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The Rubin Red Peacock is a striking cichlid in a vibrant rush of red, blue, and purple colors!
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Younis - 2011-06-13
Hi,, I have bought a pair of alounocara red peacock, ( Rubin ) and I joined him with other tank mates as,
2 lemmon cichlid
2 blue zebra cichlid
2 venustus
2 parrot
1 fontosa

Everything seems fine but the venustus seems to be upset with him. He can't stop darting on them,, although I have many hiding spaces and all that, what shall I do :(

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    I included articles on the various fish you have in your tank. The Venustus has a predatory nature and it is recommended you have a 60 gallon tank when they are little and 125 gallon as they mature. They want a lot of space. Could this be the problem. You have a good number of fish. How big is your tank?
  • christopher price - 2012-03-05
    If I were you I would move the venustus to another tank. I have africans. I had 2 pair of orange blotch peacocks, 2 pair of deep water haps (pladichromis electra), a jewel cichlid, pleco,and a juvenile ruby crystal peacock. Guess what? All I have is a ruby crystal peacock and the pleco. The ruby crystal killed everything except for the orange blotch male and the jewel cichlid they died from my water quality. African cichlids are very agressive he's probably gonna tear your peacocks up. If i was you I would move them or the vunustus cichlid..
  • Anonymous - 2022-11-28
    How much are those Ciclids peacocks cost each? Rubinstein Red and lemon Jake's
    Luanda, blue sapphires?