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Comet Goldfish look just like regular goldfish but with a much longer and more deeply forked tail fin!
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Cassandra - 2021-10-28
Hi! I am Cassandra and I needed to know what trophic level is this fish, I need to know for a animal project and I picked a sarsa comet goldfish lol, but any thanks!

Malcolm Nebel - 2020-01-30
I have a 15m X 3m swimming pool, it is 2 foot deep at one end and four foot deep at the other. It is stocked with dozen of the small mosquito eating fish and has a number of water plants About a six weeks ago I introduced six comet gold fish, all fine until a week ago when I saw them chasing each other around the pool, two days later one died. This has happened three times now, they chase each other around the pool next day one dead What is the cause, what am I doing wrong? Malcolm Nebel

Kathryn Collins - 2019-07-21
I have several comets in an outdoor pond and in the spring (after not paying any attention to the pond over the winter) I noticed one of the fish had what appeared to be a black sore or growth on the top of its head. This improved over time but now that fish does not seem to have any lips or mouth. It may have a small opening where the mouth should be but I haven't seen it eat for weeks but with it being in a pond, I'm always looking down on it. Any advise?

Anonymous - 2017-12-28
I just got 2 Comet fish 2 days ago and right now they are in a 1 gallon fish bowl. They are small right now but I know they will get bigger. What size tank should I get so that they can grow bigger? And I also want to add more fish with them. What's some good options of different fish to add?

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  • Rosie - 2018-01-07
    Hi there!
    Comet goldfish grow to about 12 inches (yes, a whole FOOT long) & they require a minimum of about 40 gallons per fish in order not to stunt their growth or harm them with ammonia build up! They produce a LOT of waste!!
Patricia - 2017-06-05
I have a beautiful white Comet/Koi fish that I immediately removed from the tank where it was attacked by one of the other fish - possibly a Tin Foil Barb - in the tank. The Comet/Koi is recovering but I'm worried about the eyes of this fish; it seems the Tin Foil Barb bit/destroyed the eyes of the Comet/Koi fish. Can the Comet/Koi fish's eyes grow back? It's such a beautiful fish!!!

Joan - 2017-05-11
I have 1 acre pond, surrounded by fir, spruce and pine. They are finished for the most part spawning. Now they are coming to the top in schools and skimming the surface. There is a lot of pollen from the trees floating On the surface. Are they eating pollen? Also, this year i have discovered a new color, grey bluegreen, they must be comets like everyone else for they have long flowing tails tipped with white. Could they be throwbacks? I have all colors and sizes, babies to 10-12', white, bi, tri and calico. I love em, but am curious.

Cats - 2015-10-21
Hello! I have a large (9 inch) Comet goldfish (Vysh), and I've been feeding him small goldfish pellets his whole life. Should I be feeding him larger pellets? I'd think it'd cut back on waste and whatnot, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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  • Anonymous - 2015-10-22
    You should feed your goldfish medium or large cichlid pellets or frozen blood worms/brine shrimp.
  • Fae - 2017-04-20
    You should feed him a variety of thing, like humans they want different food.
    Frozen peas every week once or twice. Frozen Blood worms .

    Also your fish is very large I hope he is in a large tank. About 60 gallon tank or a pond.
Andrew Lenart - 2016-05-28
I originally bought 10 comets from the store for my 60 gallon tank. Two of them weren't swimming very well right from the start, and they died after about a week. Then a few months went by and everything was fine until I introduced a green sunfish to the tank. The sunfish was very aggressive and killed one of them, and eating half of it. So I removed the dead fish and also got rid of the sunfish, and have had 7 healthy comets for about 6 months now with no problems. When I bought them they were about 2.5 inches long and now they are nearly 4 inches long and much wider. They are really fun to watch. You can feed them by hand if you want to, they are that friendly.

Jason - 2016-11-30
I have currently 6 comets in a 60 gallon tank. I am using a sump to support their biological needs and it has been working out amazing. They are one of the best types of goldfish to keep and would recommend any beginner fish keeper to have. Very hardy and can withstand almost anything that is shot its way.

Anonymous - 2016-07-19
My friend had a guppy that lost it's tail and it didn't make it.