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The most popular aquarium fish next to the Guppy is most certainly the Swordtail!
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connor - 2005-04-23
I have 2 swordtails one is a sunset color the other is red(he is the male) they live in a 10 gallon tank with three hatchet fish 2 blood fin tetras and a fancytail. I think my female(sunset colored) fish is pregnant.

Brent - 2004-07-30
i just wanted to say that i love my sword tails. i just got them about a week ago, i hope the female gets pregnant. they are excellent community fish. i have them in a 50 gallon tank with 7 mollies, a school of 5 bala sharks, 3 black skirt tetras, 1 male betta, and a shy little fiddler crab. they all get along just fine. i guess i will know when my female sword tail is pregnant cause she will get fat i assume. i have a breeder net ready, i just hope it comes soon.

Nicky C - 2004-07-12
i am a swordtail breeder and i have 15 tanks with over 2000 swortail babies which started from the 1 pair and still increasing.

Sarah . A . - 2004-01-18
I like going to this site for answers to my livebearer questions.I own 4 swordtails,if you include the baby fry,1 large female guppie,and 30 of her fry.People say livebearers are only for beginners,but I like having fish that are easy to breed and tell apart.I could not imagine having a tank without atleast 2 livebearers.I would like to see more pictures or swordtail colors on this site.I enjoy seeing some of the vast color types!Thanks!

Henry - 2003-09-06
Remember to cover the top of your tank -- they are prone to jump out~! Avoid giving them a complete change of freshwater.

Julie Ward - 2003-09-04
How long before you are able to distinguish the male from female swordfish fry? So far I have about 20 fry but all look like females, does it take awhile for male tail to grow?

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Iv - 2003-08-27
You can breed these fish and then raise the fry keep some for yourself and sell some to small pet shops for in store credit. Very cool fish, you can mix colors and make different patterns with the generations of your original mix.