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The Bubble Eye Goldfish has big bubbles on the side of its head, which give it a truly bizarre appearance! 
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Kali - 2006-03-13
I today found out that our little bubble eye fish was stuck to the filter. It took a lot for me to pull the little guy off and he is still alive and swimming around like normal so I think he is gonna be ok (I hope so). His little bubble was deflated but I noticed its getting a little bigger again, I hope he'll be okay. They are such cute little fish.

michelle - 2006-03-08
I Have a bubble eye fish (Daisy) and a feeder fish (Flounder). they get along VERY well. I had Daisy first. I originally had two bubble eyed fish but one died so I wanted her to have a companion, thats when I got Flounder. Daisy swims on her back a whole lot then when its feeding time she does these cute little flips eating the food while Flounder is zipping around the tank eating his. they are a lot of fun to watch. when Daisy first started swimming on her back I thought she was dead the first time I saw her, but now I get worried when I see her upright too long. Its been going on for about 6 months now, love the fish!

Jon - 2006-03-05
I've had one for about 1 and a half months. one of the other fish i have is a feeder fish and he keeps attackin my bubble eye so we replaced him with a different feeder fish. what I didn't expect was for the new fish to do the same thing. so now the first one somehow popped one of the bubbles. so I recommend not to mix feeder fish with a bubble eye for the reasons above.

Jacques Heyer - 2006-03-02
Been keeping bubble eyes for several months, about half a year. Originally had 2, but one died from flipover despite all attempts to help it, even the other fish tried to console it. After the last filter died we decided to get a new one, however the bubble somehow got into the filter through the 3 milimeter tall slits. we eventualy pulled him out but the sac seems damaged and he can't move his eye, there may also be limited small bleeding. As a note, this is a warning for owners of bubble eyes, if you have a filter make sure it's not too powerful, or it will damage the fish.

jim - 2006-01-30
i have a bubble eyed gold fish as my brother gave me him just before christmas. its fun to watch swimming around with his big bubbly cheeks! i wonder how long i can keep him alive hmmmm! well ill have to wait n see BUBBLE FISH ROCK WHOOOOOO!

ABBY - 2006-01-15
I just got a bubble-eye goldfish 1 day ago on Jan.14,2006. I named it Bubbles. it is a very good fish. I agree with the website that it is not a good beginners fish.

Blue fish's mom - 2006-01-12
I have had my Bubble eyed Golfish for 3 years and he is very unique I have on several ocassions searched for a Bubble eyed like him and been unsucessful. His eyes are floating in the middle of his bubble where as most I see have eyes that are on their head not on the bubble. His name is Blue fish, I think that he looks rather sad. Blue fish does spend a lot of time on his back floating, I think he is just more comfortable that way since his sacs are quite large.

Oscar - 2006-01-05
I got my bubble eye fish a few months ago. I named him Bubbles. He's seen two fish (a shark and a puffer) come and go. I recently got two fantails. He seems to be teaching them the basics of the aquarium, and how not to get to stuck in filter

-SUZY Q.- - 2005-12-30
We just recently got 3 goldfish and one of them is a bubble eyed gold fish! We love him and named him puffy ( For his puffy eyes!). the other two goldfish died from the ick disease but Puffy was lucky not to catch it. He is a very fun fish to watch swim around and we are planning on getting another one because he is now alone. These are great fish and i recommend you get one! they are awesome!!!

DuBoisfamily05 - 2005-12-09
My husband and I bought our son 3 gold fish this summer and 2 of them are bubble-eyed. One is orange and has huge eyes the other is almost like a Kalico kittys colors. Some time ago we cleaned our tank and when we were finished I went to feed them. To my surprize I saw the Kalico one's bubble caught in the filter. We shut it off and he was then able to swim freely. We thought for sure he was a goner. Well we thought wrong. Now 5 months later his eye has healed and another bubble is regrowing, but this time the bubble is actually growing with two bubbles on that one side. So he actually is now a 3 eyed bubbled fish. They both swim on their backs and float upside down. Our son loves to watch them swim and have fun.