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Jaccki - 2019-12-08
Hand Reared Baby Greys Hand reared baby greys
Ready to go now
Close rung
Have been dnad
Come with cites certificate

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Lemony - 2019-12-07
Looking for 9 Spice Finches 7 Males called Joseph, Goldenrod, Scales, Honey, Arrow, Lightning and Tundrice 2 Females called Toffee and Paint

Lemony - 2019-12-07
Looking for 3 Spice Finches 2 Males Called Pinto and Goldenrod and a Female called Lyla

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Ronald - 2010-07-08
We are in south africa, and are a couple of finch lovers that want to import the finches that's no longer available to us. Can anyone help us or give us contact details of finch exporters to south africa?

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  • kosie - 2010-08-24
    Hi, we export.
  • Eben Holtzhausen - 2011-02-12
    Did you come right. I am also looking to bring birds in, let me know if you came right.
  • Eben Holtzhausen - 2011-03-30
    Kosie, give us more details please.
  • Kate Steinke - 2019-12-07
    Hi, I recently lost one of my strawberry finches and am looking for a new one. Are there any breeders in SA?
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Anonymous - 2019-11-30
WhatsApp +237682938208

Mourning Doves ,Concurs ,Macaws, African Congo Greys, Cockatoos Chicks , Adults and Eggs for Sale.For Urgent Respond

Our WhatsApp number +237682938208


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Daniel - 2019-01-15
Who got a female mourning dove i can buy?

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  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I too am looking for a female did you ever find one
  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I’m looking for female also
  • Thomas - 2019-11-22
    I too am looking for a female mourning dove, if you know of any please let me know
  • ANDREW - 2019-03-20
    Hi i trade 1 with you for 1 male
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Fatima - 2019-11-25
Hello I’m looking for a half moon conure,I live in AZ

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Masood Bahrami - 2019-11-28
I'm looking to buy a pair of waterslager canary. I live in Sacramento ca. 916-400-0442

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Tracy - 2019-11-28
My conure seems like she has lost some balance

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Ossksksmak - 2019-11-24
My blue masked lovebird is a male, but I don’t know if he’s young or old? His beak is a strong blush pink if that helps. How do I know if he’s young or not?


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