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The graceful Veiltail Goldfish is one of the most beautiful goldfish, with wispy long flowing fins that make it look like an angel!
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Mark Grace - 2010-12-08
We have a veiltail gold fish, I'm sure we got it by accident as it cost the same as our blackmoore. It was from a tank of mixed varieties of goldfish. Both fish seem to get on well with each other, although the blackmoore can be a little aggressive at times.... Is it common for blackmoores to "sleep" in one corner of the tank for up to 24 hours... it was a little worrying at first but after 2 and a half years it happens about every 3 months or so. Just wondered if anyone else has any similar experience... Thanks

alicia - 2009-03-08
I think I saw one mixed in with an assortment of fancy tailed goldfish so it was really cheap. It would have been stunning if it hadn't had some crumpled fin, as though it had once had some fin damage or disease. It was a pet shop on Broadway in Salem, NH. It reminded me of goldeen from my friends' nephew's poke'mon game.


alicia - 2009-03-06
I think I saw one of these at the pet shop the other day(SeaWorld Pet Center in Salem, NH on Broadway across from D'Angelos) it didn't have the greatest fins, they were somewhat crumpled which was why I passed it up. Although if it had possessed straight fins my god would it have been gorgeous! It reminded me of the goldfish in pokemon that a friend's nephew showed me. It was in a tank for pretty darn cheap too with assorted other fancy tails.