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The Bubble Eye Goldfish has big bubbles on the side of its head, which give it a truly bizarre appearance! 
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Anonymous - 2020-05-22
Can anyone help me? I have 2 bubble eye goldfish and they are at the bottom of the tank barely moving but still breathing, they at times float around the tank but they actually don’t swim the water flow just pushes them around. I’m really concerned and not sure on what to do.

Terry Murray - 2017-01-10
Where do you buy bubble eye fish

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  • devon - 2018-04-26
    Hello we do sell bubble eye fish if you need this contact me via whatsapp at +14146220899
Amit Das - 2017-12-06
Dear friend you can get any fish salt or fresh water at me

Lydia Borilovic - 2006-04-30
It isn't a swimming upside down floating action, rather it's a full on food-seeking, backflips, very controlled swimming. Both my fish are still absolutely fine and dandy. Yaaayy!!

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  • Judy Parrett - 2017-05-14
    I got one bubbles eye & he stay on his head & sleeps that way also.I SLD not take anything 4 him he is my buddy plus I get him 2 come down 2 the other side so I can fed him separated so he can eat I do got him with 2 black moors & some goldfish they all do great together oh! My suckerfish to. People are saying there bubble's eyes are getting suck in the filters not mine one time has he. He see his Mommy coming & he knows its eating time. Fish are very relaxing & people say love hearing the sound & get sleepy. Like Frazier's brother did on the show. People come in & can't believe my bubbles I said SLD not traded him 4 nothing my buddy.His name is Mr. Bubble.
  • Joseph E LaBranch - 2017-05-22
    With a bubble eye goldfish I have as well seen this type of feeding/swim behavior, I believe it somewhat has to do with available space, decorations and whatever and that these fish can be gluttonous, feed softened spinach and this will greatly help the upside down swimming,generally all the goldfish I have ever owned were naturals at taking zucchini as there first green, not the case with my bubble eye goldfish, will now eat zucchini, and green beans etc. But there first has for some reason been spinach multiple times now raising them. Whatever I just don't know why.
Teresa Bowman - 2017-03-02
I bought my 4 year old 2 bubble eye goldfish a week ago. And we just love them. We also have 3 snails in with them. They are such a delight to watch.

Mary - 2016-04-28
One of my cold water pond fish has got bubble eye, what can I do to make him comfortable. Hv put some antibacterial liquid in pond thanks

Lily - 2016-04-26
well i got a fish and acouple weeks later the bubble poped because it got sucked in to the filther

Dianna tetley - 2016-04-02
My daughters goldfish one black and one gold both have google eyes but one is much larger than the other I dot understand why does anyone else know thank you dianna.

julz - 2016-02-23
this is so sad my friends bubble eyed goldfish just lost an eye entirely what should I do??!

Anonymous - 2016-02-16
i have two bubble eyed goldfish and when i got home the tank had bubbles at the top like what betas do when they are nesting i dont know if they are nesting as well or if they are sick