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The Peacock Spiny Eel with its six attractive 'eyespots' is a very handsome freshwater eel!
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Edwin Nieves - 2021-10-30
peacock eel

Sara - 2019-03-16
I’ve had two of these funky little noodles in my 75 gal community for a few months now, and both are doing great. They’re both about the same size and they came from the same store, so I haven’t seen any squabbles between them at all. My biggest recommendation if you own one of these is to try and train it to eat out of your hand. One of mine learned very quickly and now gets very excited whenever my hand goes in the tank. It doesn’t matter if I have food or not; he’ll weave between my fingers in his hunt for bloodworms. Their snouts are pretty soft, so he doesn’t poke hard enough to hurt. It makes water changes a lot more interesting.

Anthony - 2019-03-09
I just purchased a peacock you'll last week and a few days later I woke up to the dog at 3 a.m. making a bunch of ruckus and there was my eel in front of the heater dried out like a worm on the sidewalk and when I grabbed it it twitched so I put it in the water in about an hour later it got all soggy again and started swimming around it's been fine ever since I asked to me it was out of the water for about 5 hours

Kirsten - 2009-04-28
I have had a striped peacock eel for a few months now and absolutely love him, living in a 29 gallon with platys, tetras, and a loach. He disappeared one morning and thinking he had just buried himself under the gravel, I continued with my plan to clean my Whisper filter (you know - the external waterfall type filter) Taking it to the sink, I change out the filter bags and carbon and dumped the excess water down the drain to scrub the inside and too late, I watched my eel slide out of the filter - very much alive- and right into the garbage disposal. I was about to give him up for lost (i couldn't figure out how to open the pipes to try to save him in the u-part of the pipe), but before I did I shined the flashlight down the drain one last time and there he was sitting on the platform slithering around out of water and between the blades. After a 1/2 hour trying, I finally fished him out with a twisted up fish net and a spoon. I dumped him in a spare tub of aquarium water to "rinse" off the gunk he accumulated in the drain and quickly placed him back in the tank. 5 days later he is still alive and well, eating as usual and none the worse for wear - only a small scratch that is healing well. I never would have expected him to swim upstream/uphill AND out of the tank into my filter, not to mention surviving a 1/2 hour out of water and the stress of being chased around with implements to save his life. I thought for sure he was a goner, but he is hardier than I thought!

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  • Jeff - 2010-02-23
    Actually it has been recorded that many varieties of eel can in fact survive out of water fo periods of time and even travel over land; usually in order to travel to mating grounds when full grown.
  • Andrew - 2010-08-06
    This story is pretty amazing. Nice job on the rescue. I have two of these guys myself (similar tank setup), and they can be nefarious little buggers. All in all, great species of eel for any community setup in my opinion. I hope I never have to fish one out of a garbage disposal though:)
  • Emily J. Hicks - 2019-01-23
    I just had this happen to me except he was hiding in a decoration I had pulled out of the tank. I thought I got everyone out, but when I turned it over in the sink he slid out and down the drain. I got him out though after battling with him (he was slippery!) I’m hoping he will be ok, but for now he is extremely stressed and I am worried for him. Thanks for sharing. It gives me hope for my little guy!
Bryce - 2018-06-11
I have a question im thinking about getting one of these, what are some other freshwater exotic fish for 30 gal

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  • Amanda - 2018-09-24
    Peacock eels get pretty big and even though it may not seem like they swim a lot because you don't see them during the day they are very active creatures at night so a 30 gallon would not let a peacock eel live his full life.
Tony - 2012-04-18
So I purchased a peacock eel, and after reading some posts, mine is nothing like any of the others. He/she does not bury himself/herself in the rocks, and I have not seen it eat anything either. Any ideas??????

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-04-18
    What foods are you using and what time of day?
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-18
    I feed it freeze dried bloodworms once in the morning. Also it is all over the tank like it is looking for something. It is very active all the time. Just now I found it 'playing' in the bubbles. Is this wierd???
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-24
    Try feeding it frozen blood worms, I know it sounds weird since it won't eat the freeze dried ones. But I have peacock eels in both my tanks and neither one likes the freeze dried ones but will eat the frozen ones. Take a cube of frozen blood worms and used some warm water to break them apart and then put some in the tank. That is my best advice.
  • Anonymous - 2012-04-24
    No, it's not weird that your eel plays in the bubbles. I'm not sure what joy they get out of doing it, but mine does that all the time.
  • Anonymous - 2012-05-14
    My eel loves blackworms and when we can't get blackworms we dig some worms in the garden and put them through a wet roll oat mixture for a day .
  • Kyler - 2018-05-24
    Do frozen blood worms. Pet smart has them ($6 for 30 cubes ) I have a 10” peacock eel and he loves them. The other fish will feed on them as well. I prefer to thaw a couple of the cubes in water and then put them in the tank once a night, Otherwise they tend to get stuck to the filter inlet tubes if they thaw in the tank. He took a little while to acclimate to the tank, but since then hes been extremely alive at feeding time as soon as the worms hit the water. Hope this helps.
Seth - 2008-02-22
I seems like most people have issues trying to get these guys to eat. I have tried frozen tubiflex worms, shrimp pellets and minnows. I have not tried any freeze dried food such as bloodworms. One thing that I do know is that my PEACOCK EEL loves "EARTHWORMS"! Trust Me! Mine will feed right out of my hand and will beg like a puppy dog. I hold the worm with a pair of tweezers as it hits it with its lighting strike.....TRY THE EARTHWORMS!

Kaytelyn - 2013-11-11
I just added a peacock eel into my 50 gal yesterday and was of course expecting her to hide but she hasn't. Our rocks are a little bit big so she couldn't dig at first but we got finer rocks for her. She's not even interested in the floor of the tank, she just swims up and down in the corners all day and night. I'm worried she's too stressed. I have caves in there and lots and lots of plants and floating plants but I'm so worried I'm over-stressing her. Help :(

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-10
    I didn't see your question earlier, I sure hope your eel is good now. It did sound like it was stressed so hopefully is comfortable in its home now.
  • Blaine - 2018-02-25
    I have two eels with 2 massive kidding guarami, 3 colored pleco 2 blue 1 green/yellow n a,massive pictus catfish. All they do is hide but I just put them in to be fair. They are 6 to 8 inches in length already. I love them because I've segregated all predatory fish, I took my electric blue Jack Dempsey n put him solo in a pimp 20 gallon with a blue pleco so there's no animosity in my tank. Any suggestions on another swimmer thst is gentle? 120 gallon tank with 210 gal offiltati on please let me know if you've got any ideas price is not an issue
John - 2016-10-10
I have read many comments regarding the Peacock Eel and would just like to mention I started mine off in a 350ltr aquarium at a size of 5cms. 18 months later he is the best specimen I have every seen at just under 40cms long. I feed him on a mix of flake, frozen bloodworm but his most favourite food taken from my fingers is frozen whole mussel meat. He shows no sign of a growth slowdown and just wonder how much bigger he will grow; any idea ??

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  • Anonymous - 2018-01-30
    He will get 15 in in length
Chad Larsen - 2016-08-08
I recently added a peacock eel into my aquarium and as soon as I let him in he swam directly into the glass and he bent his nose. Is there anything I should do about this or will it heal on its own. please reply asap. thanks 

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  • wth - 2017-10-20
    ok your fine the spiny eels "noses" bend naturally and they can move them around on command.