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Birds by Joe - 2022-02-06
Your blog is very nice. These tools are really very helpful...:-)

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Kim - 2022-02-06
We've had a ringneck dove for 30 years! He has always been happy, jumping perch to perch, cooing. The best is when he giggles, he does it when family argues. Breaks up the argument every time. Recently he has started a strange ritual. He lifts his head straight back onto his back.He acts like he is dizzy or losing balance. Then it stops and he acts normal again.Any ideas what might be wrong with him? Thanks, Kim

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More info at Animal-World - 2015-09-18
I have a total of 4 finch but 2 of them are loosing there feathers? do you know why

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    Your cage may be too small. The two loosing their feathers are most likely being 'plucked' by the other two. Putting them in a separate cage where they aren't picked at will allow the feathers to grow back.
  • Ashley - 2022-01-22
    They might be molting like my Budgerigar Parakeets.
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linda - 2018-11-04
looking for a baby male cockatiel to purchase. my Prissier passed away after 18 years. she was so sweet. she would com and sit on my shoulder while I was eating dinner. and she wanted me to chew mt=y veggies, and she would eat the food from my tongue. I know !!! but she was so loved. I am alone now, and I asked management if I could have one and she said yes. like I said, I am on social security, so I have very little money, but a whole lot of love to give him. I live in knoxville,tn, and I do not he will have constant care. thanks for your consideration. miss Linda

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Anonymous - 2021-02-11
African grey parrot birds Psittacus erithacus
for sale

African Grey's amazons Tu-co Tu-cans and Fertile Parrot Eggs
Proven pairs 3 and 4 years old
Chicks 6 months and 9 months
very fertile Candle light tested eggs

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  • Harsh Nayak - 2022-01-13
    I newd baby
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carson beshears - 2022-01-10
my bird sonney was only one year old and my cat got him

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Anthony Bell - 2018-06-12
I'm wanting to buy a yellow frill canary can someone please help me!

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  • Anonymous - 2021-12-31
    make sure you check the bird for mites and viruses as some of the pet store owners may sell you, buy mail variety of colours black, white and yellow that canary signing all day long
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Yolanda Varela - 2017-10-27
I have a pair of finches, don't know exactly what kind. She laid 2 eggs, and they ended up on the floor of the cage, I'am hoping they exccidently fell when they were both in the nest sleeping. What do you suggest I do? maybe buy another nest that is deeper? Please advice. Thank You

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  • Azaan Ali - 2021-12-27
    First find out the type of finch and get the nest box accordingly. Each finch may use a different type of nest shape.
michelle - 2020-04-19
i was very inexperienced n listened to my young grandchildren in helping me pick out some finches not knowing i shouldnt mix different varieties and ended up w a female zebra finch i believe a male white and black society finch and an old spice finch my friend didnt want. i bought a larger flight cage so theyd be happier. and despite later finding out u shouldnt mix different species the zebra finch and white n black society finch mated but the cage i bought was faulty and i woke up n the female zebra finch squeezed out of an opening in the back n i found her dead i believe my kitty got her in the middle of the night along w my old spice finch and only the white n black society finch was in the cage and continued sitting on the eggs until today then abandoned the nest. so i was devistated and sent my daughter in law and grandchildren to the pet store and told her buy the last 4 society finches in hopes id get at least 1 or 2 females and didnt want to make the same mistake mixing different varieties of finch but when she got back the 4 new ones all looked the same i believe theyre chocolate pied and the are much smaller than the white n black bird i thought was a society finch. now im confused and wondering if the white n black one thats much bigger isnt a society finch at all. can anybody answer this for me

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  • Azaan Ali - 2021-12-27
    Can you describe it maybe its a Black-and-white mannikin
Jane Knapp - 2019-05-22
My social & zebra finches keep having more and more babies. Last count I easily had 16. I’ve been told the only way to prevent having too many is to remove their nesting baskets. This seems very inhumane. I would love to find a good home for some of them but my aviary will not hold many more birds comfortably. They are such a happy family!
Anyone know anything to help? Thank you.

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  • W. Garner - 2019-06-01
    What neck of the woods are you in, im interested in your finches?
  • Anonymous - 2021-12-27
    It might seem bad to remove the nest and I also thought it was bad but if they lay too many eggs the female can die from lack of calcium and other things and the male can die form getting over worked and lack of rest.

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