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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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Lydia Alcancia - 2005-03-16
I am from the Philippines and my arowana was given to me by my son on my birthday last Oct. 2000. I love to see him swim. I usually fed him fish and heart chicken. Last March 6, it jumps from his aquarium a 72 gal. one, it felt twice while being returned to his aquarium. After three days, it died. The whole family were so lonely that we missed our arowana. we decided to bring it to taxidermist so we can see him always.My son who is in Korea wants to see him when he go home. We will surely missed our pet arowana. . I want to buy a new one, but it was said it is better when given not bought. . To all arowana lovers love your arowana because you will missed it . . .Lydia from the Philippines

aro king - 2005-03-08
i have had my arowana for over 5 years now and he is just over 5 feet! he lives in an outdoor aquarium about the size of a douboy pool. it is a very awesome set up. you can see all around the tank because it is all clear water. it is awesome! i love it all! i love my fish and at first it was hard to care for but he grew so fast and become so strong. it cost a lot to care for but i couldnt give him away. i feed him a large rat about every other day. once my house cat accident got too close to the edge of the tank and my aro actually ate him! it was a sad lose but something amazing to watch> I LOVE AROWANAS!

That Fish Guy - 2005-02-14
I just recently got my first Silver Arowana. He is about 8 inches long. Despite what everyone thinks, i have learned that he can live quite nicely in a 75 gallon tank with some African and South American Cichlids. They are just a bit big for him to eat and they are staying away from each other well.T he Arowana was fed crickets for a month before i got him. It wasnt very hard to switch him to frozen foods, however he likes about 10 crickets a day with a bit of frozen food. The Cichlids wont touch the crickets but they love the frozen stuff, so that has been the only problem. Feed the Cichlids some Bio-life pellets while feeding him on the other side with frozen and a cricket or two for dessert.

sixbolt - 2005-02-13
ive had a silver arowana for about 4 months or so. i started feeding him wax worms that i had for my gecko and moved him onto shelled shrimp. hes never had live fish under my care and as such has never developed an intolerance to any fish. hes currently around 8" and shares his 100 gallon home with several species of fish including neon tetras. it seems as long as u never feed them live fish and they are raised with live fish they dont seem to be predatory. a good amount of food curbs this and this can be applied to fish such as smaller sharks as well. so next time ur looking for something a bit bright experiment with some small fish in a nice number and see if they stay. u might be surprised. they are also great at grabbing those little particals of food that escape the arowanas jaws.

Laymond Leaks - 2004-12-28
I have been reading about them and had heard stories about the bigger ones in the wild eating baby monkeys that had fallen from trees anyway they are really beutiful fish and they are truly great as a pet. Mine is 20" and I love her and my royal pleco.

colozamia - 2004-10-09
I took Clide, my silver arowana, to the vet (university veterinary hospital) because he was not eating and had a bulging right eye. Think twice before you do this because he thrashed so hard in the tupperware that he lost the feelers on his lower lip and several scales, as well as had a bashed up nose, and was mad at me for a week and would not let me feed or pet him for a week even though he would eat when my daughter fed him. Arowanas are very smart fish and definitely recognize different people and remember things. He is ok now though.

Benjamin - 2004-09-20
They really do grow VERY fast!!

Eddie Monge - 2004-07-29
I have about 2 years having Arowanas and they are the most incredible fish there are. you can teach them to eat directly from your hand, and they even ask for food when hungry. my very first one once jumped a little bit more than 3 feet out of his tank, so remember always get a cover for your tank. by the way, the practice of feeding them from your hand could be dangerous with grown arowanas, so if you did not teach them since babies you better not do it.

branden - 2004-07-07
I loved my arowana, it was a good fish. i could even train mine when he was hungery to go and get a bead on a rope that was attached to a bell!

Bryan - 2004-04-18
I have had a few and they are really interesting fish. I saw them on the discovery channel and discovered that they can eat birds and insects and grow over 5 feet in the wild. I really want to try and breed them but they are kinda expensive.