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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color that is quite rare in goldfish!
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Maize - 2007-12-07
I have three Shubunkin goldfish in my office. The rest of the office staff loves them. These guys get a lot of attention. They do seem to recognize people. My co-worker in the office next to mine is in my office frequently and they get so excited when they see her in here, we have started calling them "The Wiggles." They follow her from side to side when she walks in front of the tank. Will probably have to separate them soon as one guy is 5" long now, one is 4" long, and the third is about 3".

Anonymous - 2007-10-12
I have 2 shubunkin gold fish in a 55 gallon and 4 fantails. They all get along great. I added a ryukin and the shubunkins tore all its fins off. I did have 2 bala sharks in there and one died during a water change. The other was eaten by the shubunkins because i cant find him anywhere in the tank or filter. hmmm... I thought they were a great community fish, not my guys.

Ariel - 2007-07-27
I have a pond full of Shubunkin--the Bristol type with long glorious tales.

I had about 30 going into the winter, but a predator got five of them. Live and learn. I will never keep a pond light on through the night again, because I think it helped that predator--possibly a 'possum help herself.

We put in our pond two years ago. Last year my fish had five babies, this year so far I've seen five more cute, cute little ones. For whatever reason, some are born grey, and other already have the Shubunkin colors, even when they are little.

I think the grey ones will change color eventually, but I am not sure. I've also been watching my babies' tails. Their tails are short when little, but already my yearlings are getting longer tails.

Shubunkin are great pond fish because they can survive the winter. They are definitely social, swimming in schools most of the time. They also get excited when they see me--which is fun. Okay, I know it's the food they're after, but even after they've finished eating they will swim near me, and seem to want to chat. Very social!

Bree - 2007-06-21
i have one shubunkin and one ryukin and they are very very happy together. they swim next to each other and chase each other around. they are very hardy and the shubunkin has been in my tank for three months with no illnesses or anything. so i bought the ryukin because i heard that they are great companions to each other. that piece of gossip proved true and i am so happy to have them. i am going to buy at least two more today.

Ruthann - 2007-06-15
I have a massive 14" Shubunkin that I call Fat Fishy. He has such a personality! I never knew a fish could actually have a personality! He's awesome! I've had him for about 3 years now and feed him live food. He will eat a nightcrawler so fast you wont believe it. His eyesight is excellent. He recognises people. He can see in the dark. I've read they can see in ultraviolet light and infrared which are on both ends of our visible light. I had to make him a 'bedroom' on one end of his 55 gal tank for privacy because sudden movements in the room cause him to freak out. I love him dearly, he's my little fat friend, lol.

Anonymous - 2007-06-04
I have two calico goldfish. They are active and very cute! They live with my two comets and I am really glad that this site taught me how to properly care for them!

Levi Madison - 2007-04-15
I bought a Shubunkin and named it Lex Luther. They're pretty neat fish and I like the little fella a lot.

Lindsay - 2007-03-28
i have a calico goldfish named Turbo. He currently resides with another goldfish at my boyfriend's house. Turbo is really cute and pretty however, he isn't very fast. So his name doesn't really suit him but whatever.

Christine T - 2007-02-11
I got a new Shubunkin 2 days ago. I named him Shurby (short for his full name - shubunkin) Because I think it is a cute name. I am going back to the pet store to get 2 more shubunkins to live with him. I plan to name them Kirby and Furby.

jessica - 2006-12-28
my mother has a beautiful shubunkin calico gold fish. we all call her goldy. the fish has the most beautiful swim and shes just a friendly fish. i want one my self but i have to find the right place to get it. i have a koi in my tank now that i want to trade in for a shubunkin but dont know where to go. that dum fish ate my only two danios i had in there. thats why i want to get rid of him