the cause of a yellow napes temperament.
    Best thing to try is to get a photo and voice recording of the person the bird gets ugly with and keep them next to it, playing the recording over and over again, until the bird is used to the sound and sight of the person, via the photo. Just use caution with the photo and watch your birdy to be sure they are not harming his/her self and slacking on eating, etc.
    It is a time consuming thing, but if the bird shows no relaxing results after 3 weeks, then discontinue and simply keep them, the bird and the person away from each other. Your birdy is your baby and like a child you must ensure its happiness and well being.
    best wishes
  • Henry - 2011-04-02
    I have a female who lays eggs, so if anyone wants to sell, or loan their male, I would be interested. In exchange, I would let you hold my Umbrella Cockatoo, or Goffin Cockatoo as a security hold. These Cockatoos are the friendly, hand tamed. Anyway, to see if your bird is a female, lay down on your bed, and put the bird on your chest. Position the bird so that it is facing your face, the bird should put it's head and chest down and her ass up making a cooing sound. Put your hand under the birds wings, and rub its back towards the base of its tail. Rub both sides of the tail at the base of the back, like you are doing foreplay with the bird. It will definately put its ass way high in the air. If it does this, you have A FEMALE! If not, you have a male, and I need a male to mate with my female Tiki! If anyone wants to sell, or loan your male Double Yellow Headed Amazon, please respond on this website, and everyone, please, do what you can to contact me. Thank you very much.


  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-02
    Some amazons can be quite territorial and possessive. She is 3 years old and it is spring and breeding season starts right about now. If you and your brother lived in the house together all the time, the Amazon would adjust and the attacks would most likely never have occured. However, your little Amazon has bonded to you and it does not want any compitition for your affection.
    The only sure way to know an Amazons sex is to sex it. However, in general the male Amazon head has a flatter appearance than the females. It is flatter and then slopes down toward the neck. The females head is curvier (if that is a word) without an obvious angle going down toward the back. It is much easier if you can see the heads when they are babies before feathers come in. In either case, I believe your Amazon sees your brother as a
    potential threat to your affection.
Gemma M. - 2011-03-25
Hi! I'm a bird-loving writer, and as I'm considering writing a book starring an Amazon, I would like to learn more about them. Can anyone tell me about their Amazon? Thanks!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    I had a Panama Amazon named Peppy and he was a dear. He has since met his mate and at the age of 28 left home to get married. He speaks extremely well and I have actually gotten into arguements with him. I leave his cage door open and he goes in and out as he pleases. In the morning, he opens his door and flies into my room and yells "Get up, Ma"
    until I am up. I have to brush his beak with toothpaste and put his makeup on as he stands on the towel rack. I can always count on him to tell me when the kids are into something they shouldn't be or the dog is in the horse coral etc. I am totally amazed at the intelligence of this little fella. Peppy is a 5 year old child dressed in pretty feathers.
Nancy Eiben - 2010-06-08
I have had an Amazon Parrot for 23 yrs. When I am home she is allowed to be out of her cage. She used to sit on the top of it and play with her toys now she has taken to getting off her cage and on to the floor where she chews on my furniture. I can't seem to get her to stay on her cage any longer, I hate to keep her locked inside the cage because she is so unhappy but I don't know how to stop her from getting off her cage and biting my furniture. I have tried all different kinds of chew toys which she eats within 2 days. Do you have any ideas on how to keep her on her cage? Please help. Thanks

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  • Gail - 2010-10-12
    I find that my Amazons love baby and toddler toys, esp the ones that make music and sound. I put new ones in the cages and play areas every week. They get lots of different baby toys and woods to chew up as well. Leather strips tied together to make a tassle are great chewing entertainers. Wooden baby toys that are colorful as well as the old fashioned Tinker Toys and Lincoln logs are also great chew toys. Using the above items, I "never" have a problem with my birds chewing furniture. They have too much else to be entertained with. Also, the toys and items that you can put special treats, peanuts, fruit pieces, etc inside where they have to "work" to get them out are also great entertainers.

    With these items, they tend to stay in their play areas more and play or entertain themselves safely rather than getting down into your territory while seeking so satisfy their destructive urges.

    Hope this helps.
Mary - 2010-09-18
I have a double yellow named Apollo. I got him 3 years ago when he was 20 yrs old. His old owner got him as a fledgeling, had him for 20 years and decided he didn't want him anymore. Apollo didn't have any toys (his owner said he was afraid of toys) and was fed nothing but seeds. He had never even been to the vet.
When I got Apollo he was the second bird I had owned, but my first large breed. I got him a cage that was 1/3 larger than his old cage(the largest cage I could find) with a playground top and started him on Harrison Bird Diet which he took to immediately. I supplement the HBD with fresh fruits and veggies and nuts. I bought him toys and introduced them one at a time over a period of a couple of weeks. He LOVES his toys. OK sounds great doesn't it? Problem is I cannot touch Apollo. He is a terrible biter. He will get on a stick for me, but will bite me every time I try to get near him. What should I do? Also, I thought about getting another double yellow to keep him company because I know in the wild they are gregarious communal birds. Is this a good idea?

Lucy Molina - 2010-03-20
I have a double yellow headed amazon and he will be 22 years old in May of this year. I have had him since he was a very ugly baby without feathers and he is now a beautiful bird. He's a very happy bird, except when you play the radio and he does not approve of the music, well, the whole neighborhood can hear him complain. Change the station to what he wants that particular day and he starts whistling. He's adorable. I have a slight problem that he has bitten through three cages already and I'm not talking about flimsy ones. He has a very strong beak. He doesn't bite me, but he loves to tear these things up; I guess he wants to get out, but I let him out sometimes and he goes right back to his cage. Funny little thing. Love Popcorn. (that's his name)

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  • Anonymous - 2010-08-15
    Three cages! Are they made of wood :) Seriously.
LAURELL GARCIA - 2010-08-08
Hello i was wondering if i can put a (5yr female) yellow-faced amazon and a nanday conure (1 yr not yet checked)together in the same cage? Please reply asap thanks

keisha - 2010-07-22
I have a double yellow head 1 year now he bites everything in sight he nibbles on my toes also I let him out of his cage very often so he is all over the house he says hello, I love you, I love you Fiesty which is his name & I love you boo. I don't knos the gender but I always say he, Fiesty is a real busy body once he is out of his cage he follow me everywhere in the house he is very loving I play & kisses his head he loves it, I can't hold him though he gets very angry. I worry about his feathers, some small with ones always falling could you tell me if this is normal plz?