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The Oranda Goldfish is similar to the Veiltail Goldfish, but with a shorter tail, and it develops a hood similar to the Lionhead!
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Sharon Goodman - 2010-08-17
How can you tell if your fish is pregnant? I have two red Oranda Goldfish. One is white with a red cap. The other one is gold. Recently I noticed that the gold one sides appear swollen. Also, how long would the gestation period be.

Garry - 2010-07-25
What's the best way to get rid of white spot out of my fish pond I am living in Perth Australia we are in winter at the moment and the water temperature is down to 10 degrees or lower my fish are all suffering from it.

I have tried white spot remover and its seems as if it's not doing anything
does anyone know of a product that is good?

Jezra - 2006-03-14
I bought my Oranda about two wks. ago and love him dearly. I named him Shadao. He's not very big yet but I keep him at the end of my couch in a ten gallon tank. I am planning on buying Shadao a friend since he has told me he's lonely. The pet store has a beautiful black and red Oranda that I have been wanting to bring home. Thank you to everyone who has posted, not knowing much about these wonderful fish, I found your postings very informative.

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  • eddie - 2010-07-13
    So what's the question?
    Are you asking if it's a good idea? I would say no since it's only a ten gallon I would upgrade first to maybe a 30 what is your filtration right now?

jess - 2006-07-20
I currently have three oranda gold fish in my 46 Gal Euro. I prefer a cold water set up, double filter, natural rock decor, and a bubble wall. My female is all gold, my breeding male is a panda(black and white), and my other male oranda is calico. I find that they are pretty easy to keep as far as fish are concerned. They have only had ich three times(which I'm proud to say all lived) and nothing else thus far. I keep large gravel in the bottom of the tank since they will pick up the smaller bits and get it caught in their throats. Most people recommend feeding their fish once a day but I was taught in the asian method of up to 4 times daily. I feed them Hikari Oranda Gold since it increases color and lionhead growth and eliminates the need to feed live or freeze dried foods. Orandas will come to the top of the water and pop at you to get you to feed them, but you'll have to ignore it or you will soon have an overfeeding problem. I keep a sword plant in my tank that they will not touch which is good since Goldfish eat almost anything. I have noticed though that you need to keep a good deal of Stress Enzyme or Stress Coat in the water since they are easily stressed and prone to ich.

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  • chris - 2010-06-26
    Hi jess I've had orands and each time I got them they got ick like two to three weeks later how did you get rid of your ick? What did you use?
Rebekah - 2010-02-10
I wonder if anyone can help, I have a large Oranda and he/she doesn't seem to be able to swim any longer. He has sunk to the bottom of the tank and doesn't appear to be able to swim up to the surface to feed. Can anyone advise as to how I can help him. I don't want to lose him as I've had him for a long time.

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  • Katie - 2010-03-04
    Make sure you have a large enough tank with adequate filtration and aeration. You need a minimum of 2 gallons per inch of goldfish, and you could eventually need a 59 gallon tank!
  • norine edgar - 2010-03-05
    I'm sure your Oranda has a wen(head growth) if that wen is growing over your Oranda's eyes, that means he can't see, so he'll stay to the bottom instead of swimming and bumping into things, eventually the wen will need to be trimmed surgically. If you know a fish vet. call them and take him there, they'll examine him and if his wen needs to be trimmed they wiill probably trim it, don't worry about him eating because he probably gets the food that goes to the bottom. I have an Oranda that is swimming/floating upside down(swimbladder problem) I have to hold my fish down on the bottom of the tank for him to eat or I put it in my hand and he eats from my hand, so if your Oranda is not eating put his food in the palm of your hand and he can eat that way at least you'll know he's eating instead of starving to death. Good Luck.
  • x - 2010-03-18
    Your oranda is constipated, assuming water quality is good and there's no physical sign of disease and no fish nipping its tail or otherwise harassing the fish. Make certain there's plenty of oxygen in the water and feed your fish less quantity(but high quality) of food and no more than 2-3 times a day for the next 2 weeks. Also feed it boiled lettuce or any thin, leafy vegetable once a day. Since the fish isn't active you may have to break the boiled vegetable into bite-size pieces and hand feed. Start this regimen as soon as you can.
  • gigi - 2010-03-22
    Well 1 thing that I did before was get a piece of string, tie it around his body and attach a foam peanut to it. It helps them to float.
  • Jim - 2010-03-28
    Pretty sure one oranda requires one 10 gallon tank and at least a 30 gallon rated filter system. I have 2 orandas (6 months and counting). They are in a 29 gallon tank and very healthy, but I'm about to add 2 more fish with them. Right now I have 2 Penguin 150's running (each rated for a 30 gallon tank), and they're keeping up. Of course, I have to change both filters every few days. All filter inserts today are made to clog up fast so you have to use as many of them as your budget can tolerate. Is that a dirty capitalist trick? I loved my old Whisper 20 with the rinse-able, refillable, and re-usable Bio-bag. Wish someone made them for Penguins. Anyway, if I add 2 more orandas to a 29 gallon tank, I may have to add one more filter (external canister this time). Seems to me that filtration and water changes (frequency and volume) is a part of the fish per gallon formula. That's how the pet store keeps 500 goldfish alive in a 30 gallon feeder tank, you know.

