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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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rick - 2015-12-29
red devils had babies free contact me

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  • Tony - 2015-12-30
    Hi, was wondering if you are willing to ship one? Please let me know, thanks.
  • Bill - 2016-01-02
    I can take a bunch, like 6_10 of em... how do you want to handle shipping?
  • Jonathan Redeaux - 2016-02-25
    I'd be willing to purchase 5  babies.
Kevin Hoffman - 2009-03-25
I began with four red devils and the most aggressive one has finally killed the others off. I bought an oscar who was even larger than the red devil and I thought he would defend himself. He was killed off in just 24 hours! This is a beautiful fish but one of the most aggresive ones I've ever had.

brandon - 2009-03-07
I have had a red devil for about 4 months now and I kept it in with pink convicts, black convicts, jack dempseys, and an oscar. It killed one of my biggest pink convicts and he's going aggresively at every other fish.

Kevin Hoffman - 2009-03-04
I started out with four red devils and now I'm down to just two. Although they were all healthy eaters, one seemed to grow much faster than the others and he killed two of them off. An ick infestation calmed him down somewhat but now that he's healthy again he's absolutely brutal towards his only remaining tankmate. If this continues he'll have the whole tank to himself before long. The weaker fish hides among floating plants at the surface. I knew this might happen as I have had similar situations with other large Ciclids.

Kevin Hoffman - 2009-02-21
I recently purchased four red devils (two males and two females). For some reason one of the fish is more timid than the others and he is taking a real beating. He has marks all over him from where the largest fish has attacked him. If this continues I think I might lose him. I added a Pictus Catfish to their tank and he turned up dead in just one week! I have had large Oscars in the past and they never bothered the bottom dwelling catfish so I thought this one would be safe. Wrong! But these are very smart fish. Since I am the only one who feeds them they come to the front of the tank as soon as I approach. I am hoping two of them will pair off and breed. There are large piles of gravel from where they have been digging. I just wish the scardy-cat fish would get some nerve and fight back to the bully who keeps tormenting him!

Curtis Williams - 2010-09-13
Hello I became a cichlid lover about a year ago... my cousin introduced me to them.. right now I have a jack dempsey and a red devil.. I don't know the sexes but they are ok together. They are both big in size and my tank is very huge.. I don't know the exact size because I had it made for me.. but rest assure it is huge.. they did kill my algae eater (lasting a few days..) I want a few more fish but I am not sure what to put in the tank.. can anyone help?

Huy - 2014-04-13
My Red Devil is about 5 to 6 months old and is about 6 inches. Ever since I moved him into a 10 gallon tank by himself he's been very inactive. The reason why I moved him is because when he was kept with my other fish (Albino Tiger Oscar) he was constantly picking on the Oscar even though they are about the same size. He was very active back then. Now, sometimes he eats and sometimes he doesn't. He usually just hides under the filter. What can I do to help him be active again?

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  • John - 2014-04-24
    He needs to be in a bigger tank, but the first thing I would make sure that the water is ok. Ammonia, nitrates, make sure these are in balance but he really needs to be in a 55 gallon aquarium.
  • Derrick Wozniak - 2014-07-01
    I agree with the previous post about a bigger tank and checking the water. Have you tried cat fish in the tank with him as a companion? Or feeder fish? They will like to hunt. He may have lost his will like a caged lion.
  • Ian Jablonka - 2015-08-04
    The reason for inactivity and other issues is tank size. A ten gallon is not anything to be considered housing for a red devil. An appropriate house for this fish is a 75 gallon tank with zero tank mates. This is why your oscar beat on him. Both need atleast 75 gallon to themselves.
WaelSaikaly - 2012-04-30
I have four relatively small parrots living in a 200 liters tank, I brought a Red Devil that is bigger than them. would the Red Devil hurt the parrot if I put it in the same tank?

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  • Tory - 2012-07-04
    If your red devil is territorial and aggressive than yes it will harm your parrot fish. I have a red devil that is almost 6 years old and about 12 inches long. He has killed a blood parrot before as well as a tiger oscar that was actually bigger than him. I do not recommend having them in the same tank.
misfitt - 2009-05-03
I've had fish my whole life, but this is new. I just got two 3 inch red devils and two 3 inch texas cichlids. Well the devils don't get along with eah other and the tex don't get along with each other. My smaller devil and larger tex seem to have paired off and vise versa. I think it's kinda cool. A friend had a devil and a convict that paired off and bred so it'll be interesting to see what happens with the 2 devil tex pairs I have.

Daljit Singh - 2008-01-26
I have a red devil and I like it. It eats what ever you throw in the tank.