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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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mitchell - 2009-07-26
Hi, I own 2 silver arowana's and they live in a jewel 180 L aquarium. They are about 8 inches. I plan to move them to a 250L aquarium and get rid of 1. I live in england and am selling him/her for

Scott - 2009-06-01
Aro's are jumpers, a good strong top is not an option but a requirment. I was a gambling man and didn't have a top for the first two months, then it was on the floor. After about 8 min. on the floor I found it, I thought it was dead. The eye was dry and white and all the fins were in various stages of drying. I put it back in and it came to life. That day I put and taped on a plexy glass top. After three weeks the only thing wrong with it now is that it is shy and has dropeye in both eyes (not real bad), but that is all.

Josh - 2008-12-30
I have 2 silver arrows in 300 L tank 165x36x50 cm that are still small 10 inches long. What would be a good size tank to upgrade to?

The Fish Guy - 2008-12-23
Could any one tell me the recommended size tank for a silver aro?

The Fish Guy - 2008-12-12
Can any one tell me the minimum tank for a Silver Aro? I was thinking of gettin a 125 gallon (500 liter) tank or a 600 liter (150 gallon) tank. I want to get 2 oscars, an aro (silver), 2-4 yabbys/cray or craw fish and possibly a pleco. If i only get 1 or 2 oscars with a silver aro in a 55 gallon (200 liter) tank that would be to small, right?
Who ever knows about their tank size (minimum tank size) could you leave a comment and i will read it. Thanks

Reply - 2008-03-16
Silver arowana grow very quickly, a 10" silver will be 24" within 12 to 18 months. A 3' x 1' x 1' tank is way too small, it is best to wait and provide a proper sized tank.

pagsaw - 2008-03-12
I heard about a golden arowana in our town on Balinsasayaw Lake in Sibulan Negros Oriental Philippines. I heard it from my friends that there was a golden arowana in that lake, the arowana was 1 and 1 half feet long. A fisherman caught the arowana in maybe 1995.

praveen - 2008-02-18
I am going to purchase a silver arowana 8-10 inches within a week. I had been keeping freshwater aquariums for 5-6 months. My current aquarium size is 3*1*1.

56 - 2007-05-15
I own a 264 inch silver arowana! I feed it 46 fishes a day. It lives in a 365x48x74 inch tank!

prasad brothers - 2007-04-01
My brother and I are owners of a 20 inch silver arowana,16 inch albino oscar, 19 inch rare albino(white)clown knife, 25 inch red bellied pacus, and an 18 inch pleco. They are all housed in a custom 1000 gallon aquarium. It has an amazon river theme. All these fish are a beautiful addition to any large aquarium. Definitely not recommended for a beginner. Its very fun to watch them grapple 3-6 inch feeder fish. These fish are very costly for they consume 5-6 hundred comets(adult gold fish) a week. The tank is filtered by custom filter which filters 1,200 gallons an hour. A setup like this will roughly cost anyone a good 6,000-8,000 dollars. But it is worth every dollar.