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The Molly is colorful, active, peaceful and hardy--truly an aquarist's delight!
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daly molly - 2006-04-19
Hello. I just got two dalmation mollys to put in with my 2 tiger barbs. I am hoping to have some fry someday soon. They are so active and cool.

pran - 2006-03-27
oh!! these fish are great. i bought 2 on sunday 2006march26th. I've only had them for few days but they are so cool! Since they breed like rabbits i'd prefer the female to be alone when its pregnant. I have them with playties and guppies [no swordtails] and all those fish mix right in! Anyway, these are great fish!

Alisha Roy - 2006-01-16
I actually bought 6 assorted colored balloon mollies. I have never owned such interesting fish. They enjoy the entire tank. Two days before Christmas, I awoke to 23 fry. All are still healthy and active, but when they get a little bigger, I am going to have to get another fish tank, lack of space and all.

terri - 2005-12-13
Right now I have 4 mollies. 1 of them a sailfin and the other three lyretails. They are easy to take care of yet I found that a few of them have a tiny white dots on their tails and fins and was wondering what it was. They are mixed w/ a pair of guppies. (Editor: spots are possibly ick which mollies can be prone too. This is easily medicated with an ick medicine such as Aquarisol and raising the temperature to about 83 Degrees F during the treatment.)

george and henry - 2005-10-21
we started off with 2 dalmatian mollies and now have 22 ! 5 months later ! if they carry on breeding this fast, we'll need another tank.

Paul kilian - 2005-10-09
I had golden albino and dalmation mollies in my tank. they were very social but new tank syndrome killed off half of them. both of my dalmation mollies lived and so did one of my albino mollies. my dalmation mollies had fry. 2 months later when cleaning my tank I forgot to add dechlrorenator, all my fry and my male dalmation mollie and my last albino mollie died. for 3 weeks I watch my female mollie with no mate, so I got another male and they mated immediently. Im expecting fry any time now.

Maja - 2005-05-12
I have had a community tank for about 1 year now. I have fancy guppies, mollys, platys, tetras, and several bottom feeders. I didn't realize until he was an adult that my 24K molly was a male and has been trying to mate with my guppy female. I was told that this is quite normal and that you can have mix breed fry. I wonder what the fry would look like.

MACKENZIE - 2005-03-03
i got my first two Mollies a week ago. They are WONDERFUL fish. I Highly reccomend Mollies for a community tank. they are very fun to watch. mine love to nip on the plants. I LOVE MOLLIES SO MUCH!


EON SHAH - 2005-01-11
I have been breeding dalmation mollies for sometime and find them very enjoyable to look at. they also live with different kinds of helleris.

destiny - 2004-12-10
I have Mollies of all colors, sailfins to plains. i have good luck with raising and breeding. i have been able to help stock our local pet store. i have kept babies in with the regular breeders and i find they do just
as well hiding on their own. i really
enjoy my fish. i also have africian cichlids that are approx. 4-5 inches long. 2 are convicts, one is an electric yellow and there are 3 others.