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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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-gillian - 2005-12-31
I added a fantail to my Kindergarten classroom and the children just love it!! Of course they had to name it Nemo :)

V P - 2005-12-31
i have a rat, 2 betta, and a frog. And, people say goldfish are the easiest pets to care for, but whenever i get one it always dies... And i dont know what im doing wrong.

tashfiq - 2005-12-21
Hey I just got them for 99cents. They were on sale and they rock. I did not know much about them but this site gave me information.

Xan - 2005-11-06
I bought a fantail goldfish and he was great but a feeder fish that I had gotten as a gift was sick and ended up dieing taking my precious "Eagle" with her. I was so mad. I went to the local Petco where the diseased fish was bought and I discovered that half the fish were dead and floating in the tanks. Nobody knew anything, I took it upon myself to become my own fish expert and now I don't listen to anything those Petco people say. Ask your local pet store what days their new fish come in and try to make your buy then. But what can I say, fantails rock!

Lori - 2005-11-04
Fan tails are the cocker spaniels of the fish world. Cute, fluffy, and really dumb. They will eat ANYTHING. Mine "mooch" by coming to the edge of the tank and wiggling around until they're fed. They can get pretty aggressive during the AM feeding. I've put them alone in their own tank without other fish, primarily because they've grown so large. Watch the ammonia levels, they can get out of control in a short time.

Jackie .R. - 2005-10-28
I have three fantails, one is really big and two smaller ones. i also have i normal goldfish, a bottom feeder, and two snails. today i had to use tweesers to pull the bottom feeder from my biggest fantails mouth. i was told that wouldn't happen but it truely did, and i feed them quite alot so they were NOT starving. the amazing thing, both the bottom feeder and the fantail are still alive. the bottom feeder is tailless the poor thing but alive and the big fantail looks as if he will be fine. (i had to pull him out because the fantail couldn't swalllow it and couldn't breath)!

simon - 2005-10-13
im a mysterious guy,i got 8 fantails and 2 died. im sad, but the other ones make me so happy. i love my fantails

Tara - 2005-10-06
I just got a fantail goldfish named Kronk and i love him so much! Actually he picked his own name. I gave him three choices: Gilbert, Lloyd, and Kronk. When I said the names Gilbert or Lloyd, he just sat at the bottom of the bowl, but whenever I said Kronk, he swam around happily. I love Kronk!

terry - 2005-09-19
We have one fantail in our classroom. It has just healed up from the fungus. I gave it some ick away type of med. Also, it is acquiring black markings at the tips of three fins. Very interesting! I hope all the rest of you will also continue to have fun with your fish!

Rachel - 2005-08-26
I have a fantail goldfish named Bim. i am soon to get him a friend. he is so spoiled rotten, he has his own coral named after
him! haha, and two servant snails. now thats one happy fish!