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The Fantail is a show goldfish with one main distinguishing feature--a split, or double, tailfin!
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Alice - 2020-07-03
I have 2 small fantail fish: a red one and a grey spotted one. They grey seems to suffers from swim bladder problems (in the evening it swims on his side and he struggles to reach the bottom of the tank). So just to help the grey fish, every morning I feed them a soft boiled pea and later on in the day, just a few soaked flakes of fish food. My question: is it enough for them? They haven’t got any other source of food (plastic plant as decoration). I am worried that in order to keep the grey one well, the red one is starving or perhaps both of them are hungry. Thanks.

david heap - 2020-05-18
I have over the lst 5 years had Koi with 1 fantail,. I have seen all the koi at some time feed but never the fantail, what and when does it feed?

Deborah M - 2018-09-30
I bought an orange fantail goldfish and was able to keep it alive in a medium size glass fishbowl without filter and bubbles for a couple months I changed the water once a week and put in water dechlorinating chemical. I noticed that the goldfish was growing and got a five galllon tank for it and some bubbles. I got one more goldfish to keep it company and still changed the water once a week. I lost both goldfish after one year after I moved. After I changed the water, cleaned the tank, and put in the dechlorinating chemical, one fish died than the other. I have not been successful with goldfish since.

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  • Bridget H - 2020-05-08
    Since your trouble started after you moved, I suspect you have a problem with your new water source. Do you have a freshwater master test kit? It is helpful to know the ph and levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate in your source water before you add it to your aquarium.
Diamond - 2017-01-29
Okay, so I have my fantail goldfish in a 5 gallon tank at the moment, and we've been upgrading the tank as he grows. Is that a good thing? Or should we just make it 10 gallons now. We don't want him to grow very big because it costs a lot of money to upgrade the tank. Tell me what you think. Also, he is very aggressive, and we want to put a female with him. I think he would probably kill her, but I don't know. Please answer back, I need to know this today. :(

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  • Amber - 2018-07-09
    Upgrade to at least a 10-15 gallon or else he will die within a few months or years. Just one goldfish produces lots of ammonia and if you leave him in the 5 gallon, you will have to clean the tank practically every day. If you don’t have the money to get s big tank, don’t waste an innocent fish’s life just because you can’t do research.
Anonymous - 2018-05-07
I have a few fantails that have growth on their fins can someone tell me what it is?

alice - 2017-03-20
I have a 6 year old fan tail gold fish. The past three days has stayed in the bottom corner of a 10 gallon tank. One of it gills is not moving when it breaths. Very large fish.

Shelley - 2016-03-05
Ny fantail goldfish has a growth at the base of the dorsil fin and now it,s tail has red streaks and is starting to fray. At first it was just a closed fin. We treated it with an anti fungal tab but this is no longer working and the fish looks bad. Any info about what this could be is appreciated.

Kath whitmore - 2016-08-11
Fish has a very big fantail which bends over. Can this cause problems for the fish is there a remedy Thanks

kayla - 2016-05-21
my fantail has a clear bubble on the side of his gills just above the opening is this somthing i should be concerned with

monica - 2015-11-26
Fantails are one of my fave fish to keep. I got two fantails in my 180 litre planted tank I notice they grow fast and they love their tank :)