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Melanie - 2021-11-08
Our Rudy, the Green-Cheeked Amazon/Mexican Red-Headed Amazon parrot,with whom we shared our home with, had flown away. Rudy was fully clipped, but wasn’t tethered on my shoulder that day, the week before Labor Day, 1991. I held my hand and fingers over his talons. Rudy backed out from my grip when our “bald” neighbor man walked out his back door, slamming the door behind him. He was heard but not seen in the medium tall tree on the terrace in front of and two doors down fron our house. We lived in Milwaukee, just southwest of Bluemound Rd. and 92nd St. at rhat time just before Labor Day 1991.
After many fliers with offer of a reward, were posted in Milwaukee all the way south into Hales Corners, and after many weeks, we had to stop looking. Cold weather had set in, sowe felt that he would’ve flown onto someone’s arm (I taught him that), and hoped that someone rehomed Rudy.
I miss Rudy, wholeheartedly to this day. Rudy would have aged to 37-39 years old. If you think that you still have our Rudy, please love him and cuddle with him that much more for me. Give Rudy a kiss on his cheek for me.

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Bre Kordav - 2021-10-28
I have a breeding pair of Blue and gold macaws available

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  • Mary - 2021-11-04
    Is your pair still available and do you ship if so could you tell me their age and behaviors
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Robert Theil - 2021-10-30
I have a Hahn's Macaw as a pet. My bird is named Yoda because she (when a hatchling) was green small and waddled when she walked. I did find out my birds sex without DNA text, because she started to lay eggs. She is now 30 years old and still going strong. Very friendly bird with me, but if others are around she will bite me to try and scare me away from them. I have heard on other sites that her life span could be as long as 50 years. Given her age, I hope they are right.

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Renee Weber - 2006-05-08
I have a male Buffons Macaw, he is the most wonderful bird. I have all together six macaws and two cockatoos and other smaller breeds but my Taco Bell is so sweet and loving. All of my birds are my life. Taco came from abuse and neglect, he was treated awful and he still has love and trust for us humans. To be loved by him is a privilege. Please before you purchase a bird check out some of the great web sites out there. It is not all fun and games. You must be a bird person, people who read this will know what i am talking about if you are a BIRD PERSON. Thank You, Love your Birds.

Thanks Renee W.

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  • Ifi - 2016-10-27
    Hi Renee, I am a new member to the forum. Just saw your comments on your Buffons. I have 2 and live in Canada. Both mine are girls. Would you know of anyone in Canada who would like to rehome a male.
  • anne norris - 2021-10-29
    I would rehome him!! Let me know..I also live in Canada! :)
Ifi - 2017-04-15
Hi guys. I live in Canada. Since this discussion is all about these beautiful and smart Buffons i wanted to add my 2 bit. I have 3 Buffons macaws, a greenwing and a Congo African grey. 1 buffons is a rescue and picks. Not plucks just picks and out of stress. He is under treatment for stress. He lost his mate. The other 2 buffons are a 2 year old girl and a 9 month old boy. But he is a huge huge fellow. Almost as huge as a hyacinth. He and my greenwing are the same age and size. And despite both being boys they are bonded and i HAVE to house them in the same cage or too bad for me they scream the neighborhood down. Otherwise they are just a happy playful duo. My congo grey is the light of my life. Just a cuddle bunny.

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  • anne norris - 2021-10-29
    Hi, I am looking for a pair of Buffons!
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Anonymous - 2021-10-22
i like to buy all of them if you sent them to calgary alberta

Costas Daoutis - 2021-10-22
i like to buy parisian frills sent to calgary canada

Costas Daoutis - 2021-10-20
i like io buy persian and other parisian caneris male and female i live in calgary canada

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Oyola Glosters - 2015-09-06
I have top quality Gloster Canaries only a few pairs left great coronas and Consorts available no low ballers please Thanks Oyola Glosters 845-544-8201

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  • jimmy - 2016-03-20
    i want to buy 1mail and 2femails please and how much are thy club ring
  • Sandi - 2016-06-04
    I am looking for a Blue Male Gloster canary. Can you help me?
  • Ian armstrong - 2016-06-06
    Hi reading your add I am interested in your floaters I live in aberdeen but willing to pay for courier would you be interested cheers ian
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Anonymous - 2013-11-19
My son gave me a cockatiel then a week later gave me a parakeet so the cockatiel would have a friend. They get along fine. Would they do okay in the finch aviary ?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    I personally never mixed parrots (Psittaciformes) with finches (Passeriformes) as the hookbilled parrots can do a lot of damage to these smaller birds. If the aviary is very, very large, you may be successful, you would have to try it to see. But I would still be cautious as the situation could become unstable at any time, especially when any of the birds go into breeding mode.
  • carson beshears - 2021-09-10
    no they have to have a big envierment

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