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   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
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avenue17 - 2023-05-05
I think, you will come to the correct decision.

Andy Owens - 2020-04-19
We have two blue fronted amazon parrots Male Roco age 4 and Ava 5, two lovely birds, who are getting very very friendly, we have a nesting box and noticed this morning that he was in first with Ava cursing him as I think she was hoping to be on the bedding first, I was hoping to find some information as I think I need to be ready just in case the eggs appear one day!! I would appreciate any help that anyone is willing to pass on. Many Thanks Andy

Anonymous - 2019-08-21
I'm interested in buying a blue-fronted Amazon parrot that talks if anyone's got one

Anonymous - 2019-07-29
I want a blue amazon parrot as a pet and a friend.if you know anybody please contact me at+19802509058. Thank you

Melissa Wilson - 2019-02-20
I have a bluefront parrot that I would like to find a home for in a home where there is a bird the same as buddy is 6 years old and was neglected most of his life with not much attention paid to him but he is still a good bird and likes attention and loves to play I am selling buddy because I think it would be in his best interest to find a forever home where he will be loved and cared for and never love me again he's not lonely now I have three children a pitbull and a chihuahua he copes well but I think he'd rather be the center of attention and get more attention

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  • tony - 2019-03-09
    how much thanks
  • JD - 2019-03-19
    I am interested, as I have a female blue front.
    I also have a male yello nape I am looking for a wife for.
    Thank you
  • Rick Pudwell - 2019-03-21
    Hello Melissa,
    I was interested in the story of your Blue front. I have a female who is pretty tame and a good talker. She seems like she wants to socialize with other parrots that I have but since they are other species, she is not liked by them. Are you sure your bird is a male? What part of the country do you live and what are you asking for him ?

    Thank You,
    Rick Pudwell
Bea u mccall - 2017-09-17
I have a parrot name bluey and I want to sale him

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  • Robert - 2017-11-11
    How much? And where are you located?
  • Tommy - 2019-02-22
    I have a 15yr old female. Id love for her to have a buddy. She is out all day and goes to bed about 1030pm all on her own.
    Where are you located and are you looking for a rehome fee?
    God bless,tommy
  • tony - 2019-03-09
    im in uk
beth howard - 2018-09-16
I have a year old blue front amazon she was friendly when I got her I only had her for 3 days now she is biting me and drawing blood what can I do to make her friendly again

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  • Richard Sills - 2018-11-04
    If you've only had the bird for 3 days, she has not gotten a chance to be used to you. Offer her treats and move slowly. It took me about 6 months to be able to freely handle our bird. They are very intelligent creatures and are a whole lot like humans. They know how to set boundaries and they will only let you in when they are ready.
Mick - 2018-04-26
Hi we have a BF Amazon i called her Evie she's DNA'D she is nearly 2 and talks excellent she calls out Mick Mick when i go outside and calls out Help Help then she says is there anybody there.She says many many words and can sing a few words from some songs she loves tickles and playing out of her cage and sitting with us. she's a very sociable bird and has never bitten us she loves nuts and fruit and vegies chillis and Bananna are her favourite. she is very intelligent i think they are a great pet and would recommend one to anyone who is prepared to give one the time and love and care that they need

mike marella - 2017-05-11
Hi I'm Mike Marella looking for a blue front Amazon male baby look forward to hearing from you thank you my phone number 757-769-9825 looking forward to hearing from you thanks

Rae - 2016-12-20
4 months ago I adopted a blue front amazon from a friend of my daughter. She adopted him as a rescued bird after a brush fire and had him about 12 years. Not exactly sure of his age but she thinks he was 3-5 when she got him. While she had him he spent a large amount of time in his cage and was sometimes teased by the teens that lived nearby. I have him out of the cage and on a play stand most of the day and he gets frequent attention. It has been slow but we are to the point where he will sit on my arm and he has recently started sitting on my shoulder. He does have a thing about biting. We will be fine and then totally out of the blue he will bite and not want to let go. He has bitten onto my arm several times and then earlier this weekend he was on my shoulder and bit onto the upper part of my ear and would not let go. Then tonight, he was sitting on my knee while I was scratching his head and talking to him and he bit my finger. I put him on a pirch and was moving him to his play stand so I could bandage my finger and he went after my arm and would not let go. I don't yell at him or throw him when he bites, but usually put him either onto the play stand or in his cage for a time and talk to him. What else can I do to stop the biting?

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  • Juan - 2017-02-09
    I had also purchased blue fronted amozon. Her name is Tilly she was tormented by young children. when brought her she didn't come out of her cage,she would stay in the corner of the cage. If someone would approach the cage she would attack and try to bite you through her cage. I started to stick train her and with the proper diet she has turned around.Know she step up on my hand and starting to talk her favorite word is "Hay Burrio". still working on touching her getting better with that. I wanted to know if you were sell your parrot and for how much? Thank you