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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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Sharon - 2005-08-21
i have a 20 gal. tank w/ 2 beautiful fans one orange and white and a white one w/ solid black eyes. their tank mates are 2 black moores. they are so special to me. when i come in from a hard days work they perk right up. im not sure if it because of me or just that they know its time to eat. this weekend as all weekends i cleaned the tank i removed all the gravel and replaced it w/ glass marbles and stones. what really shocked me, this morning when i got up to feed them, they have pushed all the marbles to the back of the tank. click, click, click all night. i had to laugh, they sure are busy.

Leah Fragomeni - 2005-08-15
My name is Leah and i have four fantail goldfish. I got two to start off with and they are fine. I later got another two goldfish. One of those got dropped but i decided to keep it because it was so beautiful. That one is also fine. The other one i didn't really take much notice of but now it has bad eyes. I noticed when it was in the bag that it had BLUE EYES. I thought it was strange but ignored it. Now it has what looks like a thick foggy layer of mush and skin on its eyes. I hope i can fix this problem. My advise is when you pick your fishy friends out, check that they are healthy and fine.

christine - 2005-08-13
I have two fishies named Cheese and Marvin. My friends and I all got goldfish one day and it turned into one of our best decisions! We love our fish, and think they are so funny!

Sarah - 2005-07-03
I started out with two fish. One of them died.I got another fish. That one also died. So I got Another fish. And guess what? It died to. So I decided to get one more fish because my only tough fish was getting pretty depressed because all his friends kept dieing. Well, I was gone for a week right after I got this new fish. My family had been taking care of them while I was gone. When I came home, my new fish was dead, and had given my good old fish that I had had for a year, a disease. I had noticed when I got the fish that there was one fish kind of laying around the bottom but I didn't really think any thing of it. So my advice to you is to make sure, when you are looking to buy a fish, that every single fish in the tank at the pet store looks healthy and energetic.

Rebecca - 2005-06-25
my name is rebecca and i love my little fantails so much. i had a tank of 10 goldfish, fancy and comets. i had to seperate the fancy from the comets. i dont care what anyone says fancy tails need to be with fancy tails because compared to other goldies these are the gentle ones, slow unbothered little guys, i didnt know that comets would kill my fancy tails. so i thought, i love them dearly, and went out and bought them a special tank. the one survivor from the whole ordeal is now with 2 new fancy tails living happy AND not in FEAR :) good luck and kisses to everyones little fishys :D

Colleen Weir - 2005-06-12
I Have 2 Fantail goldfish,and you have to be careful not too feed them too much.

Jason Lindsay - 2005-06-04
Am very new to keeping fish, my wife is the expert. Set up a tank with everything, pump oxyginating weed etc. Started with 4 Fantails but now down to 2, they had a fin rot problem. The two Im left with are fine though. The pet shop said don't put them with other goldfish as they would bite their tails. but they are now in a much larger tank than at first, with 4 run of the mill goldfish, the smallest at least twice the size of the others, and its not a problem. In fact the others love chasing their tails for fun and playing follow the leader.

casey - 2005-05-15
Fantails are great to have as pets. so when you down turn that frown upsidedown and buy a Fantail
Best of luck with your Goldfish!

Beth - 2005-04-23
My name is Beth, my boyfriend and i have 7 goldfish. I just love them so much i think they are so beautiful and bring joy to all of us.

PAUL WILLIAMS - 2005-02-23
my name is paul wiiliams and my fantail is posiedon. yes i know its rather odd to name a fish however, posiedon is very special to me as he has helped me become very relaxed when needed most. see, i have heart problems and posiedon knows this,for, somehow, he swims very near to the glass whenever i have had a heart attack and only when i have one. otherwise he mainly stays near to the back. it is possible for a fish and his or her owner to communicate through some weird sense.