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Fancy Guppies are the best known and most popular aquarium fish--and no two look the same!
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mark - 2005-07-05
I caught some gabusia "mosquito fish" hoping to breed them as food for my freshwater tortoise. I wondered if they might crossbreed with guppys as they are very similar in appearance. I thought crossbreeds may be hardier, more tolerant of cold water, and also hopefully more colorful. It worked. i had a male gambusia and a female guppy seperated and she was carrying fry. but unfortunately she had them while i wasnt around and ate the lot..oh well back to the drawing board.

isma35 - 2005-06-28
Since I was small I have had guppies. Now I've 4 males and 7 females in my 10 gallon tank. I recommend if your going to breed them you get many plants for your tank, they could be real plants(make sure they're not poisonous, becuse both the adults and the fry might eat them). The plants are for the fry to hide from the adults. If you decide to have plastic plants it is ok because they won't make the water so dirty.

ty - 2005-06-05
I have 1 male gup and a female. The females pregnant! i cant wait til the babies come. I feed them tetramin flake food. These fish are the best beginner fish. I would recommend these fish for anybody.

Alayna - 2005-06-01
I have 2 male guppies and 1 female guppy, boy do those males keep her busy! I suggest that if you are planning on getting guppies, think of getting either two males or two females, or watch out the babies will come!

Maja - 2005-05-12
I have had guppies for 2 years now. One of the females was pregnant when I bought her and didn't know it till there were fry in my tank. Unfortunately they were eaten by my black tetras. I have 4 females and 3 male guppies and all they do is mate. The females get no rest! They are very wonderful to watch and laugh at.

slf - 2005-04-08
the guppy is a wonderful fish.
i love them!

jim - 2005-01-30
Hey i think guppies are great fish i have king cobra guppies and lyre tails. I breed them and the only thing i can tell people who are thinking about getting into the guppie business is KEEP THE DIFFERENT STRAINS OF GUPPIES SEPARTAE! because the pet store that you are selling them to will want to know what kind they are.

Joce - 2004-10-28
these are the real guppies i have. the ones in the books are like so weird...=)

jess - 2004-09-06
hey i once had a guppy and it lived a long time. here is a tip though, always clean the bowl yourself and dont leave soap in it. fish dont really like that!

Jake - 2004-09-04
Guppies are beautiful fish which add alot more than just a fish to your tropical aquarium. I first bred them 3 weeks ago, I bought a pregnant female and a breeding trap and within 5 hours in my tank the female started to give birth to 86 young. Only 9 of the fry were eaten, after 8 weeks I walked to the shop that I bought the female from and sold all the best looking ones for $1.00AUS each. the others were put back in my tank.

WARNING be carful not to put males and females together as they will breed extremly fast (not that thats bad, just be carful)