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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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Jordan - 2004-07-28
My Fantail Goldfishes are very fun to watch and talk to when you need at a friend!

Anonymous - 2004-07-12
My boyfriend bought me a fantail when he asked me to senior prom. We had "joint custody" of it when I went to college an hour away. I took it back this summer and read that they are communal fish so I tried to buy him a small red hooded one for a friend. The new fish was undetectably sick and died a few days later. About 4 days later, my prom fish died. Just a word for the wise, shop around before you add goldfish to your existing ones- visit the place you buy them from a few times and check to make sure none of the fish in their tank are ill.

Jill - 2004-05-23
Beng a beginner with aqariums,I purchased a Ryukin,and a Fantail.
I had no idea how fast these fish would grow!!!
I had originally placed each sepeately in 2 gallon tanks.Within weeks both were growing too fast and are now together in a 10 gallon aquarium.
I love them both and wish to breed them eventually.
Thanks for all the helpful info this site offered.

Jennifer - 2004-03-04
I just started my fish Aquarium it consist of tropical and freshwater fish. It has become a hobby or should I say a habit. I just bought a beautiful yellow Fantail Goldish. I have never seen one Quite like it. I also have a Large Shubunkin and a small Shubunkin, A Pink Kissing Gourami, two African Dwarf frogs,I did have some Ghost Shrimp but I think My large Shubunkin ate them they are in a 55gallon aquarium. They have become my children. by the way I love this site it is the only one I come to, to find out all my aquarium needs me being a beginner at this. Thanks Sincerly