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The beautiful color of the Gold Gourami makes this a very desirable addition to an aquarium, but it does get big and can become belligerent to small tank mates!
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Anonymous - 2020-05-03
Saved one of these from my Science teacher of all people. It had been in a miskept tank, and looked rather dull when I received it. Survived a walk home from school, and placed into my 20 gallon planted with Tiger Barbs. It recovered very well and saw its gray turn into gold within a few days, the barbs left him alone as he was 4 inches and they were 2. Lived out his last months in a nice planted tank, so I'm glad he found his way to my tank. Very forgiving and hardy fish indeed.

Dave - 2020-02-17
My gold gourami started nipping the fins of my Goider River Rainbowfish this morning. The rainbow fish lost balance and started swimming erraticly. It looks like he/she will be okay. He/she is recovering nicely since I took the Gold Gourami out.

Anonymous - 2004-06-09
i have a 3ft by 1.5 x 1ft tank and my yellow gourami chases my bluey one around the tank, the blue one hides behind the fluvo filter must just be an agressive spieces or something

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  • Brent Stainer - 2019-03-04
    Check they're sexes. males have longer dorsel fins making it all the way to the tail. Females dorsel fins are shorter and more rounded. Opposite sexes are known to chase one another.
Anonymous - 2019-01-14
My male is smaller than my female and she's beatin on him, chasing him and cornering him. I have had to put a tank separator in. Is this normal?

Stephen - 2015-04-24
9 juvenile gold graumis approx 4 months old best offer

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  • DHAUS - 2017-02-20
DHAUS - 2017-02-20
I have been taking care of a giant golden gourami for seven years and i treat it as my own child.I like it most because it is very good to me but bites other people , that's what i most like about gourami is a female fish.i dont have a male gourami but still its happy with its little cute friend marble cat fish and other big carps and little food shrimps.she lives i a huge pond in my pets room. its so beautiful to have a big fish which obeys me.i was a little bit upset about it last year because she ate my little love Bird which was drinking water and taking a bath near the shallow area of the pond.but its okay because if she is hungry . if she is happy i am also happy......

Reb - 2016-01-22
We have two males, one of which harassed the other almost to the brink (lost his colour, tail bitten, became nervous and depressed). It appeared to be a case of remove the aggressor or risk loosing the more passive, which we did, but the only spare tank we had was our cold water goldfish one and its two inhabitants. In all honestly we didn't expect the Gourami to survive, but now, nearly six months down the line, both fish are thriving. The passive fish has recovered and looks fantastic, beautiful even, while the little bully didn't try any shiz with his new room mates, and though he hasn't grown all that much, he seems happy and gets along well with the goldies. Has anyone else had success in a cold water tank, or is this a rarity?

Angela - 2004-09-09
I am the proud mother of two adult Three Spot Gourami and one (recently added) juvenile Gold Gourami. When my Three Spotters were younger, one was always bigger than the other, and they would chase each other, the smaller, paler one often being cowed. Now, however, they have grown to about the same size (4.5 inches) and are great friends. No territorial issues or anything besides hte occasional playful chase, but they never hurt each other anymore. When I added my Gold, I was worried because I have read so much about gourami being violent towards smaller fish, but I have had a no serious problems. I actually saw my gold chasing one of my adults! It was adorable. They all swim whereever they wish in my tank, and get along well. No problems with the homicidal tendancies that so many complain about, either. Wonderful fish! And so hardy, they can handle most temperatures and water conditions, and eat just about anyting they can fit in their mouths.

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  • Amanda - 2013-09-21
    Tiger Barbs are a schooling fish and for their size are trouble fin nippers. I will never own them again. I have five Clown Loaches and they are a hoot, and also are schooling fish, but they will get large. For a 65 gl tanks I would only get  2 or 3. Had sunfish and didn't expect it to be agressive, lol.
Anonymous - 2012-11-03
Hi, I recently got back into fish-keeping after a few years out, and have a 75gallon setup. It is now established and working well. About a month ago, I added a pair of small (2 to 3 inch) golden gouramis. The male was always a little bit of a bully, but never really hurt anything. One morning, I came down and the female was dead. No real signs of damage, so I put it down to a little back luck. Earlier today, I replaced the female with a new one. She is bigger, and had good spirit when in the shop. After introducing her, she is being mercilessly chased and bitten on the body just in front of her tail. Does anyone know if this is an example of typical behavior? Or am I looking at something else? Many thanks Keith

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-03
    That is not typical of these fish.  How are water levels?
  • Anonymous - 2012-11-04
    Thanks for your rely, and the confirmation of what I had suspected. Not normal behavior. The water is generally very good, using ammonia and 8 component test strips. Ammonia did go a little high recently, but have vacuumed the bottom, treated with ammonia neutralizing agent and done partial water change. Letting settle a bit. None of the fish seem distressed in any way, and the bullying is tearing the females fins. I was thinking of isolating the male for a little, to see if that would help.
  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-04
    You may just have a really foul tempered male.  You can try to add a couple more females to the mix.  Might spread out it's aggression and not be to bad.
Taylor Greene - 2011-03-24
I have a nice large gold gourami about 6 inches, I give him betta pellets because he doesn't eat a lot of flake food, he ate my 3 black skirt tetras and my rosy tetra, he is in a 30 gallon heated aquarium with light & internal filter, as well as a corydora from when I used to breed cory's, I bought a female Opaline gourami about 3.5 inches 2 days ago, she hides a lot, the gold gourami has begun to build a bubble nest, I know some people who cross breed them in a 55 gallon, I'm wondering if it will work out for me in my 30 gallon.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-06-29
    Yes it will most likely work,