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The Molly is colorful, active, peaceful and hardy--truly an aquarist's delight!
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Jackie - 2004-11-21
I have four balloon mollies 2 males and 2 females. I would recommend these cute fish to anyone!! They are so cute and full of energy the have totally different personalities and they are so much fun to watch!!

Anonymous - 2004-10-04
I dont recommended this for the beginning fish owners. They are hard to keep alive and it is not pleasent to see them die in four days after you buy them. One of three we own is dead, one is dying, and one is lethargic. Be aware of these fish.

Kimberley - 2004-09-20
My husband and I have two Dalmation Lyre-Tail Mollies. One is black with white spots and the other is white with black spots. They are both males. We will be purchasing several females very soon. We have named our Mollies Abbott and Costello because they are so funny to watch. Mollies are very friendly and get along well with other fish, and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Anonymous - 2004-08-02
Black mollies really are fun fish. After keeping them for a while, I learned that you could convert them to a saltwater fish. They seemed to make a great addition to my saltwater tank!

Trevor - 2004-06-25
I love the fat little guys in the morning when I stick my finger in the tank. My baby Balloon Mollies that survive are the funniest they never leave eachothers sides.

r. hyde - 2004-05-30
Mollies are great starter fish, easily mixed with tetras or danios.

Fish keeper - 2004-04-18
Mollies are great pets, easy to keep, and are prolific breeders. I have had mollies for just a week and now have 53 more. If you want to breed fish, try mollies, they seem to breed the best out of all the livebearers.

Reply - 2004-02-29
mollies are great fishes try them.

strasser sankar - 2004-02-23
I think that mollies, platys and swordtails have very low defenses against mainly fungus and fungul parasetic diseases and proper precautions should be taken to prevent these diseases. This site gives valuable info. to novices in the fish hobby Strasser Sankar

Udy - 2004-01-29
Now im not here to get all all sentimental and mushy inside about the mollies but...i will tell you what i have...Well fellas....and gals.....I have a helluva combination in my 49 gallon tank I bought at Wal-Mart. So far I have bought 18-female-sailfin mollies for a whopping $40.00 A good price to pay on these is about $2.00 per fish. If you are paying more than that.....chances are you are getting ripped off so look around a bit........well anyways like i was saying...the tank looks really elegant with all these white sailfin mollies mixed in with BLACK angel fish....the contrast between black and white fish is really nice......

If u dont believe me....try it... =)