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The Spotted Green Puffer is a very popular attraction and the most commonly available freshwater puffer fish!
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AiRiCK - 2007-05-07
I love the the spots, i am going to purchuse the very soon. Theu are so cute, but their nipping isnt a good thing. Well yea, i love gupoies and humm, the Dragon Fish is my favorite. i love fish <3.

Pamela - 2007-04-28
My Boyfriend and I just purchased a new fish tank, he is 21 and its his first tank! I really wanted a green puffer fish. i think they are so cute but i didnt know how they were until now. just wanted to thank you guys for your comments, NOW i know im gonna get one! Thanks again

Alohalani - 2007-04-26
I own a green puffer named Powder Puff and because he nipped at my bala shark's fins, I had to place him in a ten gallon with my brother's fighting fish. The next day I saw him just floating at the top and his fins weren't moving, I thought that he was dead, so I brought him out and placed him on the counter. Then I saw something like a heart beating, so I quickly put him into his original tank. For a moment he floated at the top of the tank upside down, I saw his eyes looking around and when he realized he was in HIS tank, he flipped himself over and started swimming around the tank like nothing happened. The whole time he was in the other tank, all he was doing was playing dead, I almost flushed him down the toilet!

michelle - 2007-04-13
i have two spotted green puffer fish, one very shy and one pleased to see you and always swimming up to the glass to see you.

collie - 2007-04-12
I bought a cute little green spotted puffer today and was so happy to see that he was adapting so well to his new tank right away. Unfortunately, when I looked a little closer I noticed he wasnt playing with my beautiful long tailed fancy goldfish, he was destroying his once perfectly flowing tail. He is only about half of the size of the goldfish but that dosent seem to make any difference to him. Had to put him in his own bowl and I'm sorry to say, he must go back to the store tomorrow. Should have researched his personality before bringing him home. Impulse buy, he is so cute!!

Matt - 2007-04-03
I have 2 little greenspotted puffers and they happen to be my favorite in my tank. I have a 55 gallon tank with tetras, guppys, mollys, sharks, and loaches. They where the last fish i wanted to introduce to the tank. I havent seen any nippin from them. They are also about the size of the neons in my tank so they might not be agressive yet. I hope they dont get agressive. They are always the last to eat making sure the others are far away before aproching the worms. they are my favorite to watch in my tank.

Knights - 2006-10-31
We have 2 Green Spotted Puffers, not only are they cute and entertaining, but they are smart. They swim to me and play when I watch them and they know that they get fed morning and night. so as soon as they see me walk by to go to the kitchen to get their food, they are waiting for me when I come back. Awesome fish, I really hope to be able to breed them.

Amanda - 2006-07-31
we have 3 green spotted puffers. they are adorable. they are so active and they really do keep us entertained for hours. one of them follows its reflection all over the aquarium. one of them also likes to play in the bubbles from the filter and the other one loves to play hide and seek. i am so happy with them. great purchase!!