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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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Brie - 2004-04-10
Well.. I have just started keeping an Arowana about 3 months ago. He is about 3-4in and is very cute. He stays in a tank with a 3-4in clown knife a good sized Eel, and surprisingly a male betta. They are all great together. Ive had him since he had his yolk sac, so hes my little baby. He eats Pellets 4 carniverious fish, and loves them. He also eats the remains of worms from my Eel
He has not tried an escape yet but i am sure hes thinking about it when i take off the lid. Thanx 4 all ur help....
Brie 2004-05-10

michael - 2004-03-19
Mine (about 22 inches) got along well with a 7 inch pacu, a 15 inch clown knife, and a very large clawed frog. the trick is to keep them from getting very hungry and they rarely ever had any fights. I finally did trade these fish to a very good LFS due to size, though.

kev S - 2004-02-25
well.. i have been keeping mine for like about 5 years and it is about three feet now.. i bought it on my birthday, but anyway this fish is not so hard to care for as long as you got space for this fish. And also this fish grows really fast. My fish got into one and half feet in less than one year when i first bought it. in addition you can also train this fish to eat pellets because mine do. But it is easier to train your fish when it is still a baby fish, once the fish get big, it is really hard to change their diet.
well, this is what i feed my fish: pellets, feederfishes, insects (crickets), shrimps, pawns, beef heart, chicken meat...etc well my fish, my "dragon" just eats about anything that is meaty.
O yea, really important at nite, remember to cover your fish tank really tight and have something heavy to put on top of the cover; because this fish can jump really high and it is a very powerful jumper.
okay guys, have fun keeping with your "dragon" fish because they are really interesting and fun to keep and watch.

tam bam - 2004-01-27
my arowana dont like nothing but feeders i have tryed ever thing he dont like plankton night crawlers krill crickets but he will eat bloodworms and brine shrimp hes not even a year yet and hes about 22 ins long hes a big boy

Tony - 2004-01-17
I put my arowana with about 20 small feeder fish and it can gulp one whenever he feels a bit peckish. Oscars and other large fish will make good tank-mates with it.

renaldi tatan - 2003-08-08
actually i have experience with this fish for about 6 years.
this fish , basically is easy to take care of as long as you pay attention with the water condition. give arowana a variety of food such as lizard, frog, fish, cricket, centipetes is the one that it like most. oke guys have fun in keeping arowana