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Comet Goldfish look just like regular goldfish but with a much longer and more deeply forked tail fin!
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L Campbell - 2010-08-30
I have a 700 gallon pond at the base of a four foot waterfall. The pond is at least four feet deep and ten feet in diameter. The water is secured from a well and is not filtered. The pool is populated with 15 comet gold fish. Do I need a filter and ultra violent light for algae? Also since placing the fish several days ago we seldom see them and have not been able to feed them. They don't seem eager to be fed. Is this a problem?

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  • Lauren - 2010-09-04
    Fish can take a while to adjust to their new environment. There is a common misconception that goldfish have a three second memory span, but this is not true. Studies show that a goldfish can remember things from over three months earlier. They are scared right now and getting used to their new home. Also since goldfish are prey animals, they need places to hide. Little caves and plants will do the trick. This will lower their stress levels and give them a longer lifespan. Whenever I get a new fish they won't eat for a few days. Sounds normal!
Lisa - 2010-09-04
I have a pond full of Koi and Sarasa comets. My friend says that she believes most of the babies are comets, if not all. The babies range from orange, orange red, white and red, black and orange, black, white, red and white, orange and white, yellow. I know to tell the difference between the Koi and Comets, find whiskers if you can catch them, not easy. So my question is, can Sarasa have so many different colors? These babies range in size up to 3 inches. Oh yeah, I have bluish and dark gray ones too.

jose - 2010-03-19
I have had two comet goldfish for over a year and they are 3inches long. They are in a five1/2 gallon tank with a good biological filter, and they r playful and active. Can they still grow bigger? how can they grow faster?

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  • Chris - 2010-08-27
    If you have a smaller tank, then it will stunt their growth. Unless, you get a bigger one, then yes they could grow an inch a year maybe, but yours sound like they are doing good. I have a 6 year old comet and he should be more than 3 inches long. But when he was younger he was in a 10 gallon tank with 7 others. Now it's just him and a little guy and he's grown 1/2 inch in about a month.
johan - 2010-08-16
I have a cichlid and community fish tank. I bought three comet gold fish about half an inch big for food and only 1 survived so I decided to keep it and now it's 8 in big and it one of my favorite fish in my community tank lol.

Orford NY - 2010-05-03
I have two new 2" comets in a circular 30 gallon outdoor pond. As its sides are only around 12" high I have provided a fairly large covered area made up of old broken pots (all sanitised) to give them protection from any passing predators like birds and the ever intrigued neighbourhood cats. Though apparently healthy and content when coming out to feed, they rarely spend much time swimming around in the vast open area available,(comparible to thier current size) but instead tend to prefer spending 90% of the time under my seemingly too successful shelter. ls this normal for young newly housed goldfish? Will they relax and swim more freely when they are more confident in their surroundings? I am loathed to remove the shelter just to see more of them as they clearly like it and are far safer from predators with it in place.

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  • Chris - 2010-07-08
    Well if you just put them in then that could be why, but it is a fishes natural instinct to hide when out in an open area. But after a while they should be fine...
richie - 2010-04-30
My comet goldfish is kept in a 50 gallon tank and he stays at the top by the filter I just want to know why?

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  • Chris - 2010-07-07
    I'm no expert but I've seen that this is my guess, If you haven't looked up the body form of a fish there's' I want to say it's there bladder. Well at some points the bladder swells and de-swells. I think it was the amount of air in the water, that had a lot to do with the fish blowing it up the bladder, so it will float then I've noticed with my fish is that if you DON"T feed them that seem to stay at there normal swimming area. But still feed them just like every other day and just a little.
Si Chen - 2010-06-13
I have comet and koi goldfish. I bought about 30 of them one day, and over night, 13 died :(. the temperature and ph seem to be fine, I bought a huge filter on the same day (a few got stuck to it unfortunately) and I'm not sure how long they will survive. What should I do?

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  • Chris - 2010-07-07
    Well how big is your tank? And if you din't already know, but goldfish are the most dirty fish. And say you have a big or small tank your ammonia may not be good. And if that's not good then yes your fish WOULD, die. You can get a tester kit at Petco, for only I think I paid $10 for it, but it works! Hope this helped.
paul richards - 2009-07-31
Comet goldfish have a very long life span. Mine is 9 inches and is 10 years old. I have him in a 55 gallon aquarium all by himself (the other 2 calico'c died 2 years before his 10th year in my tank).
The fish has great character and I am still trying to find another 7 inch goldfish. They are great pets!

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  • Ashley - 2010-06-07
    My Harry "Gill" is 10 as well (I won him playing mini-golf in 2000), and also has 55 gallons to himself! He's been a bachelor since Sally passed away her first week. I've tried getting him other friends, but he has made it very clear he prefers the single life...
    We keep him busy with lots of toys (like the R2 fish school which we all love and his bubbling alligator he likes to feed rocks to!) and new decor each holiday. I agree they are full of character, hearty, long-lived and make great pets!
Sam - 2010-05-10
Hi, my tank is now about 5 months old, with only six comets in it. I saw about a week ago that one of my fav, tails is totally off. I don't know what happened. Also noticed that the fin on the back is not as usual. Now one of the others are also losing his tail. Noticed tonight that 3 of them stays at the top above the filter. What's going on. Please HELP!

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  • -Tia - 2010-05-19
    In general, this sounds like it may be fin rot. Not sure what your tank conditions are - 6 comets: how big, in what sized tank, with what sized filter, how frequent are the water changes, and have you checked the water levels for pH / ammonia? Comets put out a lot of waste so if you don't have a big enough tank, perform regular water changes, have the right sized filter (twice the capacity of the tank size), and check the water for pH / ammonia levels it can cause problems pretty fast. The bit about your fish being by the filter might indicate they're trying to get more oxygen, or that the cleaner water coming out of the filter might just feel better.
  • Chris - 2010-06-05
    It's a condition called "Fin Rot." I had the same problem when my tank was about 5 moths old as well. Unfortunately I didn't find the solution in time to save the little guy. But since then I've been cleaning the power filter once a week and I bought a more powerful pump for my sand stone. On top of that I put in Aquarium salt about twice a month and the biggest help has been this product called Tetra "EasyBalance" you put it in once a week and it keeps everything balanced and stabilized. It's about $4 for a months supply. The only drawback is that it builds algae on the glass really quickly, of course the light being on for about 8-10 hours a day probably adds to that, but it didn't build up nearly as fast before I started using this stuff. In any event I can live with the algae as it's easily removed! It says on the bottle that with this stuff, being used every week, you only have to do water changes once 6 months... Yeah, I don't trust that so I do a 40% once a month, which is down from 20% every week! Remember it's a bad idea to do more then 40% and never clean your filter at the same time! Along with the above clean the gravel when you do the water change and about once a week take a net and stir it around the tank, just enough to create a current that brings the fish's waste and uneaten food to the surface so you can scoop it with the net.
    I really had no idea when I got into this that it would be so much work but it's getting easier as I learn more tricks!

    Good Luck

    All the best!
Jacob S. - 2010-06-01
I have two comet goldfish and I woke up this morning and they have black streaks across their fins. Is this normal?