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Balloon Pink Kissing Gourami are very cute hardy fish, and an easy aquarium inhabitant to keep!
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Julia R Walton - 2018-04-22
I'm looking to but a balloon kissing gourami. Any idea where I can get one?

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  • Devo - 2018-04-26
    yes i have a male and female balloon kissing gourami available for sale,if interested contact me on whatsapp +14146220899
fred - 2010-04-21
Its just awful that people breed fish to have deformities such as the balloon variations of species. balloons rarely live half as long as normal fish.

DL - 2006-01-19
I just got my balloons today. They are by far my favorite fish and I have been wanting them for a long long time. They are quite shy right now obviously and hiding in a corner.

These fish can live very very long. Regular kissers can live over 20 years. I have heard of someone with a pair that are 15/16" and 20/21 years old. The ballons are supposed to be smaller, maxing at around 8" or so. A large tank of at least 40g is needed. They are very intelligent fish and I'm looking forward getting to know mine better.

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  • Cindy - 2014-12-27
    Where did you buy your balloon kissing fish? I've been wanting them FOREVER!!!! I can't seem to find them! Thank you, Cindy
  • Julia R Walton - 2018-04-22
    I can't find them either!
Jossy - 2011-02-18
I can easily determine the sexual difference at first sight...(only from adult balloon kissing gouramis)...also I have bred about 1500-2000 fishes at a time.

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  • Gregg Spurlock - 2011-04-13
    Hi Jossy
    I have 3 Pink Balloon Gouramis, size of sliver dollar do not there sexual
    difference of them. Can you help me to tell the male from female on the
    Pink Balloon Gourami. Thank You.
  • Gregg - 2011-11-21
    Hi I have Qty of (6) Pink Balloon Kissing Gouramis. How can you determine
    the sexual difference? I have had these about 6 months now.
Tori - 2008-02-02
I just bought a pink balloon gourami today. It was fine up until we put it in the tank. It keeps floating on its side.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-18
    Check all tank conditions and water ASAP - also look up bloating on Animal World Fish Diseases and Symptoms in case it sounds like that. Check out other symptoms on that article - OK
Jackie - 2010-04-09
My Gourami is about 5 years old - only fish in the tank. He survived the the beating of the other fish when he was young. Then killed them all. He is very happy and knows who feeds him. Clicks the thermometer against the glass if does not get fed timely. Interesting to read about how long they live, and how big they can get. Mine is to size to tank size but I think he would love to be in a pond.

renee - 2009-09-12
I have a kissing Gourami that stays at the bottom of the tank, while on its side once in a while we will notice him move to another spot but most of the time stays still. and we never see him upright. we put him in the tank Friday morning (09-11-09)
at 4:30am (CDT). Does anybody know whats wrong?

melissa girling - 2005-12-30
i have had a few problems with one of my balloon kissers, it is as if its being very protective of the other but it keeps attacking my other fish (siamise fighter male and my dwarf female gourami), it has gotten so bad that it has actually sucked a chunk out of the side of one of my other fish! i dont know what to do with it other than return it to the shop where i got it from as i cannot risk it attacking any of my other fish.
melissa u.k

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  • Robert - 2010-03-04
    It's not a great idea to put a siamese fighter in with gouramis because they tend to nip at their long fins. The second problem is kissing gouramis tend to be semi-aggressive and dwarf gouramis aren`t, so the dwarf could get hurt.
lena - 2005-07-21
As a testament to how hardy the kissing gourani's are we moved ours cross country from Virginia to California in a 2 gallon tank that we set up every other night with a air stone and he's doing really well!

Grandma Linda - 2005-03-25
We have a Kissing Gourami that we have had for 16 years, he likes to be alone from other fish and recognizes us on sight. He gets mad and splashes if we do not feed him immediately. He about 5-6 inches long and we purchased him for our daughter when she was 15, she is now 31. He has been very enjoyable.