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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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k - 2008-07-07
I inherited a Red Devil when I got engaged. I really enjoy him and his personality. We almost lost him this winter when his heater stopped working right and we didn't notice it right away. He is healthy again and back to his usual habbits, moving rocks, splashing in his tank and bumping the plastic tank top. I am however having an extremely hard time keeping his tank clean. We wipe down the walls and change the filters often. It only takes less than a week and its green again. Any suggestions? OBTW he ate the pleco that we put in with him.

SHOTZYYY - 2009-01-31
I recently got back into being an aquarist and put an add in Craiglist for a nice 29 gallon tank. I just wanted a community tank. Well I got a nice tank with a great price but I had to take the fish that was in the tank, and that fish was a Red Devil. So I agreed to take him because my sister use to have one 30 yrs ago and I remembered it had a wonderful personality. I have had the tank and this crazy fish for two weeks now and I absolutely adore him. He's a great wet pet and he's still a juvenile but already developing his nice hump. I forget the name, noc... something or other. Anyway, I feel sad to those that recently lost their wet pets after so many years. I am sure it did leave a void in your life because they do require attention. And again I am sorry to hear it... Wish me luck on my new Devil. I imagine he will get a new 50 gallon by summer and I will keep the 29 and make it a community tank after all! Thanks for listening... If anybody want to be a pen pal to talk about red devils I would love to hear from you. SHOTZYYY1954@AOL.COM, SHOTZYYY IN MICHIGAN

Mark Huffman - 2009-02-20
To answer your question about additional tank mates for the red devils Jaime, I have a 55 gallon tank with two rather large red devils and several south american convicts. I find that if you keep cichlids of the same region in a tank together they get along fine. Make sure the convicts have caves, rocks, stumps, and plants to hide in and around. I recently transfered the red devils and the convicts along with a pleco from a 20 gallon to the 55 gallon. I've had the convicts for over two years and the red devils for almost a year with no problems. The convicts have had several broods and the convicts will defend their terroritory against the much larger red devils, but without injuring them. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck.

riley - 2009-02-21
My friend keeps his with a black convict and a jack dempsey and a red oscar. They are the ones it usually doesn't chase.

Deena Lee Sauve - 2016-11-04
I have 6 tanks smallest a 40 gallon. I plan to trade my 3 African Cichlids for A Red Devil cichlid and it will be a lone in a 55 gallon. My question is I put aquarium salt in my tanks and I clean weekly like clockwork. Have a cleaning business so it's my job and life. Should i put aquarium salt in the tank that this fish is going into? I just cleaned African tank and we are doing the exchange in 2 days time. Do I need to drain my tank as it has salt and get it cycled for My Red Devil with no salt????

Paula Rose - 2016-05-21
Hi, my son has just gotten a red devil, about 12 months old. He is very playful. and follows us up and down the tank. we placed 3 little catfish in the bottom of his tank, and unfortunetly he ate them. is there any do nots, we should know about regarding changing water and PH balances. thanks

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  • David wave - 2016-06-28
    I had my red devil for about 6 months the ph levels are fine in treated tap water, but if you want to make the water conditions more like its natural habitat there's elements and trace products but you will have to do more calculating after every cleaning, I just use the norm water conditions and aquarium salt and i clean the tank about every 2 weeks my fish is very healthy and growing a hump
brent - 2014-06-22
Love these fish

Anonymous - 2015-06-10
Hey, anyone that love their Red Devils I'm having a problem with her, my boyfriend changed her water and changed the filter when he put her back in the tank the water was clear and by the evening it was very cloudy she seem stress to me. He changed her water again the next morning and the same thing happened. She don't look healthy to me she has not eaten in two days there are feeders in the tank Help someone!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-06-11
    It's great that your boyfriend is helping out with your tank, but he may have been over zealous. What you are describing is a newly set up tank. It sounds like he wiped out your biological filtration (probably when he changed the filter). The cloudy water you are describing is what we call 'new tank syndrome.' Cloudy water won't hurt your fish and usually clears in a few days up to a week.

    Your real challenge is re-establishing tank, basically your biological filtration, by re-cycling your tank. Cycling a tank usually takes 6-8 weeks. During this time, the fish waste that is produced, and any uneaten foods, add ammonia to the tank. A nitrifying bacteria  that takes the ammonia (feeds on it) and turns it into nitrite and then nitrate begins to grow in the filter media.  

    The end product, nitrate, is safe for your fish, but ammonia and nitrite are toxic. During this time you want to keep track of your ammonia levels and do partial water changes to keep it diluted so your fish doesn't stress. You can add an ammonia remover (Amquel is a good one), but the problem with them is that they stall out the process because, well, they remove the 'food' that the beneficial bacteria requires to grow. There are  products (see your fish store) that are dormant bacteria, which you can add to the tank to speed up the process.

    Ultimately you need to get your tank re-established while keeping your fish as comfortable as possible. For more in-depth information and other methods, see Aquarim Cycling.
Denise Liesch - 2015-06-02
I look after my son's Red Devil which is about 8' long and about ten years old. He/she is quite a character but for the past two weeks will not eat. Other than that, everything is normal. Still gives cheek, still shows off and still likes attention and is a good red colour. There are three convicts in the tank with Big Red and they live up one end and he lives over the whole tank. What should I do? I am worried he will starve to death. My son says he is happy and he will eat when he is ready. But I have had him for a few years now and this has never happened before.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-06-03
    As long as your water parameters are good and he seems fine in all other wasy there probably isn't a [problem. Sometimes the large South American cichlids are known to go on a bit of a food strike.  But usually they will start eating again, so I hope yours does too. He may just be bored. It helps to try different types of foods to stimulate a response, even such things as live crickets.
  • Denise Liesch - 2015-06-05
    Checked the water today and it is perfect. So perhaps he is just bored with his diet. It all started when we tried a different food and he just rejected it outright. Then when we went back to the one he used to eat he did eat a couple of pellets but that is all. He has done that a couple of times now. I think I will try some other things to try to gain his interest. I am saying 'his' but I do not know if the fish is a he or a she!!
Belinda Wilcox - 2015-02-03
Hi, my female Red Devil has spawn for the first time. She doesn't have a male partner, so I was wondering, should I remove the eggs or leave them there?


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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-03
    That's cool! It probably doesn't matter if you remove the eggs accept to keep the bioload down. Once she figures they're bad, she may eat them, but if not they will add to the bioload as they deteriorate.
  • Belinda - 2015-02-04
    Thank you Clarise, she has started to eat them. But I noticed she has been very placid, she even let me stroke her for much longer than usual. From one mom to another I felt her loss, and through that loss of UN-fertalised eggs our bond has strengthened. I cannot think of too many other fish with such wonderful personalities as the beautiful Red Devil.
  • Clarice Brough - 2015-02-14
    Yes they do have great personalities, and it sounds like yours is wonderful, nice 'mom' stuff going on too.