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The gorgeous Pakistani Loach is known to be a very playful fish, and a great scavenger as well!
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JT - 2008-04-13
I have 5 yoyos in a 75. They are about 2 years old and range in size from 3 1/2 inches to almost 5 inches long. As active as these loaches are, I would not recommend keeping them in any tank shorter than 36 inches, and as large as they get, 48 inches would be much better. They are always playing, dancing about the tank, investigating the two gouramis they live with, tussling with each other and the 8 striped loaches they share the tank with.

Emily - 2008-04-06
I have four Yoyo loaches I've had for 6 years. My largest is at least 5 1/2" long and the dominant Yoyo of the tank. They change colors during feed time, when another loach enters their 'territory', or when quarreling over something. Usually this color change is a slightly iridescent/pearlescent bluish color on top of their normal coloration; however, I've seen one or two of mine almost loose their colors when they lose a fight. They turn a beautiful copper color to express dominance, and become so dark you can barely see the stripes when fighting. Just before they change colors, their cheeks turn a metallic silvery blue color and soon after they rapidly shift colors.

FYI- for the new loach owners, most loaches take naps! If you see your loaches start to sway and sort of rest on their sides a bit (and it hasn't been acting weird otherwise), its a good thing! It means it feels safe outside of its hiding place & is taking a nap :). Sometimes they take these in huge groups, huddled up next to each other. Also, they can get quite rough when fighting over food or their territories, but I've yet to see one of mine hurt another one. I love these fish, they each have their own unique personalities and will become the stars of your tank. I highly recommend getting more than one though. They seem happier that way :).

joe - 2008-03-17
I currently have 30 yoyo loaches in a 6'2'2' tank, along with a range of americans. They seem to be the only fish that can survive well with agressive fish such as dovei, jaguars, and flowerhorns.

kathy - 2008-01-21
I got my second Yo Yo loach the other day. My first one only lived for 2 years. Maybe this one will live longer for me. I named him Yo Yo. I thought that name would suit him. He's very actived. Swims and swims. Up and down the tank. Makes me dizzy and tired.

kirstie whyatt - 2007-11-19
We have had a Yo Yo Pakistani Loach for 13 years. It died just the other day. It has been the coolest fish ever. It has never bothered the other fish other than the odd chase and certainly had a personality. It has always been kept in a large tank with lots of other small fish ie, tiger barbs, tetras, platys, cichlids etc. I have always kept a lot of plants in the tank and bog wood and it seemed to have the same hiding places. We have just bought another one today. Who knows if it will also still be here in 13 years.

Jo - 2007-10-23
I also have two Yoyo Loaches that I bought not so long ago. I think I have one female and one male and they are very active. The female looks full of eggs and I also thought she was dead because she was upside down. She had me worried for a moment, but she is very content this way. This must be a way of sleeping or breeding maybe. I am still trying to find more info on them breeding.

jenni - 2007-10-17
I have one baby yoyo and he is 10 times smaller then my other fish (mollies, barbs, sharks, catfish) and is best friends with my pepperd catfish! He does not pick on anyone and does not get picked on by anyone. He is great, i love him. He is cute and active, and cleans my tank very very well

coz - 2007-06-22
my female yoyo has become very muddy and dark and also gets very bloated, as if carrying eggs! whilst my male acts like it wants to spawn with my juvenile livingstoni? i am currently testing higher than recommended temperatures 32~35

Rhiannon - 2007-06-13
I have 2 YoYo fish, and they are great sizes. They are very friendly towards my clown loaches and i think they might be ready to breed. They are always out any time of the day. They are cute in a weird way but i love my YoYo fish.

michael - 2007-06-02
my yoyo loach is about 4 inches longs, and not aggressive at all. he just sits there under his rock cave and comes out when its time to eat, or in the late afternoon, or at night. hes not aggressive at all.