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chafic - 2019-10-16
how can i get a couple of norwich to lebanon

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wanda myers - 2016-05-27
My name is wanda myers, I am a proud owner of 15 beautiful doves 3 are not white the rest are. I love them and treat them as my children. the people around me love my birds so much. I would love if some one can get them to me to take any doves that needs forever homes. to me every animal needs a home and love. and i am picky as crap to who gets a dove, thy can not be smokers or have animals that would hurt the dove. The home has to be a healthy ,safe environment to get the dove then i have a must agree to promise that if they ever want to get rid of the dove or get sick of it to send it back to me, it is hard enough to let my babies go so if i give anyone a dove i am basically trusting you with one of my feathered kids

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  • Bernard Stallard - 2017-02-26
    I live in Apopka, Fl (near Orlando) in a semi rural area by orchard farms and horses grazing. I have a screened in waterfall pond (cement) with many tropical plants. I have about 25 Koi, 2 turtles and two snails. They are cohabiting successfully. I am looking for a young pair (male and female) to adopt. They would have open freedom to fly about the enclosure. Please contact me if you have two with some information about supplies. I have kept birds before but not this type. A friend highly recommended them as an addition to my patio (407-814-4427).
  • Lori - 2017-04-25
    Dear Wanda,
    I read your post on here about your lovely ring neck doves. I would
    like to buy a male ringneck to add to my bird family. I am an
    experience bird owner and lover of cockatiels and parakeets.
    Not sure where you live but I'm looking to own one and wondering if
    you have any for sale. Thank you, Lori, [email protected] ortext631949-3059
  • Debbie wilson - 2019-10-11
    Hello Wanda, could you please call me 314-420-6451
  • kris - 2019-07-27
    Hi Wanda, my name is Kris I found a dove in my yard last week it seems people friendly but will not let me touch him or her! I fear for its safety as we have a lot of hawks around and no one that I have called will help me. Do you have any suggestions or no anyone who might want a dove?
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Waris syed - 2019-10-09
Hii m looking for moluccan cockatoo chick baby one please let me know about it's prices

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teresa nazari - 2019-10-08
Please help me find mourning doves to purchacefor my avery.

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ahsia - 2018-05-19
i have a blue masked love bird but I have never heard him speak is that normal ?

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  • Anonymous - 2019-10-08
    Yes it is normal. lovebirds alone behave same as mentioned
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elizabeth - 2019-09-30
I’m looking for a hand fed male eastern rosella for a pet. I live in northern Virginia. Please contact me.

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Nancy Waits - 2019-09-29
I am interested in a tame starlight macaw. I will drive to pick it up.

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patsy james - 2019-09-21
I am looking for a hand raised half moon conure. I'd consider all ages. Just lost our 28 year old and I miss her dearly. Had her since birth.

Teresa - 2013-01-17
Hello! I just purchased a 5 yr old breeding pair of Half Moon Conures a couple of months ago from another breeder who was getting out of the bird business. They settled into their new environment very quickly. They have been mating like crazy and now she has been laying eggs for the past week. She has laid 3 eggs so far and I don't think she is finished yet. In the past she has laid up to 5 eggs and they have usually had 4 babies in a clutch. The previous owner said that they are very good parents. I will be pulling the babies after two weeks to continue hand feeding them. I will be selling the babies for $300.00 If you are interested, you can respond to this ad. I live in Montana and I will ship if necessary. All shipping expenses will be up to you. Thank you and have a great day everyone!

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  • Santa - 2013-04-03
    Hi my name is santa and my mom is interested in purchasing one of your baby half moon parrots. We live here in Los angeles and we are wondering how we can purchase a parrot from you. We are not sure how we would be able to get the bird by shipping. We are good people.
  • Teresa - 2013-04-06
    Hello! I have some hand fed babies that will be ready in about a week. I have been in the process of weaning them and I want to make sure they are eating well on their own. You can check with the airlines to see what the shipping cost would be from Bozeman, Montana to your airport. Thank you for your interest! I look forward to hearing from you.
  • joanne - 2013-04-29
    Hi! I'm also interested in a half moon baby. But probably a baby from your next batch. When will you be having your next set of babies? Do u have a website? Email? My airport is San Francisco. I'm in the bay area. Thankyou!
  • Joanne Klaus - 2014-02-12
    Hi Teresa: Do you still have and breed Half-Moon Conures? I'd love to buy a female, or one you believe to be female, as sexing is risky, I realize. There arent many available and they're such gems! I live in Sioux City, Iowa. Please email: [email protected] or call/text 712-253-7750 Thank-you, Joanne
  • Courtney - 2014-03-28
    I have been looking for a half moon for a long time. Are you still breeding? Please contact me with more information.
  • Lourdes - 2014-09-15
    Please let me know if you have any half moon babies available. If you don't at present, pls tell me when you expect some. I have been looking for these babies for a long time now. Pls respond as soon as you can.thanks,
  • barbara - 2015-01-06
    please let me know if you have any half moonn for sale. I have been looking for awhile now and know one has them
  • kelly - 2015-02-13
    I was wondering if you had any half moons fem?what would shipping be to you
  • Anonymous - 2015-03-25
    Hi I'm Jesus, I live in California. I want to buy your half moon, I have one but really needs a buddy.
  • Shaina - 2015-04-27
    I am very interested in buying a half moon , preferably a little boy. How much is shipping to 98032. Thanks
  • linda - 2016-06-29
    Hello, Hello, Hello!Wow! they sound prolific. my hubby and I have brought amale moon. we have desired to find a mate for our little boy our little family. I do realize that your posted letter was a few years past, but we are hopeful that your little sweethearts are still in love and productive.Please contact us asap. thank you for your time. Have a great day! (951)674-8778. Anytime friend! Sincerely, and truly yours, Linda & Lorin Torgeson
  • Tammy Rhoden - 2019-06-21
    hi . do you have anymore half-moon conures available? I was wanting to purchase a male and female. Do you DNA? and Im located in Lake City Florida , How much is shipping . thanks
  • Barb - 2021-05-11
    I would like one if possible. I have a green cheek female 4 years old that helps me with the cancer I am fighting and I would like to have another concur to have more to do and love to be with them. I do have cages that I can put one in and up grade the cage as it grows up.
  • patsy james - 2019-09-21
    I have interest in a conure
    I lost ours I March and do miss her. She was 28 hand feed we raised her from an early age. Let's talk if this is a possible option. I'm in Boulder co.
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john marr - 2019-09-13
I'm from brantford Ontario Canada I have a 26 year old double yellow headed Amazon parrot. He gets along with my boxer yellow lab, two yorkies an a cat. He out of his cage 90 % of the day an they all get along. I been looking for another double yellow headed Amazon parrot an was looking for a female for him to breed.


My email address is mar[email protected] I would love to know more about the breeding


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