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A beautiful but violent fish, the iconic Red Devil makes for one of the most striking show cichlids in the hobby!
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rodney cook - 2010-10-20
I had a Red devil about a 1 year ago and he was extremely aggressive he nearly killed my jaguar cichlid so had to take him back he was about 6'' inches and a beast!

Ken - 2017-08-04
It took over a year but my red devil eventually killed off all the other cichlids in the tank. Only the plecostomus remains. I originally bought him to keep an aggressive Jack Dempsey in line. Bought two other cichlids the same day. They were dead within a day. The tank stabilized with the jack the red and a couple convicts. The jack died suddenly and the others were eventually killed by the red devil. I did periodically try to put other cichlids in there, but the red killed them all. So now I think it's just gonna be him.

جوشوا طراد - 2015-09-28
I have two Red Devils, they both follow each other around and are really territorial together. They fight other fish off,  I am not sure if they want to breed or not... Can anyone help me, they have what looks to me like paired up, keep in mind that I am unsure of sex. If they want to breed, what's the best way to do so? They are in a 55gal tank.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-10-04
    It's important that you determine if you have a male/female pair. An adult male is larger than a female, has a nuchal hump on the forehead, and genital papilla (tube behind the anus that releases sperm or eggs) that protrudes more than the female's. If you want to breed, a tank size of 125 gallons is best for a pair with decor that offers a place for the female to deposit the eggs, like rocks, a log or a cave ceiling. You should remove all other fish from the tank. The male can be quite aggressive towards the female as well, so you may want to add a tank divider to allow the female a place to retreat. The tank needs to be stable and the fish well fed. To encourage spawning, you can increase the temperatures slightly to between 75 and 82 degrees F. See the breeding and reproduction section above for a basic overview of  the process.
ulven - 2012-02-22
I am getting a 10 gallon tank with a 6 inch Red Devil in it. (I know, that is so sad). Will it attack my Pleco? They will be living together in a 55 gallon long, possibly with 2 Red Tailed Sharks, too.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-02-26
    They could do fine. The Red Devil and the pleco inhabit different areas of the tank and have different feeding habits, so those things help reduce competition. The Red-tailed Sharks however, do inhabit the same area as the Red Devil, and I would be concerned for them. If they are in the tank already, and the tank is large with plenty of decor for territory and hiding places, they may be accepted. But it is still a risk.
  • vin - 2016-11-06
    It may work out but probably will not will end well . I recommend you leave the red devil in the 10 gal tank since if it is already accustom to that environment. You may want to leave the 10 gal set up for a while just in case you need to return it quickly.
stephaun - 2008-08-06
I am a 12 year old fish breeder. I have a 75 gallon show tank. I have a female red devil that is eight inches long and a 13 inch male flowerhorn. They get along great they are working on there first set of eggs. I love the red devil because they are a unique and cool fish.

Andy - 2009-10-14
I got a pair of jack Demps first, and then a year later I bought a pair of red devils. The main jack is king of the tank! They all get along. I just bought a pair of convicts and in the year has past I bred all of them!... is that diffient!

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  • ayisha steele - 2010-02-23
    I have a male red devil and 2 jack demps. We have to put a divider in the tank to keep the red devil from killing the 2 demps! They are all really big, but do not get along! The red devil hits the glass full force if anyone touches the tank. Right now he has a big red bruise on his lips from hitting the glass so hard.He's vicious alright!
Timothy - 2008-12-10
Hi I'm Timothy and just wanted to clarify an isssue with my Red Devils. Both the male and female recently paired off and the female lay her eggs on the inside of a ceramic tunnel. I was hoping to see them hatch this morning however when I checked inside the tunnel this morning the eggs were all gone. Is it possible that the male or female is holding the eggs in his/her mouth? I know this would be unusual as I have successfully bred Red Devils before and they seem to take care of the spawn after they are hatched.

I'm guessing the only other reason is that one of the other Red Devils in the tank besides the male or female has eaten the eggs.

Let me know what your best explanation for the eggs dissapearing. Thanks!

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  • Shelby - 2011-01-05
    They might have moved them somewhere. I have had several fish move the babies once they hatch. Usually to some hole they dug.
  • Anonymous - 2011-02-17
    They might have eaten their eggs my red devil ate all of their eggs.
Debra - 2011-11-06
I have just set up a 55 gal tank, I would like to have 2 red devils so one won't be lonely. Would they have enough room to be happy?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-11-06
    In general, Red Devils can be fairly aggressive fish and there are no guarantees that two would get along. They can reach 15 inches in length when full-grown and a 55 gallon aquarium would probably not be suitable for two full-grown ones. If you do decide to try to keep two together, I would keep a close eye on them to make sure one doesn't end up bullying and/or killing the other, and keep in mind that as they get larger you may want to obtain a larger aquarium.
  • Anonymous - 2011-11-07
  • Debra - 2011-11-08
    Thank You! I would like to keep a red devil but I would think it would be loney buy its self..What would you suggest for 2 good size fish for a 55 gal ?
  • bill - 2011-12-20
    No red devils are very aggressive, how do you think they got their name? And they have no desire for company , ESPECIALLY other red devils to keep two together you would need something along the lines of a 300 gallon and even then there would probably be some aggression. And if you mean by good size fish a 12-14 inch fish then no only one SLOW moving fish of that size could fit in that tank.
  • CURTIS - 2011-12-26
A. Thomas - 2006-02-10
I have a 5 year old Red Devil that is about 12-13 inches long. I just upgraded from a 29 gal. to a 55 gal. Unfortunately the tank is not very attractive, but the fish makes up for it. "Andre the Giant" doesn't like anything but rocks in his tank. He killed a giant snail in the tank and would swim around with the shell on his nose crashing into the tank. Quite the personality! Very entertaining fish!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-01-15
    He sounds like he's a lot of fun. Qutie a personality that fellow has:)
Crystal - 2016-05-21
i have an eight year old red devil named juice and shes the love of my life. shes only in a 40 gallon, and i wish i could get something bigger, but in a small apartment its the best i can do. i recommend that everyone who knows what theyre doing gets a red devil, theyre amazing fish!

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  • Paul - 2016-11-23
    yes I do agree, i have been taking care of fresh water fish for the last 40 years. The red devil can be a great fish to have alone in the tank. He or she do not like to share any thing as they get older. the female is the more aggressive. Keep up the great work.