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Comet Goldfish look just like regular goldfish but with a much longer and more deeply forked tail fin!
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Linda - 2010-04-22
We've had 2 comet goldfish for almost a year. And I am wondering why our smallest one seems to have turned somewhat pinkish to a white color? It seems to be acting like it usually does.

Hanna - 2010-04-12
Just noticed that my comet is more rosy colour on her belly and at the roots of her tail fin, also noticed some visible veins.
Her behavior is very normal, still digging up the gravel and begs for food, plays with her mate.
I did water change today.

Austin - 2010-04-09
It is fine it is just the new home jitters they will start to eat sooner or later.

Sandra - 2010-04-04
I have a comet goldfish and its at least 17 years old. He loves to play with the stones and move them around the tank. I know they do this for food but I am sure he likes to move them to keep his pad nice and neat?

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  • -Tia - 2010-05-19
    Just caught your post and I had to reply - 17 years is AMAZING! My 3 babies are only about 5 yrs old, I hope I can keep them as long as you've kept yours! Bravo!
    Oh, and all of mine like to garden too. Maybe it's a nesting behavior...
davis - 2010-03-04
i just got my comet goldfish today and he won't eat. I hope that's natural.

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  • Ivy - 2010-03-16
    My comet goldfish didn't eat until they were adapted to their environment. I believe it's very normal. They started nibbling about 24 hours after, and eating very heartily after about 2 days.
  • Dana - 2010-03-16
    The fish just went through a very stressful ordeal, and it is freaked out, and even if it did eat the food, it's just spit it back up, it should be fine the day after that.
  • stephen - 2010-03-17
    How's he doing now? Water quality all good? The first thing Goldfish will do when not feeling tip-top is to stop eating. Although they will sometimes not eat for the first few days.
Jessica M - 2010-03-10
I LOVE THIS SITE! I have had comets for a while, and I love them to their intestines! they are the coolest fish! This site has made me the best fish taker carer of person I can be! Thanks Dr. Jungle!

wheng - 2010-02-22
I bought this comet goldfish for my 3 yr old girl last weekend, but it's too sad. After we transfer them into the fish bowl, like 3 gallons, they died 2 hrs after we came home. Anybody know if we need a small pump to give them oxygen? Thanks a lot and hoping to hear from you soon, so I know if I can get a new comet goldfish again. Thanks.

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  • catella - 2010-03-09
    comet gold fish are very social fish when you buy you should at least buy 2 and yes just like any other fish you should have a air pump and filter depending on the size of your fish it could have died because of suffocation , poor water quality, and or stress. did you just dump him in or did you let the bag sit in the water for at least 20 min before you let him out?
rohan - 2009-12-27
My comet fish is not moving. I bought 2 comet fish today, and they are not moving in the tank when light is on, after switching off the light they start move around the tank. What's wrong with them? I think they love dark. After they came, it is about 1 day, and they dont eat anything. Why they don't eating? Can anyone help me please.

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  • Katie - 2010-03-04
    The fish are probably just stressed. Keeping the light off for 24 hours or so actually helps stressed fish. Sometimes fish won't eat for a few days or so when they have recently moved tanks also. It's also possible if the tank that you have moved the fish too is significantly smaller than the one they were previously in, that the fish are stressed and confused. Just make sure that your tank is large enough and your water quality stays good, and I'm sure the fish will come around in a day or so.
Bailey Jo Jarrett - 2009-12-29
Hi, my brother purchased a goldfish a while back but the pet store people had no record of what type of fish it was, but they assumed it was a comet. We had it 3 years and he got up to 4 inches at least. He all of the sudden started sinking to the bottom of the tank and ended up losing its scales and dying, why did this happen?

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  • Katie - 2010-03-04
    It's possible your water quality deteriorated and made the water toxic for your fish. This can cause illness/fatalities in fish. What size was the tank? Was the maintenance of MINIMUM 25% monthly water changes with gravel vacuuming being performed? Sometimes a fish will SURVIVE in a small tank without frequent water changes, but won't thrive. Normally, this will eventually catch up to the fish. Keep in mind that the fish would have required a minimum 30 gallon tank when it was full grown.
Anonymous - 2010-02-16
If only I had read this webstie before hand. New comet has jumped out of the bowl in the middle of the night, and my son so sad.