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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color that is quite rare in goldfish!
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LJ - 2005-07-07
I have an adorable Shubunkin named Hank (after Hank Williams Jr). Maybe this sounds crazy, but I think he has just as much personality (perhaps more!) than any dog or cat. He's so much fun to watch!

Lacey Carr - 2005-07-04
I think my little shubunkin i just got is so adorable, i named him Henry and he's orange with a little white patch underneath. He gets on so well with my other comet Austin. He does tend to go a bit nuts and swim around madly moving all the stones, it's so funny to watch. I will be sure to invest in getting more so the boys have girlies :P

Kym and Brendan - 2005-07-03
We have two shubunkins called Sub Zero and Momus.
They are very lively ( sometimes a little bit TOO lively)
Sub zero has already made an escape attempt but was rescued from the carpet.
As long as they stay in the tank..and don't try to run/swim away we are very happy with them

Trish - 2005-06-06
I have a Shubunkin name Donald Trout and he is so sweet. He will follow me around the pond and watch me for hours. He has so much personallity, it is like having a slimy puppy in the pond.

Micky - 2005-05-26
I'm new to the world of Shubunkin's, but am already a fan. Wish I'd had these as a kid. We have five: Marilyn the prettiest who's mostly white with red and grey, Charlie who's more orange than any other colour, Fred who always looks grumpy, Doris who's named so for no other reason than lack of imagination, and Betty. Bossy Betty Blue runs the roost & I think she's a Bristol, as her tail's rounder than the others. I agree with previous comments, they're very acrobatic swimmers and great fun to watch. I love 'em.

Vicki - 2005-05-13
I own a Shubunkin named Archer (for Capt Archer, Enterprise...Love Scott Bakula!!!!), and he's an awesome fish, in addition to my 13 other lionheads, ryukins,red cap, and assorted feeders I saved. He's got a red mask over his face, and he's got lots of blue and red. Sharp looking fish. Easy keeper. Totally comical. Thinking of getting a few more. Two thumbs up!

Renee E - 2005-05-08
Oh my gosh! I have two more shubunkins in my 1 gallon tank! Their names are Dandelion and Ruben Studdard! They are so cute together. Happy Fishin my fellow Shubunkin Lovers!

Kris - 2005-05-08
I personally dont like these goldfish b/c this type ate my other fish (silver mollies...and their fellow goldfish)!! Not the kind of goldfish I would recommend for ppl to get.

chris - 2005-04-05
I have a shubunkin who is a year and a half old, his name is Nemo (not very imaginative I know, but my friend named him).
He has so much personality and charm, and he is a very strong acrobatic swimmer. I am thinking of breeding him if I can find the right female!

joe - 2005-04-05
built a 9 x 4.5 x 2.5 pond last summer, bought 6 shubunkins, 5 survived, pulled or sunk the plants and put in a stock tank heater for winter (-20 f. usually coldest temp.) everybody is happy and hungry this spring. pond, fish and plants cost about the same as a tv, but much more enjoyable.