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Fancy Guppies are the best known and most popular aquarium fish--and no two look the same!
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anon - 2007-07-04
I have owned many guppies for a couple of years. I'm not sure exactly how many because they sort of populated themselves without any help. Maybe around 50 at the most.

Not all guppies eat their fry. It's hard to tell in a community tank because other guppies or other fish may have been the killers, but if you separate the soon-to-be mothers, you'll find that some of them aren't baby killers. There also seems to be a higher fry count in a tank that's less populated. Either they choose not to eat their fry or there are simply less mouths present.

charles pickin - 2007-04-19
Hi There, Im quite new to fish keeping and have 18 guppys and 50 other fish in a 7ft tank which is fantastic to watch for several hours. Loads of plants and hiding places. Ive seen 5 baby guppys yesterday but today ive seen at least 30, so ive been out and bought a small tank for them and put them in. After 4 hours of catching them i counted 45, and now i think my platys are pregnant too...

Jessica Young - 2007-03-26
hi today my pregnant female guppy (elizabeth) died due to complications during birth, not one fry lived. it was very sad. we squeezed out all the fry and checked. about 40 fry died. we put her in a breeding trap but that stressed her so much they all died.

Jacob Gomez - 2007-03-17
I have 6 guppies and 2 of them are babies. The 2 babies name`s are
Bla bla and Naner. (I know, weird names.)The rest of my guppies are
adults, and their names are Blackberry, Orange, Painting, and Lightning.
My guppies are with my female betta Pleasant and a Zebra Danio named Stripey-stripe. At nightime I see them on the bottom of their
10 gallon sleeping, it`s so cute! My guppies are fine and I hope it stays that way, so I keep their tank clean and I keep them healthy.

chris - 2007-03-10
My female gave birth and that was the greatest day. I had to remove her so the little ones could live. That was the first time one of my females gave birth. I was so happy. THE GREATEST...

Jessica Young - 2007-01-20
These fish are adoreable. For a while i just had one female but today i bought 2 males and another female. She was intriged by one of the males as soon as i floated the bag in the tank!

Reed - 2007-01-20
I have a colony of Guppies in my fish tank right now. all the females are pregnant but I was going to get another bigger tank and might put in oscars and other aggresive fish into the smaller one. but if you breed fish I would recommend getting a smaller tank maybe 1-5 gallons depending on size of baby. but should get one and whenever the babies are born the put them in the small tank until they are big enough to go back. separate baby's and adult's immediatly or they will get eaten, so Seperate immediatly! (with live bearers)

fam600 - 2007-01-15
These fishes are so cute, especially when you watch them pick at the java fern plant and decor. When i first bought them for my 5.5 gallon tank they were scared as heck. They would swim away at he sight of my hand anywhere near the aquarium, but now two weeks later i can put my finger in the tank and they don't swim away-i can push them around:)

Had 7, one died which was sickly when i bought them, he would not swim around. Now I'm left with 1 female and 5 males that don't seem to want to get her pregnant.

Love feeding them. i give them betta pellets, tropical fish pellets, and tetra flakes-they love them all. They spend most of their time near the surface and when i feed them i usually crush the pellets with a plier or make the flakes smaller so they can get it into their small mouths. After feeding them they'll start to swim near the bottom as if looking for any uneaten food.

Heather - 2007-01-06
I am a first time fish tank "haver" I got guppys and I love them! I am going to breed them, it will be so much fun!

Brian - 2006-11-27
I love my guppies! They're adorable little guys. And they breed like crazy. I have 3 females and 3 males, and I constantly have new fry in the eank. So far I have not seen any of them being eaten or chased by the others.
They're also well trained. Everytime I come into the room, they all come up and watch me. Very adorable fish!