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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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Corey - 2010-03-06
I got my fantail goldy in a 55gal aquarium with a whole mess of assorted tropical fish. He may be the only non-tropical fish in there, but i get the most comments on him. He's the healthiest and most vividly colored gold-fish anyone has ever seen!!! His name is "Nick", I feed him as well as the others 12 different kinds of food. Brine shrimp, dry/ frozen blood worms, daphaina, tubifex worms, krill, flake food, algae tablets, live feeder guppies, live ghost shrimp and bread crumbs and local bugs/ earthworms i find. Mind you i'm portioning and varying the usage of each type throughout a 2 week span of course, but none of my fish could live better. He went from a less than 1/2in feeder when i bought him to feed my snake (which never ate him), to being a 7in champion (after i spared him) in approximately 2yrs time. "Viva La Nick!!!!".

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  • Judy - 2010-05-28
    He sounds like a real winner....his color? I'm looking for way red! Thanks, Judy
jamie lee - 2009-04-18
hello ! i have just had a look at my fantails and they seam to have very small speckled white dots on their fins.. does anyone have advise on what it could be and what i can do?

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  • katt - 2010-02-22
    It could be white spot disease, this can kill your fish. I would go to the pet shop and buy a treatment. I use somthing called disease safe and it treats the fish for a few different kinds of disease. But take a photograph of the spots to show the pet shop owner. ( I had a black moor that died of white spot) Kat
  • Fish Boy - 2010-03-18
    Your fish probably have ick. You should be able to find ick medication at any petstore.Do it quickly it kills fast!
  • Sitagg - 2010-04-04
    Read above - Sexual differences. You might simply have a male ready to go!
  • Christina - 2010-05-24
    Hey. The white dots means that your fish is a boy. Because male fish grow white pimple like things on them when it is mating season. Mating season is july-august most times.

    Your welcome:)
  • shontravius lewis - 2010-05-27
    It means they are forming turbecules or however you spell it so that they are ready to breed!
Anonymous - 2010-03-27
How do you tell males from females?

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  • j - 2010-04-18
    Look at the gill plates and on male fish it will look like it has ich only on the gill plates and on the pectoral fins.
Bobby - 2009-03-02
I bought my first fantail 3 years ago along with a fish bowl. Now I have the bowl plus a 5 gallon tank, a 10 gallon tank, a 30 gallon tank, and 6 Fantails. I highly recommend these wonderful pets to anyone. They are beautiful, easy to care for, and they all have their own personality. Oscar, Felix, Pennie, Junior, Barbie, and Ken...... bobby 03/02/2009

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  • Nico - 2010-03-03
    I'm new at fantails, any addvise would help.
wendu - 2010-01-12
What sized tanks are you people keeping these poor fish in? If you read the article they need alot of space - a minimum of 10 gallons EACH and that is the MINIMUM and you'll have to do large weekly water changes at 10 gallons each. These fish can get to half a foot long people - you can't house them in bowls or tiny tanks.

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  • Lana K. Nilges - 2010-02-17
    Yes you are right! if you want to watch your fantail grow, purchase a small one. Feed a good variety of food. Do not put any thing else in the tank but large pebble rocks. They like to move them around. Ornaments are cute but they make their tails and fins ragged and jagged. Change from a 10 gallon to a 20 extra long. Burchenell, my fancy is 2 years old, 6.5 inches a calico and his friend is an orange betta. A beautiful fish, I would like to show him.
  • Nico - 2010-03-03
    I have a 55 gall. tank, and luv the fan tails. How many do u recommend?
mark - 2009-11-17
Bought a plain white fantail goldfish which was

Emily - 2009-09-30
My brother's fantail (Sharkie) died last month. Sharkie was about 2 inches long! I don't think a fantail is supposed to grow that big. Another one, (Sam) died this mornig. She was suffering from a disease. It made her bleed on the inside. It was gross and she was completely pink. We don't know what it was so I was searching and stumbled upon this site. We miss our babies!

Hector Lo - 2009-04-02
Hi! I had 1 fish, but i cant tell whether its a Fantail or a Ryukin? What's the difference between them?

Anonymous - 2009-02-19
I had just bought 2 fantails and put them in the kitchen and when I came back home the male died from heat. So an advice, keep fish at a cool temperature.

nic - 2009-02-11
I had a tankful of very happy healthy fantail fish the most hansom being My Nemo, he was probably the most beautiful fish I ever seen and was alpha leader, all the other fish had his respect. But only this morning I found my Nemo floating dead in the tank, soon one by one they all died until all 6 were dead. I was devistated, but on closer inspection I notice Nemo had Slimey white gunky stuff over his scales. We had recently bought a new fish (one of the others) and we fear it was him who may have been diseased and brought an Amen to my other little fish. What is this disease?