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The Molly is colorful, active, peaceful and hardy--truly an aquarist's delight!
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Susan langless - 2003-11-10
I am not sure what type of Mollies we have. We have a white one and a black one. We have determined that the white one is the female. She has had babies 3 times since this past July. The first two times there were 12 to 15. This last time we counted 24. It appears that she is now pregnant again. She had her last babies on 10/24/03.

S Langless

Beverly - 2003-10-24
I have 3 silver mollies and 4 black mollies... all the females seem to be pregnant -I am buying a net for them and we ll see what happens. I have acclimated them to be saltwater fish. I have not lost a one... they are all doing great... and they all seem to know when I m there they all swim to the front when I m there and to the top when I open the tank to drop food in... they are such piggies... I have 2 male (black) and the rest are all females so I could have my hands full and may need someone to take some of the fry when they are big enough...Petco or Walmart???

Becky - 2003-10-06
I have one lil mollie right now, he is such a clown! he likes to tease my two platys and my betta is afraind of him! I really do love these lil fishes! I am getting another one tomorrow.

Henry Chua - 2003-09-24
Black Mollies were my very first pets. I adored them so much then. They are still in my top favorite list. Black Mollies look very cool, with their jet black colors. Their fries are even cuter! Basically i fed them with tubifex worms & bloodworms daily. Their parents are really protective over their offsprings and I have never seen any of their parents eaten any yet, but do provide driftwoods or hiding places for the fries.

michelle - 2003-08-17
i have 1 short tailed dalmation molly and 1 marbled long tail and i love these fish especially my marbled one it is so friendly as soon as you go near the tank it swims up to you and looks so cute, it is probably begging for food but it is just so cute