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The Shubunkin Goldfish have a wild calico patterning set on a blue background... a color that is quite rare in goldfish!
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Kasun Randika - 2017-06-27
i have a 60 galon aquarium. it has a mixture of species (oranda, red cap, calico goldfish) with a pair of shubunkin (~4 inches). i recently added a pair of black oranda gold fish but my shubunkin bit them on their sides and pectoral fins so i had to remove the black oranda. why is that???

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  • keishell - 2018-03-07
    because they hungry
  • ashish - 2018-07-24
    I had 2 Oranda red caps for more than an year when I added 2 shubunkins to them and shubunkin started chasing and biting the Orandas. I donno if that was the reason but after bringing shubunkins my grown up Orandas died within a month.
zahid khan - 2017-12-19
i have 4 subukin koi 3 of it is died suddenly what should i do

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  • keishell - 2018-03-07
    get more.
Sir Kevin Parr Bt - 2017-04-06
Being an ex pat from UK now in Latvia building the last bits of our house. I have a big landscaped garden of 2 acres done by myself. I want a large liner pool under a rock water fall. Shubunkin fish but on line where to buy them.Nothing like it here as winters are cruel no one keeps fish outside. My pond is big and deep enough for fish to survive anything. Now can any one assist in fish buying on line?? Thank you.

joelle wingell - 2012-01-18
my shebunkin fish keeps sieving from the top (like gasping for air) alot????
what is wrong, i don't know what to do, please help. thankyou.

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  • Anonymous - 2012-01-19
    It sounds like there is not enough oxygen. They will go to the top and gasp for air when there is not enough oxygen. Increase aeration, either surface movement with a powerhead or more bubbles with an air pump. A partial water change might help as well.
  • Ian - 2016-12-27
    Aerate the water,baby !
  • Rachel - 2017-03-06
    Get some algae. It may not be pretty, but it will get the job done.
Kath O\'Sullivan - 2016-12-06
How long do shubunkins live

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  • Maddie Aquatics - 2017-01-31
    If you provide the care and time for your Shubunkin Goldfish, there life span is 15-20 years.
Shelagh - 2017-01-01
Just bought 3 shubunkin have them in a 300 ltr pond under patio. We have a pump which circulates water through a filter then back into the pond via a spill. One of the fish keeps trying to jump up the spill? Sort of reminds me of the behaviour of wild trout! Anyone noticed this behaviour?

Jewelry - 2016-06-26
I want to get an feeding ring for my 2 shubuckins but I don't want them catching the swim bladder disease what is your view on feeding rings?

Toni - 2010-10-27
we have a tank 30" x 15" x 12" with a small silver fish in though not sure what type he is,maybe a fancy but he doesnt look like any of the listed breeds of fancy exactly,a large black moor,a small shubunkin and a large shubunkin (we didnt know about tank size or the amount of fish you could have in a tank when we got the 2 shubunkins or wouldnt have got the large one) mostly the large shubunkin and large black moor appear to be friends and swim together and touch when swimming and sleep by each other but at some feeding times and occasional other times sometimes the large shubunkin bullies the large black moor chasing him and nudging him and biting at him althought the black moor is almost the shubunkins size and he is pretty fast.i wonder if its ok to leave them together and see if the large shubunkin settles down and behaves as we cant get a larger tank as its in a small flat and cant get a 2nd smaller tank as the large shubunkin is the biggest fish of them all and ive totally fallen in love with him and cant stop watching him and he comes over to me when i go near the tank so i wont part with him either so just looking for any advice on what to do in my situation with these restrictions or anything that can be done to help? the tank has plants and ornaments to swim through and hide behind and has a filter etc

Hou - 2010-07-14
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  • brandon - 2015-02-25
    Do u sell female shubunkin goldfish
Sami - 2014-10-09
Hey I have a 2 1/2' 9month old London Shubunkin.. We bought him/her in July was sold to us as a 5month old.. We put in into an already established tank with a common goldfish and 9 little/mini red minnows and a few others not sure of there naming.. Basically the Shubunkin was chasing the common yellow goldfish around.. Looked as though he was pushing her/him about... (We changed the tank around before adding our new fish, so the habitat would be different for all of them ) basically after a couple weeks the little ones started dying off ... And we noticed the shubunkin has an abnormal growth under his belly where he poops from.. It's very weird looks like a prolapse?!?! So we bought him a new tank (the nemo ward we call it) and transferred him into the new tank once it was ready (two weeks after it was up and running with filter) the little fish kept dying off ( still not sure if it was because the fish were old and due to natural causes or because of disease..). I tried everything there was no sign of actual disease in the fish and the common goldfish is fine .. I now have two red minnows left in the tank with the common yellow goldfish and the bully shubunkin is in a tank by himself and his behaviour is becoming more alarming.. Rubbing against tank objects.( has now stopped this (haven't seen him do it in a while). Once he moved the filter a good few inches.. And was swimming into the bubbles coming out of the filter for hours when first moved into the tank.. He seemed to settle and now For the last week he has been very scared and jumpy ...What is wrong with him? I follow all the rules that I am aware off water changes .. Cleaning the filter.. General tonic etc .. Please help!! Also he ate a Hong Kong cleaner I put into the tank :( .. I can't keep on watching them die.. I have brought numerous books .. But none have helped ... Please any advice?!?! Ta

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-10-11
    It's really hard to say what's going on, with either of your tanks. Yes, old age could be the culprit for the minnows. I would look at the decor, and make sure I had lots of plants (plastic ones work fine) to help with comfort and security.