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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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Christian Anthony Llyod Rose - 2007-06-30
I bought two fantails, so cute. One is black, white, and orange and his name is Bubbles. The other is black and white, I named her Tina. They are only 1 cm long. I love fantails!

Meggan - 2007-06-24
Unfortunately i lost a fantastic goldfish named george a couple of months ago. he was about a year old. I was very very upset, but today my fiance's mother bought me the most beautiful Fantail. I cant think of a name though. Maybe Mariah. I am so happy to have another fish in my life.

Anonymous - 2007-05-16
hi my 2 fan tails are amazing yet one of them is changing colors from an orange to a lighter white colour :S, weird.

mandy - 2007-04-29
I just got a fantail this morning named bubbles. He is an orange cutie with big brown eyes, and likes to stare at people!

Anonymous - 2007-04-09
I got two fantail fish. one sits upside down in the corner, i really have no idea what its doing.

Jacob Gomez - 2007-03-17
I have a goldfish named Bubbles and he is a very good fish, and it`s
a pleasure to have him. He is a chubby goldfish and makes me laugh so
hard I cough! One time I woke up, looked at his tank and he was staring at me! It creeped me out! Bubbles is very well and still makes me laugh.

Jennifer - 2007-03-10
I have two fantails I have had for over 2 years now, named Frick and Frack. I have recently bought them a new 29 gallon home with new rocks, plants, etc. They are obviously so happy with their much larger home (they moved from a 10 gallon) and play in the bubbler whenever it is daylight. I will sometimes sneak in in the middle of the night and turn on a night light to watch them snooze. I can watch them for hours, and enjoy them more than TV after a long day at work.

Everton Weekes e - 2007-02-01
I have two goldfish, I call them Fatzee and Zee Zee. I've had them for three months. I feed them every single day, they are getting very big. I love them very much.

Katie - 2006-11-24
I had a beautiful fantail goldfish not too long ago. Jamal was the cutest fish Ive ever had! He was white with orange spots. Jamal would swim upside down sometimes. He got along with all the fish in my tank. But, his was bestest buddy was my other common goldfish, named Sadam. After Jamal passed away, Sadam became so sad. But, no worries! I'm getting Sadam more fantail friends.

chris - 2006-11-01
I have two Gold Fantail Goldfish. One is all gold and one is gold but with the tips of all the fins are colored in black. They are certainly beautiful and friendly with the Tetras and Koi I have swimming with them.