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The Half-banded Spiny Eel is a great choice for those who keep a smaller aquarium!
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Greg - 2011-02-22
You guys forgot the fire eel is probably the best looking fish of all the spiney eel family I have actually had a peacock and the fire eel together in one tank. I think the fire eel said something to him because shortly after I found the peacock in the filter. :(

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  • Adrian Sunga - 2013-02-06
    also my half banded spiney eel i found in the filter
  • Justin - 2018-03-02
    I have a 40 gallon breeder with 2 sponge filters on each side of the tank lots of vegetation and 5 special eel hiding "holes". 2 eels, a fire track eel, and a peacock eel. They get along great and do not argue over territory because there are lots of hiding places to choose from. We use the sponge filter so that there is no way to escape or get injured.
  • Jason - 2018-03-07
    These eels like filters ie caves holes etc. I knew to look right into my internal filter when I could only find my fire eel and one of the spineys, lo and behold he is in the filter just loving it like a cave
jim pravoscky - 2018-01-16
I have a spiny eel named carl and yesterday i put him in the tank and this morning when i went to feed the tank he ate a lot of boodworms and then ate a few of my giant danios pellets!

kim kaphwan - 2013-01-26
I've just purchased a harlequin snake eel about 15 inches long and im wondering if its venomous and if its safe to keep thank you!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-01-27
    No they are not venomous.  Fairly safe community eels as long as tankmates to big to fit in mouth.
  • rabb36 - 2013-03-07
    They are not venomous, and are actually really cool to watch and easy to keep. I had one years ago I fed blood worms out of a turkey baster :) I'm considering getting another one as a tank mate for my 14 year old arowana. He just lost his friend, a gold fish he decided not to eat, but as you know gold fish produce so much waste. They have lived together for probably a year. :(
Trevor - 2012-05-12
Does anyone know if this or any other "freshwater eel" besides the " freshwater" moray can live in brackish water?

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-05-13
    This one can handle slight brackish. Some have luck with snowflake eels in brackish.
  • Rhea - 2012-11-28
    I need help!!! I've had my tank with water and everything for 3 days and I've had it with fish for about one day and a half. The first day I put water in the tank the cloudynous went down overnight, then I put in the fishes the next day and the water was nice and clear still but the next day the water was all cloudy and it wouldn't go down at all! You couldnt even see the back of the tank and its only a 10 gallon tank! Someone help me fast!!!
rachel - 2012-10-05
Hello I have two spiny eels. I just can't be sure what kind they are. They look alike. Neo has a yellowy tan stripe down his back and has dark brown sides with faint stripes, and a cream belly with stripes. Ellie also has a yellowy tan stripe down her back, but has kind of a crazy striped pattern down her sides, and has a cream belly with stripes. Ellie is bigger wich makes me wonder if Neo just hasn't grown in to his stripes yet, or if they are indeed two different types of spiny eels. They get along great except for feeding time, Ellie gets territorial. It would be great if someone could tell me what specific kind they are.I have had Neo for about a month and Ellie for half that. They live with a beta, cory cat, and two inch long channel catfish.

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Elissa - 2012-07-27
My half-banded spiny eel is the greatest pet ever! He used to eat brine shrimp out of my hand. Sometimes when I came home he would be there waiting for me. I've had him for 6 years.

Ethan - 2009-02-25
I have 1 zig zag eel in my 20 gal. fish tank. It is extremely cool. He is a very peaceful pet. I love him [well I think it's a him] very much. He usally hides in a hole in the log in my tank but once in a while he will come out and swim a little, also sometimes he will bury himself in the gravel. And you will never believe what he does, he acually changes his color, he goes from tan with a brown stripe to very light tan. He used to eat frozen blood worms from my hand. He is 5 ins. long. He loves frozen blood worms. He is in my tank with a upside down cat fish, special and rare african red eyed tetra [niger tetra], juli corydoras cat fish, 2 juvenile silver dollars, some kind of 1in. long tetra that looks a little like a black neon tetra (the guy at the pet store said it was a black neon tetra and since he is alone he changed his color but that can not be true), a rare large 3in. long gold barb, and a dwarf african clawed frog. I was planning on getting a lot more fish but I wanted to get a red lined torpedo barb[rose line shark]or 2. I have had my eel for about 2 yrs. I would definitely recommend zig zag eels.

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  • brandon - 2010-08-02
    Does he ever try to eat any of them? Please reply! Urgent!
Johnathan - 2009-04-13
I have over 10 different eels in my 3 55 gallon tanks and all of them are above 1 foot long and they get along great. They are a joy to have and I was successful in breeding tire track eels until they where eaten by the other larger eels:(. I keep my eels with 2 bush fish, Pike chiclds, African knife fish, striped barbs, Brazialian earth eaters, pictus catfish, red rainbows...many more.

Arya - 2008-09-08
I got a big one a few days ago that's about the same size as my fire eel. I had noticed that he had a big stomache. I thought it was dropsy but fortunately it was constipation. I used a handful of epsom salt in a 55G tank and now he's fine. The epsom salt didn't seem to really do anything but a couple days later he got fatter then he pooped it out. Now he's less active than he was when he was constipated (odd?) and he is good friends with the fire eel. I though the fire eel would be mean to him but they lay together under peices of driftwood. I got mine for $10 -- it was worth it. My fire eel was $30 but it was still worth it :-P

Dani - 2008-01-20
Thank you for the info. I decided on a whim to buy an eel when I was picking up new fush for the tank and I haven't seen him since! He likes to hide and, boy is he good at it! It was nice to come online and find out that he's just doing what he's supposed to do! Thanks for all the info!