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The Arowana is related to early primitive fishes and is sometimes called the "Bony-tongued Fish"!
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Chris noonan - 2014-09-15
I have two silver arowanas together in a 184 gallon tank at the moment and it's Now to small so I have now ordered a 400 gallon tank. They seem to be happy together but I have alot of other big fish with them to like jaguar cichlid and a massive flowerhorn fire eels and some others it's quite heavily planted and they seem to love it they are always rubbing there bodies on the plants.

John - 2011-04-11
I have two Silver arowanas . One is kept in 55 gal tank and is about 4 inches long. The other is kept in a 900 gal indoor pond/aquarium (it's built in) , and is about 13 inches long. Amazing and easy to keep fish although would not reccomend for a novice . The smaller one is kept with a small alligator gar and a small spotted gar along with a raphael catfish and a stinging catfish. The larger one is kept with 16 blood parrot
fish a small shovel nose and two 6 inche red tailed catfish as well as four walking catfish (all of which are legal to keep in my country) . One question - can two different types of arowanas be
kept together? I'm planning on getting a 5 inch pearl arowana which will be kept with the small silver.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-12
    The Animal World article says that 1 Arowana would require a minimum of a 100 gallon tank and you have 2 although the larger is in the 900 gallon tank. Is that where you would put the 4 - when they are approximately a similar size? They are carnivores and I am sure you know what you're doing but these guys get big - almost 50 inches.
  • rajesh dodda - 2014-03-16
    I will explain your question in brief by explaining the fish nature. The most aggressive pet fishes are arowana and flowerhorn. Never try to put a small or big arowana in a fish tank as arowana nature is food only so it swallows into its mouth and eats, whereas flowerhorn interests are to live alone only and in a rare case it may be comfortable with its female flowerhorn of the same size. If flowerhorns and arowanas were put together then the arowanas will be killed by the flowerhorns as flowerhorns eat flesh and don't allow any one of their tank mates whereas arowanas eat flesh but they don't fight with other fishes.
Lan Phan - 2005-07-15
I'm an owner of a custom 475 gallon aquarium dimensions are 72x36x43. It is used to house a five inch Malaysian Green Crossback Arowana that was recntly purchased two months ago. This is my second arowana that I currently own my first was a Asian Red Arowana from Thailand. The Asian Red had an array of a color that was extremely attractive to the human eye. I sold him to a man that lived in east Texas for $33,000 and was the most profit that I ever made on a fish that I sold. The paramaters of the water must be Ph 7.0, Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 0. Temp keep at 80 F. The aquarium has an overflow box in the center which is connected to a 150 gallon sump in the bottom that houses several bio media sections which will fliter out all impurities. Diet consist of fresh bay shrimp, pellets, and on occasion pinkies. Water changes are done bi-weekly with an automated R/O system connected in the sump itself.
If you like any Arowana of any species of this kind I would recommend starting out with the silver and working your way up.

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  • Ehren Swedberg - 2010-04-05
    It sounds like you have a bad ass tank. My tank is about 300 gal. in it I have a 36in. Silver Aro, 30in Aiapaima Gigas, and a 30in, Clown Knife. I would like to know how you got your hands on an Asian Red and how you sold it for so much money? I have been looking for some babies for sale for some time now but I am having a hard time finding them. I spoke to one guy a few years back and he told me he could get them for around $2,500.00 each, but I did not have the tank space at the time. Let me know if you have any info that may help out, Thanks.
  • Joanna - 2013-09-21
    There is also a pearl, that is actually a Jardini Arowana. These fish are more active and use the entire water column unlike their cousins the Silver Arowanas. Try using sinking pellets or pre soaking your dried shrimp. Once the food sinks a little and the current in your tank starts to move the food throughout the water column they will eat it. I have kept these fish before and they are explosive hunters! They are also notorious jumpers, so make sure your tank is well covered.
colin - 2012-09-08
Hey guys, I just got a 120 gallon aquarium im planning on starting a small arownana. My question is how much can these fish grow in their first year and also can they be kept with aquatic plants such as anubuias, java fern and cryptocoryne??

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-10
    There is no set scale on growth for these monsters. Depends on feeding amounts!
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-09-10
    they can be kept with plants.
  • marc420 - 2013-09-15
    I have a silver arowana just over a year old and is already too big for my 125.
samiran roy,india - 2011-12-30
Can I keep a silver arowana in a 8ftx4ftx4.5ft tank?

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  • swapnil - 2013-06-19
    yes you can keep
Rajbir Gill - 2013-03-05
I have 6' silver a few days he learned to grab food from a hanging thread at a 3' height. I start with pellets but sometimes I hang boiled fish with thread on a 3 inches height and it is a great time to see when he jumps to eat it. I keep two gold fishes and one black moor with my arowana... my 100 gallon aquarium looks great.

silver_arowanna - 2013-02-22
i had 2 silver arowana fish, 2 days after i bought it doesn't want to eat, and i bought shrimp. And the night after, it starts to put it head under water and it's bottom part up like upside down , it was still alive after i thought it was its behavior so is okay later it die, i just want to know what cause that? and why? cause i brought 2 new one. HELP!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-02-23
    Check your water conditions.  What size tank do you have?
Adam - 2012-10-30
If I put an arowana in a 50 gallon tank will its growth slow down to livein a smaller environment?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-10-30
    Definately not.  These fish will quickly out grow the tank and such a small tank would add a lot of stress on this fish.  These are long fish and need a very long and wide tank.  Depth is not as important.
Ajeesh - 2011-12-03
I have a silver arona 1 feet long which is very active and eats live food and other sea foods, which is very aggresive and will jump for food.

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  • Alex Burleson - 2011-12-04
    That's exciting! What size aquarium do you have him in?
Marlon Pereira - 2012-05-17
Hi I have a three 10" oscars in a large 7'L x 2.5' h X 2'd aquarium can I introduce my 6inch silver arowana into this tank . Its currently being held in a 3' X 2.5' X 18" quarantine aquarium. If yes for the transfer should i net it or bag it?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-18
    It will be ok till it out grows the oscars. I would use a bucket to transfer.