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Java Loach is perfect if you like the wiggly action of the kuhli, but with a more streamlined look!
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Akhera - 2007-09-06
Out of all of the fish I have (and have had) this is my favorite. They are soo amusing and cute in their own way. :)

Alia - 2007-06-21
I have 8 cinnamon loaches in a 79 degree Fahrenheit, 6.5-7.0 pH 90 gallon aquarium filled with African (?) driftwood. I feed them shrimp pellets and sometimes algae disks. They are very active and tend to come out most of the day. Today when I was cleaning them, I was amazed to discover a very small loach, which was obviously an offspring. It was about an inch long and not more than a 5-6 hairs first I thought it was a piece of plastic, then I saw it shake its head like a loach and swim off!

Darren - 2006-09-26
I have 3 cinnamon loaches that I rarely see. They are extremely hardy to changes in temp, water, etc. They are excellent for cleaning/stirring fine sand substrate, too. They can also help with an out of control snail population if you don't feed them for a few days. Very peaceful and timid. Good community bottom dwellers, but not much for entertainment.

Tyler O'Sullivan - 2006-04-28
this is a fun playful and curious fish. Do not expect to see it often though as it enjoys hiding. To combat its timidness be sure to buy six as this will reassure the loach.

They are a very hardy fish in general.

ashley - 2006-02-14
These loaches are very fun to watch! I have two in my twenty-gallon tank and they love to hide in my driftwood. They are very playful at night (they swim and squirm around like little snakes)and I highly recommend them.