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The Bubble Eye Goldfish has big bubbles on the side of its head, which give it a truly bizarre appearance! 
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Lauren - 2005-08-15
I love my bubble-eyes so much. they're so funny looking that you just have to love them. they're names are Cheeks and Seymour. they swim really neat because they cant see straight so they almost swim upside down. i was going to get guppys, but i saw the bubble-eyed fish and i fell in love!

Tom Butcher-Smith - 2005-07-29
My bubble eye gold fish really seems to get along with the other fish.

Tom Butcher-Smith - 2005-07-26
I live the big eyes and they really seem to get on with other fish
but are not very fast swimmers.

ashley - 2005-06-01
i love my fish. there names are bubble and dobble. they are cool, if you get one stick your finger in the water, they will come and suck your finger

Jason Harfenist - 2005-04-17
The Bubble-eye goldfishes are so cute to me!

E.J. - 2005-03-03
hey i just got a bubble eye and i think there awesome to watch and to care for and there a cool fish to have and to enjoy!

Jade - 2005-02-20
I love these little dudes!! They are so adorable!! But, I had an unfortunate accident with mine. One morning I looked into my aquarium and saw that "Bubbles" had become sucked in the filter bottom. His bubble was stuck and he could not move. Now I love goldfish and I could not just kill the poor thing, so I ended up breaking my filter bottom to get the little dude out. He only lived for about a week after that. But they are hardy fish and very funny to watch.

crystal - 2005-01-29
Bubble-eyed fish are adorable, easy to take care of, and fun! They are entertaining for people of all ages and especially funny for kids. A great fish for teens.

Lauren - 2005-01-19
These fish are fun and happy fish.

christian alvarez - 2004-12-23
the first time bought a bubble eye, it lived only for one month. it is really a hardy fish!