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The most popular aquarium fish next to the Guppy is most certainly the Swordtail!
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Jackie - 2007-02-22
I bought 4 swordtails: 3 young females and 1 adult male. Now I recently noticed that the fish that I thought was a female is growing a swordtail! I guess it must be puberty when it hits. I can't believe it.

Tahna - 2007-01-10
All I can say is...WOW! I have never had a fish have babies and I bought 3 swordtails. two died but the living female was pregnant{when we bought her, i think} but she had her babies and ate a few :-( but we saved 4 and today {a month later} she had 13 more!mind you she has been alone. Finally I think the black, telling, spot is gone. I hope she is I'm just scared to put the "new" babies in with the "teenagers" lol.

Mr. Sean - 2006-11-19
I am 13 years old and i love breeding swordtails. I currenly have 87 fry. The mothers will not eat their babies until about 1-2 hours after ALL LABOR. Keep an eye on the mother if you have a pregnant one. The longest one has been through labor is about 3 1/2 hours, the shortest is about 1 hour. Good luck with all of your swordtail breeding

Brittney - 2006-05-06
I'm a college student, and I thought I would pick up some fish for my 10-gallon tank. I bought five swordtails. Little did I know one of them was pregnant. I could only save four of the babies as she had given birth before I became aware of hatcheries and the like. Anyway, I had to take that particular female back to the pet store because she was aggressive. Two of my other three females are receptive, so now I've got six little fries and two extremely pregnant females. I really enjoy taking care of the little babies I have, but sadly I don't have room for all the potential fries. I hope someday I can have a big enough environment so that all of the babies produced can thrive.

Regina LaFary - 2006-03-24
We Just recently Purchased our swordfish for our kids. the lady at the pet store said that they would be good for the kids. we bought 3, 2 females and 1 male and we brought them home and I noticed one of the females belly looked really big so I called the pet store and she told me that if she is pregnant then I need to come and get a breeders net and put in my tank in case she has them so the other fish in the tank won't eat them. I thought I had some time so I went and got the breeders net came home scooped her up in it and within 2 minutes she was having babies. I couldn't believe within 20 minutes she had 30, then in an hour she had 10 more. I was shocked. I continued to watch her because I was told she would eat them also, so I kept my eye on her. it was so exciting after 3 hours of Labor and delivery she had 59 Babies. so sad that 12 of them didn't make it but we still have 47. It was such a wonderful thing for my Children, to see but then I had to go out and get a bigger tank and now we are watching them grow. it has only been 3 days but we can tell they have already grown I know we can't keep all of them so for my son 1st grade class we are going to give each child one when they are ready to be seperated. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXSPERIENCE FOR US!

Lauren - 2006-02-15
I had bought a few swordtails. One of them had babies. They were born the day before Valentines. I like watching the babies swim around. I want to watch them go up. That would be neat to raise your own baby fish.

Samantha10 - 2005-10-05
This is the first time I have ever had a fish that had babies before and I hope it is not my last. The mother died while giving the young I think but I didnt notice them until two days later! I have three teeny fish and hope they will grow up and have babies of their own!

mike carter - 2005-07-17
We have had good luck with these fish. We have so many babys we had to get another tank. We have a 20 gallon and just purchased a 40 gallon. We put three in the new tank and have already started getting new ones. They seem to breed like guppys. We have had over 100 babys that have grown up. With these 2 types of tanks you cant go wrong

Amber - 2005-06-08
our swordtail had a baby and we only found one. It is about one and a half months old. When they are first born and for about 2-4 weeks theys hide and stay low to the bottom of the tank. It was the first fish we ever had that had a baby. They grow really fast. It takes a while to know if it is a female or a male.

gavin dodson - 2005-05-01
i have just got a pair of swordtails, i am hoping that they will breed. i have done this once before but only one baby survived the other fish in my tank.