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The Dojo Loach is a true curiosity with their habit of becoming very active when there is a weather change!
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Lou - 2021-03-11
I recently rescued a dojo loach from a friend's community tank. I have cared for other aquatic pets but not these guys. This page was very informative and I feel a little more confident I'll be able to care for my new loach properly.

Oliver - 2019-01-19
Hi there, I've recently gotten a golden dojo loach from an extremely dirty tank and was previously housed with two goldfish. The current setup for her tank is now completely clean. It is a 5 gallon tank, with a cleaned filter as well as a fresh filter, a bubbler/airstone, two fake plants, and very soft, fine sand. She is the only fish right now. We would like to get her company, but only until she is healthier and not stressed out by an addition to her evironment. Her back end was floating up a lot, indicating swim bladder disease. She would wedge herself between the plants to keep from floating. Already, in 24 hours in this cleaned envIronman, her back end floating has reduced significantly. She definitely has an appetite. We give her sinking wafers, and she destroys them. I'm worried she may be constipated, though. With her eating her wafers very quickly and coming from a tank with severe detritis, I'm wondering if constipation could also be contributing to her back end floating. In the past, I have treated goldfish for constipation in our 'fish hospital' with cycles of clean water and small amounts of Epsom salt. Is this safe for loaches? Additionally, while she has a good appetite, she looks a bit thin, and her sides appear to have very slight lumps. Nothing huge, just very slightly. I'm worried she may have 'skinny disease,' which I do not know how to treat. She has also lost a lot of her original golden color from poor health, and I'd like to restore that in her. I have read from one source that it can be good to cleanse a bloated loach by fasting it for 3 to 4 days to stop food intake, then feed it a piece of a soft, shelled pea, to help clean out the system. However, I have only read this from one source, so I'm wondering if this is safe? She isn't incredibly active. She is to feed, and that's it. I know there haven't been any storms coming up, and she doesn't have any loaches to play with. We keep her on a regular day and night schedule, and the tank is around 72-74F. I've read that loaches can 'lounge.' She likes to wedge herself vertically in the plants or drape herself across the branches and just...lay like that. It's like she plays dead. There's been many times where we've thought she's dead, only to have her activated when we check. Is this normal behavior? Sorry it's so long, wanted to be thourough! Thanks for any help

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  • Stevie - 2019-09-01
    As much as I wish I could help you with all the issues, I can only tell you that I have 2 beautiful 10” Dojo’s and yes they do hang vertically and constantly play dead including turning upside down, bowing in half and then slowly falling to the bottom at which time they take off like torpedos playing.
Brandy - 2019-02-13
I have a golden dojo she is about a year old and has a crick ? bend ? not sure what to call it in the middle of her body ? doing great otherwise I have had a few but haven't seen this before .Ty

Andy - 2010-04-25
I have an 80gal tank. I did my reserch and have lots of sand and gravel and plenty of hiding places. I got two Dojos about 3 inches each. At first I saw both 2 or 3 times a day. Now 2 weeks in I see one if I am lucky. Also have two six inch comments and two small cwarfish plus 4 water hyacinth. Note the goldfish are very active. This is not at all what I expected from these fish. Any comments? Thanks Andy

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  • Domi - 2018-12-21
    Your tank is severely over crowded. Dojos require pristine water conditions and gold fish produce a ton of waste.
Dawn Forbes - 2016-07-15
This is my first fish experience. they're  mezmerizing!  I have never seen my loaches poop. Do they poop? I have 2 dojo loaches and 5 gold fish in a 55 gallon tank. do they hide when they poop? I watch them for hours on end and have never seen either one of them poop.  they should be pooping. I'm feeding them well i believe.  I didn't know you could get so attached to fish.  Any and all information is welcome. thanks

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  • Domi - 2018-12-21
    Your tank is wayyyy over stocked!!!! 1 inch of goldfish for every 10 gallons and loaches id honestly say about the same

    Your fish were sick

    I just saw how old this is. Hopefully you've been given good advice since this was posted
Takeshi Aoki - 2018-06-22
Hello I am looking for dojo loach to buy them Thank you Takeshi

Stephen - 2018-04-14
Lifespan 7-10 years... I got mine in my later years of elementary school (maybe grade 8). This thing is still alive and I am 28 years old now. That makes it around 15 years old.

Jaynwalker - 2018-01-10
My mum brought home two golden weather loaches (black eyes, Goldie and Locks) about 5 years ago for her freshwater tank. 2 years ago she gave up fishkeeping and gave me her loaches. They lived happily in my 40ltr tank up until last year when one died. I then went out and bought another golden weather loach but this one has red eyes, and two brown spotty ones. They were all smaller than my Goldie but now the big brown one Thor is about 8 inches. Odin is about 6 inches and loki (golden red eyes) is about 5 inches. Poor Goldie is still tiny at about 3 inches. Why is he so small!!? They are all really freindly and lots of fun to watch. They love to swim through my hands/fingers and can be hand fed. Sadly none know their names.... I am currently thinking of re-homing Thor, Odin and Loki. :-(

tony jepson - 2017-10-02
hello we have had our weather loach for 5 months its been swmming good and eating to night it has been on its back not much movement from it when it does move it will swim for a bit then stop and go on its back looks like its dead any advice or help will be much appreciated thanks

Eddie - 2011-05-12
My loach sometimes sucks on my other fish does anybody know why?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-14
    Per anything I can find out, dojo loaches do not eat other fish. However, they do suck on other fish looking or tasting for algae. That makes some sense to me. Someone wrote and said that "You need to start feeding your loach something other than the chalky pellets. What he is doing is sucking the algae cover off your fish's slime coat. This means he is starving. Add a slice of cuke or zucchini in the tank and leave it. He will find it and make quick work of it. Really, algae wafers are not good food for any type of algae eater.

    He will continue to do this due to he is hungry. Lettuce will also work for him. Any veggie, cukes and zucchini just aren't quite as messy and last a few days in the tank."

    You might want to ask at the fish store about this but if you are just feeding him the pellets, you might want to try something else. Let us know what you find out. OK?

  • chris olson - 2011-06-01
  • John D - 2011-06-24
    Hi, a lot if algae eaters such as loaches also eat parasites that form on other fish. Don't worry this is a good thing and helps to keep the other fish healthy.
  • jess - 2017-07-14
    loaches are primarily carnivorous, feed shrimp pellets or some sinking worms. usually when a bottom feeder is 'sucking' on your other fish he's trying to eat their slimecoat for extra protein.
  • tony jepson - 2017-10-02
    hello we have our weather loach 5 months been ok till to night the loach is always on is back not much movement from it it trys to swim when it stops it turns on its back any help would be great