    I don't know what to tell you about non-swimming, sinking fish. That always meant someone was one step away from a burial at sea for my old tropical fish tank. I LOL'd at the comment about the string and floatation device, though, to be sure! Hope you weren't serious.
  • sue - 2010-05-22
    It may have a parasite or a swim bladder disorder. Ich is common and can be spotted rather easily, ich appears as white dots. An internal parasite is hard to diagnose. But if he/she is sitting at the bottom and appears to have a problem balancing it's her/his swim bladder. This is a common issue with fancies caused bye overfeeding gulping air at the top for food etc. Try correcting it's diet and switching to a sinking pellet.
  • Jan - 2010-06-02
    My Oranda did the same, and it was because he had out grown his tank's filtration level and had ammonia poisoning. Does he have black marks appearing on his fins or body? Check the Nitrite levels with a good test kit quick, and do regular water changes to get levels down. You may need to upgrade to a larger tank?
Lleslie Johnson - 2008-06-30
I have 3 Red Cap Orandas, Pompadour and the Gold Dust twins, Mopsie and Bopsie. They share the tank with Cocoa a Chocolate Oranda and Diamond a pure white Oranda. Diamond is a baby; however, she is growing very quickly. The Gold Dust twins are the largest. They are about 5 inches and very round. Cocoa is the longest but he is slender. He is almost 6 inches long including his tail.
There is also a comet named Dreamsicle that was purchased as a feeder for my clown knifes. My fish are vegan. Dreamsicle is huge. She was my first goldfish. Goldie and Shubu are her companions. As I developed a liking for goldfish I began looking for specific characteristics. I want one more Oranda I once saw a light golden oranda.
I love watching them. They enjoy watching me too. The tank is next to a futon. When I sit down they come and watch me. They are so cool and social. I truly enjoy my goldfish tank.
I have a 60 gal; tropical tank. The knifes are cool, I have frogs, a Bichor and a few other fish. The Gold Dust twins were originally in the tropical tank. I took them out because they like prefer cooler water. The tropical tank is no where as enjoyable as my gold fish. And yes, everyone is right, these guys are piggies. They love to eat. Very cool, fast growing fish.

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  • Sioux Cook - 2010-05-31
    Unbelievable! You found an all-white Oranda. >>>jealous<<< I'm searching for one, but it is like hunting a unicorn. Where did you find your Diamond?
    I'd really like to know. Thanks! Sioux
karla - 2010-04-07
I am having a problem, my black moore and my algae eater are eating my orandas top of its head, I have no other tank to put her in, what can I do for it and is it gonna die because of this somebody please help, I love this fish.

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  • Editor's Note - 2010-04-10
    If they continue to bite at the fish it will cause damage and stress, and it could die. You could try adding more hiding places like aquarium plants, and see if that solves the problem. If not, removing either the fish being attacked or the attackers will probably be the only way you can save it.
  • Jan - 2010-05-29
    Hi, I'm new to this site, but went through this years ago. It shouldn't be a territory problem as you don't have that many fish for competition? Possibly put unsharp driftwood (presoaked or weighted so they won't take 100 years to sink to the bottom) Many varieties of plecos need wood to help in digestion.) Thus, your pleco may be looking for alternatives. You do need to give the fish a good diet of flake food everyday, ( just what they eat in a couple of mins) Oranda appear to beg, but you must ignor this or they will grow to fast and get health problems. I feed mine twice daily. Morning and night. Make sure your pleco is getting algae of some type. Algae wafers are wonderul. You can break the tablet up into tiny pieces as to not have waste pile up. Just what eat eats after the lights are out. Shrimp pellets the same thing. All plecos eat differently. I blanch zuchini ( dark green) skin on the stove in a bit of water, boil just to soften, so they will sink) Most plecos love this, so don't. You must hurry and try some other thngs, or you will lose your Oranda to baterial infection if they keep picking on her. Hope this helps. Jan
kristi - 2010-03-22
I have a 1000 gal pond in my back yard. With 4 Koi (huge) 5 feeder gold fish that have gotten (huge).They're about 7 years old , 3 years ago I got an oranda it has grown a lot , but his or her head has gotten so big I dont think he can see . I can't see his eyes anymore. He eats sometimes, but has a hard time finding the food. Does anyone have one like this?

goldfishlover - 2010-02-15
My oranda goldfish is very big. It is about 1 year old. It is always laying on the bottem of my tank, why is that?

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  • Katie - 2010-03-04
    Make sure you have a large enough tank with adequate filtration and aeration. Keep in mind that full grown, your fish could require a 59 gallon tank!
chery holmes - 2009-07-19
I have a Oranda (Red head) white body. I just discovered she has three small clear like bubbles that have come out on her head. Does anyone know what this is and how I should treat it? Thanks Cheryl