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R Sarvard - 2010-08-26
It is really important to know the basics in setting up and maintaining an aquarium especially for beginners. In this way, fishes would remain lively and healthy all the time. I would love to share some more thoughts with you at my site, Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks!

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  • Md. quamruzzaman - 2010-11-22
    Why black moor, angel die in the winter? How I take care of them?
sandra.hawkins - 2010-10-25
Hi I had a fantail which suddenly died I think it was old age how old can they live to?

tasrieq - 2010-07-30
How do I know if my aquarium is toxic, my aquarium gravel and stuff were in the garage now when I put fish into the tank they only live for two days are the tank toxic please give advice as what to do?

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  • shaymin - 2010-08-13
    What I would recommend is that you empty out your aquarium then rise all of the gravel and decorations thoroughly place them back in the tank and use a water conditioner that makes the tank safe for your fish. The toxicity in your tank will be reduced and your fish will live longer.
  • Iszach - 2010-08-31
    First off hi, I would say the only real way you could tell if your tank and gravel are toxic is by going back and asking yourself what kinds of items might have been around your tank like say you park your car in your garage maybe the exhaust might have gotten a little to close and could have poisoned the fish tank leaving it ''toxic''. Another possibility is that yes everybody will find some kind of pest in their garage at one point like a rat or a roach that's not anything to feel bad about it happens no matter how far we go with prevention and while you may have not known some type of pest may have had a toxin or chemical that rubbed off and could have made your tank toxic. Now I'm not saying you have rats or eww! you have roaches I'm saying its a fair possibility:) even if one of your fish were sick that may have spread to the new family and that could have resulted in there death. In the future I would suggest after an aquarium get rid of old supplies and start fresh on a new family of fish with fresh supplies. This type of stuff happens right? I hoped I answered your question and good luck on your next family of fish:). Best wishes and many happy fish.
  • Summer - 2010-09-18
    I'm 100% with Alex on this one. But you should to a full test to see if it is a proper environment. Petco will test the water free for you, or kits are available for $10-20 that do pH, amonia, nitrate, all that good stuff. Assuming everything was properly cleaned & the tank cycled before introduction of fish, this will help you know what the culprit is. Also, you may want to start with durable fish such as mollies to start a tank up. The 29G I started a few months ago only had 1 molly, 1 gold algae eater, 2 red wag platties, and 2 black skirt tetras to start after cycling. Almost all are still with me (one platty came with ick that EXPLODED within 48hrs & molly died giving birth to 22 babies).
todd - 2010-09-06
I want to know if a betta can live with tetras, will both species live together in a 55 gallon tank and no one killing the other?

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  • alex - 2010-09-07
    With Bettas You want to get colors opposite of yours. So if your betta is blue...stay away from any blue tetras. Tetras are good with bettas, as long as it is NOT neon tetras. For some reason, no matter the color of the betta, it always finds those guys like snacks. You need to be more worried about the flow of the tank, because if it is too strong you could end up killing your betta. But yes, with the right ones, everyone can live happily. :)
  • annette - 2010-09-15
    Bettas do great in a community tank as long as you do NOT have any other fish with long fins or tails. They will attach them, i.e. fancy guppies, angels, long fin tetras, etc.
  • Anonymous - 2010-09-18
    Yes, they can. My betta lives with 2 blackskirts in a 29G as well as plenty of other critters & fish, all getting along swimmingly. (Bad, I know) Bettas usually are only combative with other Bettas (not just other males, they tend to beat their women, too!) or sometimes other "peaceful" but fiesty fish like Gouramis.
Michael - 2010-08-29
Hi, I am new to the fish keeping hobby. I bought a tank and got it going (cycled it). I then tested the water it was fine so I bought a black moor. But I also got a comet goldfish and I now know that I should not have. A week after I bought it, it seems depressed. It keeps floating up to the surface and then trying to swim down. It is like the filter is to strong for it cause it keeps pulling it towards it. Can you help?

Najum ul sAQIB - 2010-06-18
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